There is a new girl at Albert high school and she is very scary she never hardly talks to yeah and doesn't really open her mouth could she be a...



1. The new girl

I was walking down my lane, heading for the school bus and that's when I saw a girl, a girl I have never seen before and she had blond, curly hair, a black dress with red spots on and black shoes. I followed her seeing were she was heading and then I saw that she went on the bus I was going to go on. Is at down behind her and she quickly turned her head and stared at me she had black eye shadow with bright red lipstick. And then she finally spoke to me saying,
"Are you following me?"

"Oh no, of course not, why would I follow a girl like you... I... I mean... no..." I said quite scared.

She turned her head and I said to her " Whats your name?"

"..... Summer."

"That's a nice name!" I spoke.

"Yeah it is. Now shut up!"

'ok' I thought to myself.


The bus stopped and I rushed of and as soon as I got of I saw my best friends Rebecca and Claire. We walked into the school chattering and then I brought up about the new girl Summer. While we were talking, Summer was about to come passed us and I told Rebecca and Claire who she was and they actually froze because they were so shocked. And guess what Summer was in my English, History and music class and in music we were all singing and Summer kept on covering her ears. We were arther really bad at singing or there was something wrong and she is my history partner.

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