Dark Love

For Faith there is no hope in the world anymore after her brother dies in a mystries car crash. Then she meets Nate, a hansome but mystries guy with a hart just for her. Was her brotheres car crash a accident or is Nate telling the truth? Why is Nate so worried about his sister and her boyfreaind? and is Nate her gardian angle?


3. Getting Closer - Faith

His smile broadend when I drove up to the gates. I killed the car engine and stepped out I stayed quite close to the car in case a quick escape was necessary. He held out a picnic basket and pointed into the woods. I nodded understanding his silent lingo and following him into the depths of the wood. 

* * *

We had been walking for about 20 minute in silence when we stopped. I looked around and saw that we were in a medow. There was a lake on the far side and a little stream running from the edge of it. 

''So what do you think?'' He asked with a smile to die for.

''It's...It's breath-taking.'' These were the only words I could muster.

''So...you like?'' 

''No Nate..I love!''

''Well that's just the reaction I was looking for.''

He motioned for me to sit down and I plonked down and lay back drinking in the warm glowing sun. Nate sat next to me. I sat up on my elbows and just looked at him, he was looking straight back at me, his smile stretched from ear to ear. He grabbed the hand closest to him and laced his fingures through mine, that small touch sent sparks flying through my body. We sat there like that for quite a while neither one of us wanted to let go, neither one of us caring about how hungry we were, neither one of us caring that the sun was going down, my stomach rumbling broke our silance. 

''Are you hungry, Faith?''

''No, no really I'm fine.'' just before I could contiue my stomach rumbled again demanding food.

''Come on Faith, let's just eat the picnic. I made it especially for you.''

I nodded in agreement and he just laughed at me as he watched me wolf down most of the food while he only took tiny nibbles.

The walk back to the car seemed quicker on the way back. I was dreading saying goodbye to him, I didn't want to go home and face the wrath of my parents alone. When  we reached the cars Nate came between me and my car.

''Whould you like to come back to my house and watch a film.''

I was taken aback by his offer but more then eagerly accepted not really caring what my parents would say, I would deal with them later. I followed him back to his house ignoring the butterflies in my stomech. We got to his house. My first impression was - wow- you couldent have imagined how nice this house was, it was just breath-taking like something straight out of the movies. It was like an old mansion like one of the old gothic houses. I recognised immediatly - it was the old Salvatore boarding house. It used to be where all the old hikers and travellers went.

Nate led me indoors and I was taken aback. It was stunning on the inside. He took me gently through it to what looked to be the living room it had a giant plasma screen on one wall and a huge sofa hands gentle but firm. He ushered me over to the sofa and made me sit down his soft hands gentle but firm. He walked over to a cupboard and pulled the oak doors open. I craned my neck from where I was sitting and saw shelves and shelves of DVD's he must have had hundreds in there. I saw him pull one out and inspected it before closing the doors and walking casually back over towards the T.V. He popped the disc into the player without even stopping to question me about his choice. The opening credits rolled on and the title flashed flashed on the screen - it was 'The Notebook' one of the saddest films ever but also one of the most romantic. It was also one of my favourites. He must have heard me gasp because he turned around and looked at me.

''Evrything ok Faith? You seem a little bit shocked at my choice of film. I hope you like The Notebook, it is one of my personal favourites.'' He said this with a hint of amusement in his voice. 

With that last comment my jaw was at the floor. I couldn't belive what I was hearing so I turned back around to the TV and Nate burst into fits of laughter next to me. I playfully slapped him on the shoulder and went back to focussing on the film. Nate slung his arm around the back of the sofa playing with my hair, occasionly brushing my neck with his fingurs giving me goose bumps and making me shiver. About an hour into the film I could feel my eyelids starting to feel heavy and I slid down the sofa untill I was lying down. Nate lay down almost instantly next to me, his arm snacking around my waist pulling me close to him. 

''I'm going to take a wild guess and say you're staying here tonight, right?'' He said in my ear. 

I replied with something that sounded like a yes but it wasen't long before sleep had overcome me and I was fast asleep right where I belonged, in Nate's arms. I felt his breathing match mine and that's when I knew he was asleep too, lying right next to me holding me close, keeping me safe. 

One thing I know for certain.

My parents are going to kill me. 








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