Cory Monteith's Little Sister

Being the Cory Monteith's little sister isn't exacly easy also when I'm dating Ross Lynch and really close friends with his family. Me and Cory are really close my mom is always with him and cares for him and my dad is always working.I get bullied so I barely eat and cut. When tragedy strikes I don't know what to do without him, My life falls apart I became even more distant with my mom and every once in awhile do self harm something he told me never to do. What do I do when someone I love with all my heart is gone?


6. Home Alone

The next morning I went to my house and no one was home I went into the kitchen for a glass of water and there was a note. The note said:

Dear Laney Nicole,

      I'm sorry we left but we wont be back for a year.

                                                        Love You Lots,

                                                             Cory,Mom and Dad

I started crying I grabbed the nearest knife and started cutting.

1 cut for being useless and ugly.1 cut for being fat and my family hating me.5 more cuts for being alive, imperfect,and stupid. I heard my front door open "Nikki!!" Ross yelled. "Ross" I yelled weakly. "Oh my god Nikki! Why?" "I deserve to die" "No you deserve to be alive all those people thhat make you think that are jealous cause you got the most popular guy in school wrapped around your heart.." After he said that he help me clean up. "Why did you do that this time?" I handed him the note "O my poor baby. I'll stay here with you" " Can we take a nap Ross?" "Ya anything for my Nikki" "I love you Ross" "I love you too Nikki" "If you weren't in my life I would be in heaven with my Grandpa." "Yea I know I'm glad I'm here" "Me too" We watched a movie and cuddled. After the movie we went to my room. "I see your in love with R5?" "Just because the worlds hottest boyfriend is in it" "I'm obsessed with Laney Nicole Monteith" "Why?" "Just because she is the worlds hottest girlfriend in the world." I started blushing and then my phone went off. It was Cory...

C=Cory L=Laney

C=Hey Princess

L=Hi Cory

C=How are you doing?

L=O you meen since you Lisa(mom) and Allen(dad) left a 16 year old girl home alone. I'm Dandy!!

C=I'm sorry Princess.

L=No your not if you were you would stop leaving me alone I exist to you know!!

C=I know

L=Must not!! Well Imma go and hangout with Ross the only person that doesn't leave me without telling me!

C=Bye you little

L=Little what Bitch thanks I love you too Cory!!!

C-=Exactly you little Bitch

I threw my phone at the wall. "Whats wrong Nikki?" "Cory......he called me a Bitch." "That bastard" "Can we not talk about it and just.....uhm cuddle thats the word I was looking for" "This is why I love you Laney" "Well your the reason I love you" "Remember when we first stared dating when we were all happy why can't we just go back to that I miss my happy Nikki" "I miss happy Nikki too" We both layed down and cuddled after like 30 minutes we fell asleep.


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