The Daughter (Larry's Daughter)

5 years after One Direction, Louis and Harry found themselves happily married with a 2 year old daughter. They named her Darcy and committed their lives to take care of her and make her happy. They did everything in their power to keep her away from danger, and they kept their promise for 12 years when it was forcefully taken away from her at the age of 14 when she walked home from a friends house on a Saturday night.
This is her story..


7. Chapter 7 - First Meeting


"Wait a sec… Jordan…? Didn't you say that you had a sister that you've never met called Darcy Tomlinson?" She asked sounding both excited and confused at the same time. 

 "Yeah… I did…" He answered


The rest of the day I just kept to myself and avoided talking to anyone, especially Jordan and Rebecca. The jerk of a guy David, kept following me everywhere, and damn; It's freaking annoying... Can't he see that he will never have a chance with me and just leave me the hell alone! Yes, I get easily mad when I'm both confused and irritated. I'm 14 years old, turning 15 in a week; and he is obsessed with me? ARGH! 

I took my while walking home and when I finally got home after the school day completely exhausted. I walked in the door to our flat and my dads were sitting in the living room. I was trying to be quiet so they wouldn't hear me, but failed miserably when the door closed with a loud bang. "Hi Darcy. Come into the living room. There's someone we want you to meet" My dad (Harry) said with a happy tone to his voice. I walked slowly into the living room and saw the one person I hoped I wouldn't have to meet again today. Jordan Smith was standing in my living room with a schocked look on his face, and I'm sure my look mirrored his completely. My dads looked at me with hope, but got disappointed when I slowly backed out of the room, going to my room to think this over. When I got into the hallway to my room I heard my dad (Louis) say "1 sec" and heard him walking towards me and just as I closed the door to my room he knocked. "What?" I said in a slightly irritated tone as I lay face down on my bed. I heard the door open as my dad (louis) came in and sat beside me. "What's wrong Darcy?" he asked as he put a hand on my back. I said what was wrong into my pillow and he just laughed because all he heard was: "kjdsfijsdjakeioej"…

"Love, you have to turn around for me to hear what you say" he said as he turned me around. "Ugh, fine. We go to the same school. His girlfriend started talking to me today and he came into the same class as us and she mentioned my name and he put the pieces together and yeah… So it's kind of awkward…" I said without taking a breath in between the words. My dad looked at me in shock trying to take it all in at the same time. "May I ask, why is it so awkward for you?" he asked me as he gave me a hug. "It's just that he will probably know everything about me soon, and what have happened to me before, and I don't want him to… + he and Taylor dated when we were 13" I said letting out a long breath. My dad kept hugging me as he hummed in my ear, like he always did when I was little, to calm me down. My dads knew me so well. After about 10 minutes we both walked into the living room and saw Dad (Harry) and Jordan sitting on the couch watching a football match. (Football as in Soccer) My dad (Louis) cleared his throat to get their attention. "Harry, would you join me in the kitchen please?" My dad (Louis) said as he looked at him with a weird look. My dad obviously understood what he wanted and followed closely behind him. In the meantime I sat down on the couch beside Jordan, trying to find out what to say to break the awkwardness. "Aren't you a friend of Taylor?" he asked as he looked over at me. "I was a 'friend' as you can say. She's a rude prick" I said back hoping he would drop the subject of my old 'friend'… "Oh, sorry" he said as he looked down. "never really liked her anyway" he said smiling at me. I smiled back and let out a laugh. We finally broke the ice and just talked for hours before he had to go back to the shelter because of his curfew. I went to bed shortly after he left.

I woke up with a scream that night and shortly after my dads came running into my room, hugging me tightly. "It's ok Darc" my dad (Harry) said kissing the top of my head, calming me down slightly. They both started humming a song that I quickly recognized as their song Little Things. They always sung that song when they tried to calm me down or make me fall asleep at night. I felt myself calming completely and slowly falling asleep again. 

The next morning I woke up in the middle of my dads. They were probably afraid of leaving me alone after my nightmare last night. I tried slipping out of their grip, but they held me too tight. I lightly slapped my dad's (Harry) cheek and he woke up immediately. "Could you let go of me so I can go take a shower? I have school today" I asked feeling really tired considering I just woke up. He nodded and shock my dad (Louis) awake, and I went to go get ready for school. 

I got ready and found out that I had woken up at 5AM in the morning, and school started at 8AM, so I had pretty good time. 


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