*Sequel to 'My moms boyfriends son'
I recommend reading that before this


1. The bakery

Cat's POV:
*4 months after Nicks death, RIP*
I was sighing and slouching around the whole day at my new job.  
I applied for a job at a bakery in London to keep my apartment. 
Now that Eric, Mum, and Nick are dead... I have nobody else, at all.
I quit school and got a job at a bakery across from the mall, so at break time I walk over for lunch.
Not a day had passed that I didnt think about Nick, he was on my mind every day, every second.
I keep that picture that he threw on the ground in my wallet. Sometimes I wake up hoping for Nick's arms to be around my waist.
But when I come to conclusion he's never coming back, I go to the bathroom at work and sob.
And everytime I hear the name 'Nick'  
  I accidentally let a few tears escape.
I just don't understand why he ever wanted to die, I mean yes he was depressed and blind... But I thought I had made him happy, I thought that if I would stick around by his side he would get better...
Sometimes I forget what he looks like.. I just miss him so much.
But he just ended it all, right before I could say goodbye.

"Cat! The shop opens in 5 minutes, so get ready and straighten out the bread baskets!" My manager shouted gently. 
I pushed the bathroom door open and brushed my apron off and wiped away any left over tears.
"Yes sir" I said and fixed the bread baskets that were laid across the glass desk.
I sweeped a little before turning the 'CLOSED' sign to 'OPEN'.
I propped the door open a bit so it would be easier for customers to get inside.
I walked behind the desk and sat there smiling at the few people that piled in.
"How may I help you?" Sierra, one of the workers asked a lady.
I smiled at Sierra because she was new here, and she has progressed greatly.
Then a young male about my age walked in, I smiled at him and stood up to take his order.
"How may I help you?" I asked and looked into his glossy green eyes.
"Cinnamon and butter bread on wheat please" he said with a smile, showing his green braces.
"Coming right up, you can take a table if you wish to" I smiled and pointed at a empty red booth.
"Thank you" he smiled.
"Wait I didnt catch your name for your order" I said before he walked to his booth, "the names Nicholas" he smiled and walked to the booth.
I nodded slowly, I could feel my eyes widened when he said 'Nicholas.'
I turned around and walked into the back room to get some bread, I got a loaf of cinnamon bread with butter on wheat and walked out, wrapping it in a plastic wrap.
"Nicholas, your cinnamon and buttered bread on wheat is ready" I called over the kinda silent intercom.
I watched him approach the counter and take his bread.
"How much will it be?" He asked getting out his wallet.
"6.50" I smiled and stook my hand out for the money. He nodded and handed me the cash, "keep the change" he winked and walked out of the store with his bread.
I watched him walk out of the door and disappear onto the busy sidewalk.
I shrugged it off and waited for the next customer, "next customer please" I smiled and watched as a tall boy with brown curly hair with a beanie and black sunglasses on walked into the store.
"Bessy!" The boy cheered and ran to one of the older workers. "My, you've grown so much!" She cheered while holding his shoulders.
"You know him?" I asked looking at Bessy.
"Yes, and I'm surprised you don't" she smiled at me sweetly.
I then glanced at him, he slid the shades down his nose a bit and raised his eyebrows up and down about 4 times.
"Harry!" I squealed.
"Yup, how have you been love?" He asked and put his shades in his pocket.
"Um, things have been OK" I sighed and walked to the bathroom.
On the way there Barbra came through the side door, "hey Barbra" I smiled and walked into the bathroom.
"Hello" she replied and walked into the bakery.

~•Harry's POV•~
"Barbra!" I shouted and turned around whenever Barbra entered the room, "Harry!" She squealed and hugged me.
"I remember you used to pinch my bum" I smirked, "yes I did love" she replied and pinched my bum.
"Oh gosh" I blushed and inched forward so her hand got off my bum.
We chatted for a bit while Cat was in the restroom. So i started sweeping, They all laughed while I did a little dance while I swept the floors.

If you don't know already, this was te bakery I worked at before x-factor.
I thought I'd pay a little visit- not knowing Cat would be here.

~•Cats POV•~ 
I was in the bathroom making sure te redness in my cheeks went down, and my eyes weren't watery anymore.
I smiled to try and lighten the mood, it didnt work much but i walked out of the bathroom anyways.
"Lunch time ladies. Cat and Sierra may go for lunch, while the rest of you work" Sam, our manager called out.
"Yes sir" we replied while Sierra and I walked out of the door, heading in opposite directions. (Aha one direction ;D )
I walked to the mall and walked by all the people until I traced the smell of coffee.
I walked towards the smell and found myself at Starbucks, I walked in and went up to the counter.
"Vanilla spice frappicino with extra caramel please, oh and could you make it a grande please?" I asked and got out my wallet.
"Of course" the lady smiled, I smiled back and waited for it to get ready.
My stomach rumbled, I was getting hungrier and hungrier as the minutes went by.
She handed me my drink and I handed her te money, "thanks. Come again" she waved, I nodded and sipped my drink.
I walked down the coffee shop and out into the hallways of the mall.
I turned a corner and bumped into a male, but someone caught my drink.
I looked at who caught it, it was Nicholas. "Oh um thanks" I smiled, "no problem" he winked, and raised an eyebrow at me, then looked at the man in front of me, then back at me.
He walked off after giving us 'the eyebrow' 
I looked up and saw Niall, "I'm so sorry" he said and smiled, "it's alright Niall" I smiled, "wait, what? Cat?!" He asked smiling. "Yes Niall?" I asked and was fangirling so hard on the inside.
"Just seeing if it was really you. How have things been?" He asked and gestured me to walk with him. So I did.
"Um, they've been OK" I said sighing silently.
"Oh okay, I still have your sweat pants by the way" he blushed, "ya your wearing them" I chuckled and pointed to hi- my pants.
"Oops sorry" he smirked and shrugged.
I looked in front if us to see where we were headed, I looked up at the second story and Nicholas was staring down at us. I shook my head and he started walking away.
"I think I should get back to work, good seeing you" I smiled and Niall.
"Can I have your number?" He asked fastly, but nervously. "Um sure" I said and typed it onto his phone.
"Thanks love" he smiled while I walked away.
"Yup" I smile and waved.
I walked out into the cold air and saw Nicholas walking towards me, what's this guys deal?! I sighed and walked to the bakery and Nicholas was now sitting in a booth.
Then he disappeared whenever I blinked, who was this guy?!
I furrowed my eyebrows and walked up to the desk.
On my way there i slipped in a puddle of water, but someone had caught me.
I looked up and saw Harry, I looked into his gorgeous green eyes before talking; "thanks" I smiled and stood myself up.
I dusted myself off and saw Nicholas looking at us through the widow, then Nicholas pointed at his pocket and then looked at my pocket.
I furrowed my eyebrows at him but got out my wallet.
He got out his wallet and opened it, gesturing for me to open mine.
I sighed and opened mine, then he started pulling something out of his wallet, from the third pocket in his.
So I pulled a paper from the third pocket in my wallet, and the picture of me and him together with his last words fell out.
I gaped my mouth opened and looked at it on the floor, then I looked back up and he was gone.
"Everything alright?" Harry asked while a few tears fell.
"Y-yeah.. E-everything is per-fect" I sniffled and smiled while I picked up the note and picture.

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