It Was Never Expected

I never expected to meet him. I thought he was a cool guy, but man, was I wrong. I dont remember anything bad that I did to him. Why is he hurting me?


1. Bad Luck

Amanda's P.O.V (8 years ago)

"Catch me if you can!", I say as I was running away from him at the sea shore.Then,before I knew it, I was pushed by my all-time best friend,Louis,who was laughing with me."I caught you,Mandy!";that was his nickname for me before."Boobear!" "Mandy!", our moms call us from the beach hut.Louis said,"Last person there is a dead pigeon!". And we were off.

Amanda's P.O.V. (Present)

Beep-Beep.I shot straight up when I heard my alarm.Why? Today is my 17th birthday and my last day here in Doncaster. Phew! Im finally leaving for college in Manchester,where I will be living in for a while; and in a while I mean for A LONG TIME. Im gonna miss everyone in here. I looked at my clock, 10:30?! My flight's in 15 minutes!.See you in the airport...


Author's Note

This is my first fanfiction,so sorry for the short chapter. Please tell me what you think and I will try to update because I still have to study for my exams. Please wish me luck!



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