Dark Love

For Faith there is no hope in the world anymore after her brother dies in a mystries car crash. Then she meets Nate, a hansome but mystries guy with a hart just for her. Was her brotheres car crash a accident or is Nate telling the truth? Why is Nate so worried about his sister and her boyfreaind? and is Nate her gardian angle?


1. The First Sight - Faith

My name is Faith Connelly 

I am 16

And on March 18th my brother dided 

Jackson dided in a car crash driving home from college for mum's birthday. 

It was ment to be a suprise for mum

He was only 20 years old

They're organizing his funeral for a week today. The whole town is expected to turn up, half of them dident even know him they just felt like they had to turn up. It's just pathetic his college teachers keep phoning up to say the useal ''sorry to hear...'' and ''it will get better'' and the worst ''if there is anything I can do.'' even though they dident like him. The truth about my brother is that he was a drug addict who skipped half of his classes to work to pay for he drugs, but i am the only one who knows that. He made me promise not to tell anyone and I am going to keep it that way. My brother used to be smart untill his freind Jake dided. he was never the same. Jackson wasent my real brother he was adopted, like me. He use to share a room with Jake, in his old care home.

* * *

Today is Jackson's funeral. I was right the whole town turned up. The servise was embarrasing. Jackson  would of hated it, he hated being the centre of attention. He would have wanted a servise with just the family and some of his care workers there not these horrid people. Regina Mathews was there. She hated Jackson, she was always making fun of him and tripping him up before he went to college she had the nerve to be here. I hate her.

When I looked at the door willing it to open and suck all these people out and lock them out, I saw a guy I had never been here before. He was gorgeous. He had sleek black hair and deep blue eyes that you could get lost in.

As I looked at him he had a sad look on like he was responsible for Jackson's death, when he relised I was looking he quickly turned away and focused on Mr Haris Jacksons old P.E teacher who was making a speech about Jackson. I could't explain it but when he was staring at me I felt a shock run through my head. When I look at him again he is staring at a boy and girl at the back of the hall. It's strange when I look at them myself I relise I have never seen them before around either. They were probly just some new people who felt like they had to come. The gril has long fair hair and green eyes while the boy has flamed red hair with the strangest yellow eyes. Another strange thing is they seem to be happy that my brother's dead. They were very subtle but I can tell they are smirking, like they accomplished something by Jackson being dead.

Somehow by Jackson being dead was making their life's easier...it made me feel sick. It sent a shiver down my spine and when they saw I was looking they smirked and started to laugh quietly to themselves. It was a evil laugh one that made you want to crawl away and hide. I shuffled just abit closer to the wall.

When the servise was over I walked around outside wanting to get away from the world wanting to go as far away from here as possible and then it happend. I walked straight into the guy I was staring at in the hall. ''Hey. watch where your going'' I said then I looked up and saw it was him. ''I'm sorry i guess I wasent looking.''

''Thats ok. Hey your Faith Connaly aren't you, I saw your picture in the newspaper I'm sorry about wat happend to Jackson. I'm Nate by the way.''

''Faith as you know already'' I was grinning all over. My whole body tingling. For a moment I forgot everything, I forgot all my trroubles and for once i begun to relax. I felt like I was on top of the world.

''I hope we meet again Faith Connelly.'' said Nate and in the blink of an eye he was gone all that was left was a single white rose. I picked the rose up and put it in my hair. For one minute I wasn't just Faith, I was the most importent person in the world.

When I got home that night mum and dad where waiting up for me. I was in a whole lot of trouble. I was bombarded with questions from the minute i walked in the door.

''Where have you been? your mother and I have been worried sick, how dare you abandon us at your brothers funaral''

I ignored the questions and headed up to my room and quietly sobbed in to my pillow.

* * *

I went back to school on Monday. I had missed the last few days as I hadent really left my bed, I kept thinking about nothing importent, silly things but there was one thing I couldent stop thinking about. Nate. Nate was my every thought.School seemed diffrent when I went back. Everyone looked at me with pity in their eyes. No-one actully spoke to me, it's like they were scared of me. I felt like a freak. 

First lesson - English

The only subject I hated. It was because she was in it. Regina I'm so perfact Mattews. All the teachers seemed to love her but I never inderstood why. She was a stuck up snob, she was awful. She sucked up to all the teachers and got away with what she wanted. I walked into the class with a scowl on my face. I kept my head down as I sat at my desk and looked out the window when my desk got boring for the whole entire class while Miss Brennan droned on and on about correct punctuation. As I was looking out the window I noticed someone standing bu the tree. It was a guy, when he turned around to face me I instently reconised him immediantly, and it was Nate. Nate was here! I walked streight up to the teacher and made an excuse that I was felling sick and walked stright out of class. I had to see him. 

I was drawn to him like nothing I felt before.

I had never walked out of class before but I had to see him. I ran to the door and stopped suddenly in my tracks and thought to myself. What am i doing? I hardly know this guy and here I am running round like a headless chicken because he is outside. I pushed all those thoughts out of my head and pushed the school doors open and walked out feeling more scared then ever before.  






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