Best Friends

I know, it's not such an original name for the story, haha...

I wrote this for a friends friends birthday... And I really liked it.

And Ill be writing a lot more poems in the future...



1. Best Friends

Best Friends



We cry, laugh, do stupid things, have fun and live life together.
We are two peas in a pot…

We complete each other’s lives, making it a whole lot brighter.
Through the ups and the downs, we have always remained loyal, loving and caring towards one another.
We have our differences, our own opinions, but that’s what makes our friendship strong and unique!


We may argue, sometimes fight but it only last for a day!
We have these times, that we have uncontrollable laughter, we laugh for minutes on end and the funniest part is that we don’t know what on.!


So dear best friend, We still talk, we still laugh and share secrets, but the one thing I am most grateful for is meeting you!

You saved me, saved me from a life of dullness! You made the sun shine bright for my eyes, made me realise what laughter felt like. And it, to this day feels like the good pain. I am grateful that I meet you because you are part of my life, you are my sister, and you will remain my sister till the worlds end!

So dear best friend, I just want to let you know…
I wont ever leave you, I will always be here, for them uncontrollable laughing fits, for the crying, for the stupid things we get in trouble for, and to Live Life to the FULLEST with YOU!

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