*Sequel to 'My moms boyfriends son'
I recommend reading that before this


6. The park

2 Cats POV:
We were in deep conversation and having a great time, "how do you handle all the screaming fans?" I asked and looked at some fans outside.
"Honestly, sometimes it's pretty annoying. But it's nice at times" he replied and looked at the fans."so how are all the boys?" I asked and curled up on the booth to prevent coldness.
"Their great, actually. But this 'channel4' group made a stupid documentary about the 'fandom' and made the dedicated fans look horrible. They only showed the spoiled rich brats and not the ones who spend all their time online blogging and such. Then the dedicated fans were constantly tweeting us saying 'why aren't you guys saying anything about how they made us look?? 'Your family is defending us, other fandoms are defending us, and you guys aren't.' I felt bad but Liam started tweeting about it saying he loved them and.. I'm talking to much" Harry said, and fiddled with his fingers."Harry your not talking to much. I like talking with you" I said and smiled.
I started shivering and balling up, "cold?" Harry smirked. I nodded and watched him stand up and walk to my side of the booth.
"Harry what are you-" he cut me off by wrapping his warm arms around me. "Making you warm" he said and brought me closer. 
"Harry people are staring" I said and looked around a bit at people who were -surprisingly- actually staring.
"Let them stare" he replied and picked his head up to look around.
"The fans?" I asked and pointed at the fans, "eh, they'll spread rumors. No big deal" he replied and put his head back down on my shoulder.
"Harry... I'm flattered but I can't" I said and slipped away from his grip, "why not?" He asked and looked embarrassed.
"Because, we barely know each other and I still miss Nick" I said and stood up. 
Harry stood up to letting me pass, "text me later okay?" He asked and slipped his jacket on.
"Of course" I smiled and walked out of the store with Harry.
"Wanna go to the park?" Harry asked and gently pulled me onto the wood chips that covered the park ground.
"I guess I can't say no now" I giggled and followed him to the swings.
I fixed myself onto my swing and started swinging higher and higher. I looked at Harry who was obviously trying to get higher then me.

Harry's POV:
We spent about 3 hours at the park just laughing, bonding, playing, and resting. Cat is a really nice girl, different from other girls.
It was about 11:30 am now and were laying on the cold slide side by side and talking.
"I should get going" Cat said and sat up. "Yeah me to, we have a interview for Our Moment at 3" I said and slid down the slide, waiting for Cat at the bottom.
She slid down and held my hand to steady herself.
"Thanks Harold" she winked, "any time" I smiled and walked to the sidewalk. 

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