Cory Monteith's Little Sister

Being the Cory Monteith's little sister isn't exacly easy also when I'm dating Ross Lynch and really close friends with his family. Me and Cory are really close my mom is always with him and cares for him and my dad is always working.I get bullied so I barely eat and cut. When tragedy strikes I don't know what to do without him, My life falls apart I became even more distant with my mom and every once in awhile do self harm something he told me never to do. What do I do when someone I love with all my heart is gone?


7. Worst Summer Ever (Part 1)

When I woke up I went to get dressed I wore this:

I went downstairs "Is Laney Nicole wearing pink?" he asked shocked. "Ya I thought whole new summer whole new look" "Your extremely happy today" "Only cause I'm with you" Ross went upstairs and changed into this:

"Looking hot as usual" I told him "Your'e hotter and don't deny it" "Ok" "Lets go on a walk Laney" "Ok" We walked for like 10 minutes and we got to a field. "Why are we here Ross" "Because I wanna give you a present" "OK?"

Ross's POV:

 We walked for like 10 minutes and we got to a field. "Why are we here Ross" "Because I wanna give you a present" "OK?" I pulled out two infinity rings that look like this:

"It says Best Friends cause we dont act like were dating but we are and I love that" "Thank you Ross" "I love you Laney Nicole Monteith with all my heart" "I love you too Ross Shor Lynch with all my heart" We walked back to Laney's and went inside. We sat on the couch and Laney's phone went off "Who was that?" "It was Cory" she said tearing up "What happened?" "My dad he....he's dead" "What? What happened?" "He got shot at the store when there was a robbery" "Oh Laney I'm so sorry baby" "It's...Ok" "Wanna go to ed you look like you need some sleep?" "Ya" We went to her room and I sang to her

"They say shes in the class A team stuck in her daydream been this way since 18 but lately her face seems slowly sinking wasting crumbling like pastries and they scream" I look at her and kissed her on her forehead and fell asleep.

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