The Freaky Body Guard (A 1D FanFic)

"You know nothing about me Niall!" I yelled trying to hold in my growl as Niall stepped out of the safety of the house.

"Well you won't tell me and the bys anything!We're worried for yo we are willing to help you get her back!If you'll just let us!" He yelled back,a frustrated look crossing over his handsome features.

I looked away as tears slipped out one by one.

"I can't!" I screamed.

"Why not!" He shouted back.

My gaze snapped back to him and what he saw made him gasp.

"Because...Everyone who tries always gets hurt." I said softly looking him directly in the eyes as mine eyes glowed a bright blue.

He took a nervous step back.

"Lorelei...Your eyes..."


Summary will be chapter one and about Lorelei will be chapter two.


2. Lorelei Iris Moon

Lorelei Moon

Birth:December 6,1995


Eyes:Crystal Blue

Hair:Midnight black




Eyes:Bright Blue.




That's basically it so bye.



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