Mystery Girl

Harry Styles is the guy every girl is after, he’s part of the internationally famous boy band One Direction but Harry is looking to settle down with a girl and kick the rumours that are circling about him. When he sees Isabella Jackson in the crowd of his show he is immediately captivated by her and wants to know all about her. Only problem is she disappears before he even has a chance to meet her or get her name, he only knows her as ‘Mystery Girl’ and he knows she can’t stay that way forever. This is a story about Harry trying to find the love of his life with tears, heartbreak and laughter along the way.


9. Progress

After the initial meeting, Fifi and Bella were always with us wherever we went and rumours were circling about how close the girls were to us. No-one missed the fact that Bella was my mystery girl. Every day Bella was becoming more and more comfortable with us and was comfortable being around me when we were alone which I absolutely loved.

"You want us to what?" Fifi gaped staring at the five of us.

"You can't be serious!" Bella exclaimed in agreement with Fifi while the five of us grinned at the two stunned girls. The boys' knew that I didn't want to -couldn't- leave Bella in America while we went travelling around the world.

"We are Bella," Louis grinned happily. "We want you and Fifi to come on tour with us,"

"It would be amazing and I know the two of you want to travel with world," Liam added and he was right. The whole apartment that Bella and Fifi shared was full of pictures and travel magazines and Bella had confided in me that she wanted to travel.

"But what about Uni?" Bella asked staring at us. "I can't just drop everything and go with you."

"You could always do your course online," Zayn suggested and Bella stared at him. "What? It would work, you are doing a creative writing course after all,"

"You lot are impossible," Bella grumbled and we all smiled, I think she was hoping we wouldn't find loopholes for her to travel with us. 

"I say we do it," Fifi said after a moment and Bella stared at her. "It's the best way to see the world, after all we've always wanted to travel and this is the way we're gonna do it,"

"Nice to know that all we are is free travel," Niall snorted looking at Fifi who grinned at him. 

"Of course," she smirked and he rolled his eyes at her. 

Within the past couple of months we had become so close with these girls, it actually surprised me how close we had become, and I was hoping that it would develop into something more with Bella. Those feelings for her were growing every day and it was beginning to get hard to ignore them, every time I saw her the butterflies in my stomach grew and I could feel my face getting warm. 

Niall and Fifi were growing closer as well and it was only a matter of time before they became a couple, which we were all so excited about, it was about time Niall found the perfect someone to settle down with. 

While I was thinking, the girls were conversing quietly with one another, talking about something that none of us were privy to as the others were looking confused as well. From the look on Bella's face, the conversation wasn't one that brought up pleasant memories, but whatever Fifi was saying seemed to be convincing her.

"Fine," Bella finally gave in. "I'll email the Uni and ask how I go about becoming an online student instead of a face-to-face student,"

"Yes!" we all exclaimed as one and she rolled her eyes. 

That night we sat in the lounge room of Bella and Fifi's apartment and started talking about plans for travel and what the girls would like to see in each country that we were going to visit. I was extremely excited because this meant that Bella and I were making progress, and we were one step closer. 



A/N: I am so, so sorry for the wait guys! I know it's been a long time since I updated and it was because I've been so busy with school and uni. I have now graduated and am beginning to work, so I won't have much time to update. Also, I've honestly struggled with ideas for this story and found it hard to work on it. So I'm sorry if the updates are few and far in between...or if they don't happen at all, I will just have an extremely busy life now and may not have time. Thank you all for your understanding and support of this story. 

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