Dark Love

For Faith there is no hope in the world anymore after her brother dies in a mystries car crash. Then she meets Nate, a hansome but mystries guy with a hart just for her. Was her brotheres car crash a accident or is Nate telling the truth? Why is Nate so worried about his sister and her boyfreaind? and is Nate her gardian angle?


5. The Truth - Faith

Nate was waiting outside my house when I came home, I had never seen him look so bad, his eyes looked hollow and the sparkle in them had completely disappered. I unlocked the door without a word and let him follow me inside the house. 

''Where did you disapper to after tutor?'' I asked my eyes begging him for an answer. 

''I had a meeting to go to.'' He replied flatly his eyes not even able to look at me. 

''How do you know them? How do you know Brielle and Adrain? I know you do, you can tell me.'' 

''They were old acquaintances of mine from a very long time ago and I was just taken aback when I saw them.''

''No, thats a lie, you know it and so do I, so just tellme the truth please, I can't stand being lied to - my parents do it all the time and I hate it so please be honest with me, Nate, please.'' I tried to say this without crying but I felt warm tears dripping down my cheeks. Once the tears had started they were not going to stop so I just let them flow uncontrollably down my cheeks. 

Nate took his thumbs and brushed the tears away from my cheeks but I moved away not wanting to be drawn in to his subtle touch. I had to keep a clear head if I was going to get through this.

I went and sat down on the sofa, cheacking the clock to see how much longer I had untill my parents came home - good I still had about an hour - Nate sat in the opposite corner of the sofa and looked down at his feet.

''Look before I tell you the truth, I need you to promise you will listen to everything I will say and not leave untill I'm done and I need to apologise to you for what I am going to say, you have to believe I did everything I could.'' Nate said this and looked up at me I saw tearstains dripping down his face.

''Nate what is going on, your scaring me...?''

''Good, I should scare you, I am not who you think I am.''

''I was born in 1923 and when I was severn-teen I joined the army to fight in the war, I was a good soldier, I fought bravely for a year and I lost many freinds, but one day they came, they came while we slept and set fire to our tents. I got everyone else out in time but not myself, I was too late, I died and then I woke up a week later.

By this point I was in shock. How could he die and then come back and how he is still 18 and not in his 90's - this things are not meant to happen - people are meant to die. 

''Faith, wait please let me finish. When I woke up a whole group of people hovring over me. They were angels Faith, real one's but they dident have wings just a heavenly glow. They told me my selflessness had got me a second chance at life, a chance to help people by becoming an angel myself, but they did not tell me about the others. There are others of my kind who got a second chance but for hurting people they are the worst kind of monster they are unbelivible, the angels also neglacted to mention that we coulden't help anyone who was one of 'their' targets'' 

''So what are you...an angel?'' I said almost whispring the word angel as if it was forbidden. I could not belive what I was hearing, this thing only happens in movies and it just never happens in the real world. How could it?

''Well, no not quite, but I was. I will get to that, just let me tell you about Jackson and what really happend to him.''

Jackson, my brother, who dided before I had even met Nate.

''What do you mean 'you will tell me about Jackson'? Jackson dided driving home in a car crash everyone knows that!'' By this point I was pacing and my head was spinning.

''Thats what they wanted you to think, they wanted you to believe that so you wouldent consider anything else. But Faith - Jackson was murderd - by my twin sister - Brielle. She did it and there was nothing I could doto stop it. She was in the car with him when he dided and she made sure that he swerved off the roud and then she used her speed to get out of the car just as it left the road. I am so sorry Faith. I tried to save him but she marked him as hers so even I could not touch him. She marked you too Faith, that's why she is here with her boyfreind Adrain. She came here too kill you, just too screw with me. The other angels told me too leave you alone, that there was nothing I could do. So I fell - I fell from grace. I lost my wings so I could be here to protect you because your diffrent. I can't lose you Faith, you are my everything.'

''Are you being serious, my boyfreind is a fallen angel whose evil twin killed my brother and is now trying to kill my!...That just dosen't happen.''

''It does in my world Faith, please don't block me out. Let me protect me.''

I turned round to face him. 

''Nate, I should hate you. I should never talk to you again but I can't beacuse if i do I will lose the person who I love the most - YOU! I love you and I don't think I could live without you.''

And that's when my perants walked in the door.

Nate was gone before my perants saw him, I loved that he was inhumenly fast. My parents still looked pretty mad so I kept my mouth shut and tried to walk past them without being noticed but they clocked me and stood in my way. 

''We need to talk about last night Faith.'' my dad said solemnly.

''I satyed at a freinds and my phone died. I'm sorry, it won't happen again.''

I hated lying to them but they but they couldn't know about Nate.

I dodged past them and put on my most convincing apologetic face. I hoped they bought my lies because I had no idea what else to say.

I ran into my room and shut the door leaning against it and breathing a sigh of relief. I closed my eyes praying that everything would work out and when I opened them, Nate was sitting on my windowsill next to the now open window. I chukled and he jumped in to my room and came and wrapped me into a tight hug.

''You know I have loved you since the first moment I saw you, I couldn't take my eyes off, you are breath-taking.'' 

That night Nate stayed in my room, we sat up talking for hours. I couldn't help but think how lucky I am to know him, but how stupid I am for loving him...



















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