*Sequel to 'My moms boyfriends son'
I recommend reading that before this


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~Harrys POV~

I was walking towards my flat and noticed Niall walking in front of me, so I sped up to him.

"Hey Niall" I said and smiled at him, "hello" he smiled back. Little specs of snow began to fall.

Niall was catching it in his hands and smashing it to his face, "this makes my lips dry" Niall chuckles.

"Well yeah, it's cold and its winter" I laughed.

He laughed back and the rest of the walk was silent.


~Cats POV~

I cant believe Harry and Niall asked for my number, I hope we get to hang out soon.

But anyways..

Im spweeping the floor while some customers piled inside, giving orders to Barbra and Bessy.

I havent seen 'Nicholas' since Harry left, I guess that alright. Because I know he's watching over me.

*4 hours later*

It was dark out now, and the shop was empty. It was only Barbra and I left in the shop cleaning up a bit. "Well im gonna head home, be safe" Barbra waved while putting her hat on and walking out of the front door.

I waved at her through the window while she walked off, I finished cleaning off one table and throwing away some peoples empty coffee cups that they left here from Starbucks.

I turned off the bathroom lights, the break room lights, the main lights, and turned on the porch light.

I grabbed my apartment keys and the shops keys, I looked around the shop to make sure it looked alright.

I nodded in agreement that it was alright, and started for my apartment.

Everybody had already went inside their houses, so I was kinda the only person walking.

There were a few people here and there, but nothing much. I shivered through the cold nights, walking down the sidewalk.

I got to my apartment and walked up to the door, I unlocked it and threw my keys onto the couch.

I plopped down and huffed, I kicked my shoes off and threw my apron onto the ground.

I stood up and went straight to bed, many weird things have happened today.


Sorry for the really really short chapter, I was gonna start the next chapter with her waking up so i stopped this chapter here for now.

Ily guys :) I hope your doing okay, and leave your feedback in the comments <3



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