The red rose

Rose remembers her teenage crush from when she was 15 and is still on love with him. But he doesn't know. His name is harry. They were best friends. What happens when they meet at the same place at the wrong time. Find out in 'the red rose'


1. Backround (flash backs)

My name is rose but you can call me rue or red. When I was born, people used to call me Snow White because my skin was as white as snow with thick black hair. The reson behind my name is because whenever my mom went on a date with my father, he would bring her a plastic rose and would say' when this rose wilts, that's when my love for you will die' but since it was plastic, it never did. Anywho I'm getting off topic...


When I was 15 I met this boy with curly brown licks and green emerald eyes..


I was walking in the rain cause my boyfriend just cheated in me with my cousin. Who the fuck does that. When I came across this little bakery, I ran inside. It had this homey feeling. I loved it.    I just realized the sign said closed but the door was open." Hello?!" Nothing " hello?!?!" I said a little louder. Still nothing. I was looking around when a boy walked out from the back. " free coco?" He asked seeing the state I was in. "Please" I asked. He Nodded and walked back. Once he came back, we started talking and became best friends according to him. 

Flash back over:

Thats same year he left for X factor and I left for photography school. We were supposed to keep in touch but when I texted him to call me to see what happens because we don't have X factor  in America, he never texted back. I even called him too see if he had the same number and he answered. He asked who I was and I told him my name and he said ' got to go' so fast. He left me. So I never talked to him again. I changed my phone but I still had the other one. Harry has texted me but only a year later. I never answered. I had a crush in him too. It broke my heart when he left me. But I moved on. I forgot him. I found out he really didn't care. So when he became a heartthrob, I became prettier. I used to be chubby but now I have a flat stomach and curves. My hair was under my boob but now it's to my belly button and naturally curly. I used to bite my nails but I don't anymore. And I also wore glasses. I still do but around the house. They look like ray bands need glasses but they aren't. So that's a whole new me. And just to get a description of my voice well lets just say I sound like mo from lemonade mouth. 

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