once upon a marcel

I've known Marcel all my life. 19 years to be exact. He was never popular, but I didn't care. He was my best friend. We finish secondary school and planned on going to college together. That was before he changed . Not just a tiny bit. My best friend went from total geek to total hottie. My best friend Marcel Edward Styles was now Harry Edward Styles and boy did he the world by storm.


6. i still have some things

Jamies P.O.V


"Harry, can I ask you one thing?" I asked and a small smile appeared on his face.

"You just did but I suppose i'll let you ask 2" I smiled as well. I could see Marcel emerging from within Harry. All the witty remarks.

"Why didn't you give me your number? Give me a way to talk to you?" His face dropped slightly.

"I was scared that when I changed you wouldn't like me anymore. You were always popular. I thought you would move on straight away"

"I still have a few things of Marcels. Things he left at my house and never took back" I said completely changing the subject. He clearly appreciated this and soon the smile reappeared

"Like what?" He asked

"like a tie, a pair of glasses and the note" I said and he looked at me quite sincere

"You kept them?" He asked and I nodded

"They reminded me of my best friend"

"Maybe i'll have to come get them sometime" He said flirtily. This was definitely Harry speaking. Marcel thought that Flirting was disgusting and that it was degrading to women.

"Maybe you will" I said

"How bout now?" He asked and I almost cringed. Not that I minded Harry flirting with me. I mean its Harry fricking Styles. Think how many girls would kill to be in my position

"I suppose you could" I said kinda shyly. It sounds weird but I hadn't ever seen Marcel like this. It was nice though. I'd always wished Harry would become more normal. More like a normal boy his age, now he was. He was perfect. He wasn't my Marcel anymore but I was okay with that. He changed for the better. The past is the past and that's all Marcel is. A past. A shadow of what Harry was. A shell. Marcel was the caterpillar and Harry is the butterfly.

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