Cory Monteith's Little Sister

Being the Cory Monteith's little sister isn't exacly easy also when I'm dating Ross Lynch and really close friends with his family. Me and Cory are really close my mom is always with him and cares for him and my dad is always working.I get bullied so I barely eat and cut. When tragedy strikes I don't know what to do without him, My life falls apart I became even more distant with my mom and every once in awhile do self harm something he told me never to do. What do I do when someone I love with all my heart is gone?


5. Last Day of School (Part 2)

"Ya lets go." He said kissing my nose. We drove to school. When we got there the words they were saying still hurt like 'slut' 'bitch' whore' 'Go kill yourself'. Believe me if Ross's wasn't with me and Cory was gone I would kill myself but Ross and Cory are my "guardian angels". Ross held me tight while they were yelling those names at me. We got to the music room and he broke the silence. "Are you ok Nikki?" "Ya" I lied "No your not I can tell when you lie you can tell me anything babe you know that" "Ok I'm not okay because my parents hate me, my brother is never home, my life is a living hell at school and home, the only place I feel loved is in your arms and at your house." ''Hey...Babe it's ok" "No Ross it's not" ''As long as I'm with you and your with me it's ok'' He said while we kissed.


After school we went to Ross's house cause my mom and dad were with Cory as usual. "What do you wanna do Nikki?" "Idk Rossy" "How about this?" "What?" ''This" He said as we kissed it turned into a deep makeout session until Rydel walked in. "NO PDA!!" she screamed. We laughed. and then Ross held me in his arms after a few minutes I dozed off.

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