Cory Monteith's Little Sister

Being the Cory Monteith's little sister isn't exacly easy also when I'm dating Ross Lynch and really close friends with his family. Me and Cory are really close my mom is always with him and cares for him and my dad is always working.I get bullied so I barely eat and cut. When tragedy strikes I don't know what to do without him, My life falls apart I became even more distant with my mom and every once in awhile do self harm something he told me never to do. What do I do when someone I love with all my heart is gone?


4. Last Day of School (Part 1)

Laney's POV:

I woke up to my alarm. I got up and got dressed in this:

I went downstairs and ate a piece of toast. "Hey Princess" Cory said "Hi Cory" "Have a good last day of school.I love you" "I love you too" I went next door to Ross's I got to the door and Stormie answered "Hi Laney" "Hi Mom" I call her mom cause shes more of a mom than my real mom. "Ross is taking a shower he'll be down in a few." she said "Ok." Funny thing I've known them forever and I barely talk around them I guess you can call me shy but I've been called worse. Anyways.... I was sitting on Ross's bed and he came out in pants and no shirt! Hot! "Hey Nikki" "Hi." He calls me Nikki from my middle name Nicole. "Why is it that everytime you come over you look skinnier?'' "What do you mean I'm fat" "No Nikki you only weigh 75lbs your not fat" "Ok Ross can we go I just wanna get this day over."

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