*Sequel to 'My moms boyfriends son'
I recommend reading that before this


2. djhbjhoigj

~Harry's POV~

I furrowed my eyebrows at her, I noticed some paper on the floor that fell from her wallet so i stepped closer to help pick it up.

But she picked it up before I did, "who's that?" I asked pointing to the man on the picture with her.

"Oh, um, thats my ex-boyfriend" she sniffled, "oh sorry I asked" I sighed and itched the back of my neck.

"No its alright, I  just miss him loads" she said and smiled up at me. "well if you dont mind me asking, what happened between you two?" I asked and sat on a stool. I figured we could talk now because the bakery was empty.

"Um, well... He became blind protecting me, and so we were having struggles.. And whenever I came home from the concert that day, he was nowhere. There was b-blood on the floor, a-and..." she started crying.

"Its alright love" I whispered and brought her into a hug.

"I just miss him so much" she said in between sobs. "Its alright. shhh" I said and stroked the back of her hair.

"Would you like to continue?" I asked and pulled away so I could look into her eyes.

"Yes.." she started and sniffled.

I smiled at her while she began to talk, "and then i got a call- from a hospital. Telling me to hurry quick. So i ran and ran as fast as i could to the hospital and when i got there.. He was s-spazzing out and then, he died... on the hospital bed" She let a few more tears slip.

"Oh im really sorry" I said and hugged her again. "Why are you sorry?" She asked and wiped away her tears.


"For your loss" I said, she smiled up at me and drifted her eyes behind my shoulder.

She furrowed her eyebrows, so i furrowed mine and turned around to see what she was looking at.

There was a man outside the window crying, staring at us. He looked like the guy in the picture.

"C-Cat, I thought you said he died" I said still looking at him, "he did..." she said and ran out of the store and up to him. He put his arms out for a hug, she ran into them and gripped her legs around his waist and balled on his shoulder.

He was whispering things into her ear and stroking her hair with his hand. She pulled her head from his shoulder and stared into his eyes, I read his lips; "Im sorry i left"

And then gently placed her down, and then walked off.

I was so confuzled by now, I ran out of the shop and up to her. "what just happened?" I asked out of breath.

"h-he is watching over me" she said with tears of joy.

I nodded and intertwined our fingers, she looked at our hands, "Harry what are you doing?" she asked looking up at me. "Trying to calm you" I said and smiled at her.

She nodded and looked at the ground.

"Harry, your shoes are so worn out" she chuckled and looked back up at me.

"Yeah, i wear them everyday" I chuckled to. "You can literally see your little piggies" she smiled and bent her knees and poked the tip of my shoes.

She chuckled which made me chuckle, "I should get back to work" She smiled and hugged me.

"Yeah, I should get back to the lads. It was good seeing you again" I smiled at her, "Good seeing you to" she smiled and turned towards the bakery.

"Wait!" I started and ran towards her a bit, "yes Harry?" She asked and turned around.

"May I have your number?" I asked nervously.

"Of course, text me later" she said and typed it into my phone. She saved her name as

'KittyKat<3' I chuckled at the name and slipped my phone into my pocket.

"Bye" I said and turned around, walking towards my flat. I put my shades back on and tried to avoid making people notice me as I walked.


Sorry this chapter was kinda lame, but it will get better. I promise <3

Tell me what you think in the comments :D

*And sorry that Nick died at the end of the other book, I know it was pretty dramatic*





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