My Opinions And Rants *ON HOLD*

Hi! My name is Thursday. This book would be about my opinions and maybe some rants! I would really appreciate it if you would comment on what you want my opinion or what you want me to rant on. So, please comment! PLEASE?! I just need one simple word or something, then you can choose for it to be a rant or opinion. Thank you for using your time on this! <3 ~Thursday


4. @Crystal Flames

I really do like how you put this. c: I know that everyone is judgemental, but I usually hate blondes because blondes from my school have caused me to have mental breakdowns, so I stutter and my hands shake a lot and I usually just, crash down from usually stress at school. That's why I don't like THAT much blondes. It really hurts, I still stutter, my hands shake a lot still, I still crash down, and I, I never had a boyfriend ever, I really am sorry if I offended you. I just really don't take things as a joke anymore. My eyes are a dull gray, I'm much more paler, I'm less chubbier now. And my mental breakdowns, crash downs and my shaking hands have gone to bad to worse. I really am sorry if I offended you.


It's literally the hardest thing I had to go through life and I just cry and cry, every now and then I would make sounds because of my break down, I'd usually just crash down during walks at school or runs or anything active. My eyes are seriously dull, like it's just- lifeless.


I'm seriously sorry. But I'm a serious outcast and I have a lot of differences. I don't want a boyfriend unless he was really nice. All I want is for everything to go back to normal, in Kindergarten, I was the only child who knew about how teens felt, so, I had depression at Kindergarten. I was so mean to everyone, I started to injure people, once I put someone into a coma by how much blood was lost.


I lost my mind, I couldn't think straight or anything. I'm just a bag of bones and blood.


This is why I judge blondes. Blondes were the people who did everything to me. I was even raped, but I didn't count as losing my virginity because I decline everything that's negative but it isn't possible. I got raped by this jock, I think his girlfriend video taped it, they blocked out my cries and such, they showed it to the whole school.


I was called a whore, slut, slag, bitch etc etc.


I'm usually shaking when someone is near me, sometimes I'd faint.

Stuff is really hard at college too. But I mean I have a great job already! I'm an archaeologist and I still need to go to college. Really?


I don't need any more depression added on me. I could rant on this for a couple of weeks, but that's that reason why I judge blondes quickly. I'm sorry if I offended anyone who is blonde and is reading this. I'm truly am sorry. I'm sorry.


I really am. Sorry if your friends are blonde I don't know. I just wanted to explain how I am.


So, there. I explained c:

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