One direction story starters

Here are some One Direction based story starters that I am happy for any of you to use but I realize more than one of my readers may want the same one so if you comment or message me your username I will reserve it for you and make it clear to the rest that the 'starter' is taken.

These starters may be extreamerly short or really long and there maybe slow updates so just comment if you want quick ones so I know you are out there and so I can remember.


1. bedroom surprise

“Hurry up and get out of the shower, you are wasting water” my mother yelled through the bathroom door.

“hang on then ”i yelled back

I got out of the shower and got changed into my new one direction onzies, ready for bed and walked into my room putting my clothes on my chair and walking out again. Wait what the ..............

“AGHHHH holy moly shi* mum what the hell”

That’s right there was my favourite boy band ever just sitting in my room with huge smiles on their faces.


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