The Daughter (Larry's Daughter)

5 years after One Direction, Louis and Harry found themselves happily married with a 2 year old daughter. They named her Darcy and committed their lives to take care of her and make her happy. They did everything in their power to keep her away from danger, and they kept their promise for 12 years when it was forcefully taken away from her at the age of 14 when she walked home from a friends house on a Saturday night.
This is her story..


2. Chapter 2 - Family and Friends (or not)

When we finally got home from the hospital, the doctor had put me on bed rest for 3 weeks, which meant me being in bed or on the couch for 3 weeks alone with my MacBook and my books. This can get interesting. My dad stayed on bed rest with me until the next morning, but they refused to leave me alone for more than 10 minutes. They also called my grandparents to tell them what happened to me, and within a day the whole family were in our flat to keep me company.

Even though the whole family was here I still felt terrified, alone and worried about what happened two days ago. I can’t believe I got raped two days ago; it’s just so unreal… I looked around the room after I snapped out of my little trance, and saw all eyes directed towards me. I couldn’t understand why they were all looking at me until my dads came over to the couch; they placed me on, and hugged me while wiping the tears, that I didn’t notice was falling, away.

Just as I calmed down my phone rang and I asked my dad to take me to my room so I could answer it. I looked at the caller ID and saw it was my friend Taylor.
*PHONECALL* (the ‘-‘ is Darcy and the + is Taylor)
+Hi Darcy, me and the girls were wondering if you wanted to come shopping with us today.
-I’m sorry Taylor but I can’t, I’m on bed rest.
+Why the heck are you on bed rest?
-Because when I walked home from your house on Saturday I got raped.
+Wow. You actually want me to believe that? You probably just went to some guy’s house and slept with him.
-Seriously?! I don’t even know why I told you! I knew you would think that.
+Whatever. And FYI you aren’t our friend anymore, we don’t like being around sluts.
And with that she hung up.

Not having friends suck… I just wish someone understood what I’m going through. My dads do their best to help me through it, but they don’t understand how I feel; only another person who has been through the same would understand. After the call I just told dad that I was tired and that I wanted to go to sleep, and surprisingly he bought it. I hate lying to my dads, but right now I just want to be alone and feel as worthless as I am.


So that's chapter 2 for u! :D Hope u like it!

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