The Daughter (Larry's Daughter)

5 years after One Direction, Louis and Harry found themselves happily married with a 2 year old daughter. They named her Darcy and committed their lives to take care of her and make her happy. They did everything in their power to keep her away from danger, and they kept their promise for 12 years when it was forcefully taken away from her at the age of 14 when she walked home from a friends house on a Saturday night.
This is her story..


5. Chapter 5 - Reassurance

The car ride home was quite silent and slightly tense, considering I had ran away earlier. When we finally got home, everyone was sat in the living room, and when we came in the door everyone turned to look at me. Just as my dads were about to say something I felt really lightheaded and dizzy, and before I knew it I was on the floor and everything around me was blurry and eventually turned black.

*Harry’s POV*
Louis was just about to say something when I saw Darcy getting pale and in a matter of seconds she was on the floor, passed out. I looked at Louis and he looked at me, both of us really shocked about the event that had happened in front of our eyes.  I started to freak out when Louis nudged me to help him get her on the couch. Everyone in the room started stressing to find out what had made her pass out, and that’s when Niall and his wife came in. Clara, Niall’s wife, is a nurse and when she saw Darcy on the couch she came over to check on her. After a while of testing she finally spoke “It’s nothing to worry about. Isn’t she still on bed rest?” She asked and looked between me and Louis for answers. “She is, but she kind of heard us fighting about something and misunderstood the situation and then she ran away” I said feeling rather guilty about being the cause of her to run away and pass out. “Ok, it’s still nothing to worry about. She probably just did too much for her body and got lightheaded” She said, reassuring us that Darcy would be ok. “Mate, what were you even fighting about?” Niall asked us looking slightly confused. “We found her biological brother, also her twin, and we were discussing the possibility of them meeting in the nearest future. Because we’ve been talking to him for 3 months and he wanted to meet her” Louis explained. “But we said something about a stabile home and she thought we meant that we would send her back to the orphanage after the three weeks of bed rest.” I continued. I feel really guilty about the condition Darcy’s in because, Darcy, my Darc, got hurt in the process because of our actions.

*Darcy’s POV*
I could hear talking around me and I tried to open my eyes, but without any luck. I tried for what seemed like hours and eventually I succeeded. I didn’t move my body, afraid it might hurt to do so, and instead I just looked around the living room from my position on the couch. I noticed Niall and Clara talking to my dads, and my dads looking worried as hell. I started feeling the pain build up in my legs and lower waist as I laid here on the couch. I groaned, quite loud, and everyone turned to look at me with worried expressions on their faces, while my dads came running over to me. “Hi Darc. How are you feeling?” My dad (Harry) asked as he placed a hand on my head. “I’m fine, a bit sore.” I answered and after a while of thinking I said: “I passed out didn’t I?” I said with a bit humour in my voice. “Yes, you did” My dad (Louis) said sounding quite confused, I think it was because of me putting some humour into the situation. After a while I started laughing and they looked at me like I was crazy. “Why are you laughing Darcy?” My dad (Louis) said and looked and looked around the room to see what was funny, with no luck. “It’s kind of funny that I passed out, just like that” I said, holding my stomach because it started hurting because of me laughing so much. “Clara, are you sure she didn’t hit her head in the process?” My dad (Harry) said jokingly. I hit him, without trying, in the groin and he fell to the floor groaning in pain. “Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry daddy. I didn’t mean to hit you. I’m really sorry” I rushed out feeling really guilty about hitting him in the groin. “Don’t worry Darcy, he’s had it worse. Like for instance when he got hit by a shoe at a concert in the same place” My dad (Louis) said reassuringly, trying to make me see that it was an accident and that he would be fine. “Darc, I’m fine ok? Don’t worry about it, you didn’t mean to” My dad (Harry) said as he gave me a hug and just held me for a while.

After that little incident my family started their trips from London to Doncaster or Holmes Chapel. I had taken my time explaining that I was well enough to walk around the house without any one of them hanging over me to make sure I was fine. It took a while but they finally understood what I was trying to say, which was: You need to go home and live your lives like normal and don’t worry, I’m going to be fine.

“Dad… When do I get to meet my brother?” I asked shyly and they both got dead silent.


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