Fly With Me

This poem was inspired by the movie Peter Pan 2003 version...



1. Fly With Me

Fly With Me



What joy it must fulfil,
to never grow up,
Never to face the challenges of life ahead,

To never die young.


What joy it must bring to be a kid again,
a kid who flies,

A kid whose dreams can fly as high as the clouds,
A kid with not a care in the world.


What joy it must be to be forever young.

To hold a feather in your hands,
to feel the wind run throughout your hair,


To be a kid once again.


So let the joy spread like Tink’s pixie dust,

Gold, Shimmery, Beautiful pixie dust.


Let it engulf you,

Let it make you light of your feet,

Let it take you on adventures,
Soar through the highest clouds,
And the most dangerous slopes.


But nevertheless, you are a kid.
And you have feelings.
You are aloud to love, be happy.
But remember…


Just believe, believe.
Because once you stop, so will the memories.




Oh what joy it must bring to be able to be a kid again.
And to be able to fly along side the greatest hero of them all.



By LifeIsADream

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