*Sequel to 'My moms boyfriends son'
I recommend reading that before this


5. Bloopy

Cats POV:
I woke up to my phone vibrating, and a storm rolling through. I opened my eyes and grabbed my phone.
I had a text from two unknown numbers,

'Hey it's Harry (: I was wondering if you wanted to grab some coffee today? xx'

I smiled, and quickly replied;
'I'd love to :) let me get a bit gathered and I will meet you at Starbucks'

I sent It then went to the other  text;
'Hello it's Niall, if your not busy today would you like to hang out? If your busy I can wait for tomorrow (: xx'

I sighed, and replied;
'Im actually going with Harry to get Starbucks today. Tomorrow is fine though (:'
I sent it and stood up to get ready.
I walked into my bathroom and set my phone on the counter while I brushed my hair and let it be at its natural wave.
I cleaned my face and didnt budge for makeup.
I put on some grey sweats with a red hoodie and a green beanie.
Soon my phone vibrated again,
I looked at it;
'Alright. Meet you there in 8 (:'
I smiled and didn't reply. I saved both their numbers as 'hazzy' and 'nialler(:'

While saving their numbers, Niall texted me.

From Niall: 'oh okay. Have fun :)'
To Niall-' thank you (:'

I set my phone down and finished getting ready, on my way out the door I grabbed some white toms and my wallet.
I walked into the winter air that had mixed with thunder and got to my truck.
I started my truck and heard a knock on my window, I looked out my window and Noah was standing there.
I slightly rolled down the window, "what?" I asked.
"Just wanted to say hi" he smiled, I rolled my eyes and rolled up the window.
I locked the doors and pulled out of the parking lot, and into the streets.
He had a lot of scaring on his face and body.
Nick really bruised him up.
I turned up the radio because it was playing 'Nobody Compares' by One Direction.

I hummed along to the song and saw Harry get out of his car and walk into Starbucks.
He was wearing his brown leather worn out boots, black skinnies, a white fedora, black sunglasses, and a big heavy brown coat with fur on the hood.
I smiled and pulled into the parking lot of Starbucks.
I got out of my truck and walked into Starbucks, Harry was waiting at a booth.
"Hey" I said and walked over to him smiling.
"Hey" he smiled and took off his jacket, "ready to order?" He asked and stood up.
"Yeah" I replied, we both walked up to the Starbucks line.
Harry bent down to my ear, "tell him your name is Georgia Rose" he whispered and chuckled.
I chuckled, "alright". I smiled and went up to order.
"What do you want?" I asked and turned to Harry.
"Whatever your getting" he smiled.
"Okay" I smiled back and got out my wallet, "no I'll pay" he raised an eyebrow and handed me his money.
"Oh. Alright" I said.

"What's your name?" The man asked, I heard Harry chuckle.
"Georgia" I started and laughed a bit, "Rose" I laughed out.
Harry was now chuckling inside his mouth, I could hear it.
"Is your daddy a dentist?" He winked.
Harry and I got silent, "yes" Harry replies, holding in a laugh.
The man burst out laughing and nodded while he laughed, "and what would you like?" He asked whipping away some tears of laughter.
"Grande caramel frappe with extra caramel" I smiled, "2?" He asked.
"Yes please" I smiled.
"8.45" he said and put his hand out for the money.
I nodded and handed him the money, "I will call you up when it's ready" he smiled.
"Thanks" Harry said and lead me to a table.
A few fans flocked outside, but nothing much.
They were banging on the windows trying to get his attention, which wasnt really working.
I felt bad for the ones who were crying though, I used to be one of them. 
I saw Harry getting frustrated with the fans, so he turned towards them and banged on the window, hard, so they would stop.
He turned towards me and laughed.
"So how have you been?" I asked Harry and smiled.
He took a long sigh, "I've been alright" he said and played with his fingers.
I furrowed my eyebrows, "why do you seem upset all of a sudden?" I asked and reluctantly placed my hand on his and intertwined our fingers across the table.
He looked up at me and gave a slight smile, "I just got out of a horrible relationship, and I'm having trouble with it." He sighed and took my other hand in his.
"Well, if you need anything, I'll be here" I said and smiled.
He nodded and gave a huge smile, showing his white teeth.
"Georgia Rose!" The guy chuckled into the intercoms.
"I'll get it" Harry smiled and got up to get our drinks.

I looked out of the windows and looked at more and more girls flocking around the shop.
Some were waving at me and smiling, I waved back and smiled.

Harry came back and handed me my drink while he slid onto his side of the booth.
The girls started screaming, Harry gave them the 'shhh' sign.
"Harry, let them be fans" I chuckled and took a sip of my coffee.
"Alright. I'll go get some pictures with them if your fine with that?" He asked.
"It's fine! Go ahead!" I smiled as i gestured him to go.
He nodded and walked outside, I watched as fans flocked around him and shoved their phones in his face.
They were all around him, he struggled to get pictures with some of the fans.
I smiled and watched him take pictures with screaming and crying fans.
He looked at me and gestured me to come out, I nodded and very shyly made my way to him and hid behind him.
"Is she your girlfriend?!" "Is this your secret other sister!??" People yelled.
"No!" Harry yelled back.
Soon people were taking pictures of me, I looked behind the crowd of girls and saw Nicholas watch us.
I got on my tippy toes and waved at him, soon everybody looked behind them at him.
"Is that Niall?!?" A few girls yelled.
I laughed and shook my head while they all ran to him.
Nicholas turned around and started running, I laughed and smiled at Harry.
"Harry that's not Niall" I laughed.
"I know" he said and stuck his tongue out.
Soon a loud roll of thunder roared across the sky followed by lightning.
It started pouring and making Harry's messy perfect curled quiff, flop down and become straighter and darker.
"We should get inside" I said and smiled, "don't you want to play in the rain?" He winked and started twirling like a ballerina.
I chuckled and joined him, "your good at ballet. You should join" I joked. "I'll take up the opportunity" he laughed. "Seriously?" I asked and did a balance on one leg while I twirled with Harry.
"Nah. Just joking" he said and concentrated on his moves.
"Your a little to silly for a 19 year old" I chuckled.
He came up to me and sternly placed his hand on my back while he pulled me close. I put my head back while he sternly looked into my eyes. "Nobody's ever to silly" he hid his growing smile and bit his lip and licked them as well.
"Styles stop teasing me" I laughed and poked his chest. He pulled my closer kinda in a jerky way, "so it's working" he whispered and leaned close to my lips.
He breathed against my lips and ran his thumb along my jaw line.
"Is this working as well?" He asked and chuckled pulling away.
I nodded and *BOOM* thunder rolled again.
"Lets get inside" he whispered in my ear running shivers and goosebumps all over.
I nodded and walked into Starbucks with him.

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