Uncover(Harry Styles)

Tiffany is well...Awkward, she's thrown into a new school her Junior year; she doesn't know wether or not she'll make friends and she sure never expected to stumble upon Harry Styles. What will she uncover when she's seen with the biggest pop star in the world and management calls them in?


"Wait Paul why are we leaving?"
I snatch my arm away and stand my ground. "That girl called the paparazzi, they are swarming outside waiting for you." He reaches inside of his back pocket and pulls out two pairs of sunglasses, "here take these. I called a driver to bring the BMW in front of the store so all we have to do is go" He grabs me again harder and this time I can't pull away, All I see is Tiffany running up to us a little then and then she stops.Soon I'm at the door being held tightly by my arms and paparazzi snapping pictures of me. I think of how I felt that day being left at the pier... aren't I doing the same to her?



1. This is the Prologue


Mother's home. Like some children I don't rush to hug her and tell her how my day was, there's no point. Everyday is the same. I sit in the back of the class, do my work and come home. I have this thing called shyness so I don't have friends. 

My mom and I aren't close either.... well we use to be. It use to be me, her and my brother. NOTHING could break us. 

My farther left us when I was little, and to be honest it doesn't bother me; He didn't care about me, so I don't care about him. I thought we were the closest family ever, but my brother chose to go away to college and my mom seemed fine with it. 

I was kind of happy, I knew he was mom's favorite because he was sociable the opposite of me. He was on the football team, had tons of friends and was handsome, I thought that with him being gone my mom and I would grow closer, but we didn't. 

We grew further apart.I didn't know how to come to her and tell her how I felt, or when I did, it wouldn't come out right, It would only upset her more, so I left her alone. I let us fall apart. 

So nope I don't go and run to her. Instead I continue to sit on my lounge chair looking out at the ocean. I love living in California, it's beautiful, Nice weather, cute boys, and shorts for days, but what I love the most is our backyard. 

Our backyard looks out at the beach, the beautiful beach where my family use to go ever weekend. After school everyday I sit on my lounge chair, look at the water and listen to One Direction. 

One Direction is a British pop band who had their start on UK X-Factor, I heard some girls talk about them one time in the bathroom and I looked them up. I was immediately drawn to them, they have been my obsession for a year now, they're so real and funny, they're not afraid to be teenage boys and act a fool. I loved the band as a whole but my favorite had to be the curly haired green eyed babe. I felt connected to him and often dreamt about him at night.

I tried telling my mom about my dreams but she never had time and shooed me away. So nope I don't move when I see my mother walk home through the glass window I just raise the volume to the song "Moments". When I feel a tap on my arm I stop the song knowing I have to go inside (I usually get home 20 minutes before my mom does so she usually comes out to tell me to do my homework) "I'm going inside now" I giggle at her as she smiles slightly and starts walking inside too "Okay but there's something I want to tell you" My eyes open wider because she hardly ever says this to me. "We're moving." "To another part of California" She shakes her head and smiles at me, "No to New York." She says this so nonchalantly and turns her back that I grab her arm being unable to speak, "WHY!" "Because i'm getting offered a higher position which means more money, but don't worry you'll get to finish this year and a co-worker of mine gave me a book for some good New York high schools." "But we can't leave-" "That's the end of this discussion Tiffany."
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