Rikki's POV

                   I woke up to the sound of a banging on my door. " what do you want" I shouted

" Its time for breakfast" I heard my best friend Meg say. I jumped out of bed and went down the stairs. everyone was up already, which was surprising because a lot of us sleep late.

" how come everyone was awake except for me" I asked very confused and rubbing my eyes. It was silent nobody said anything, they just stood and sat there staring like they were hiding something. I just shook it off and went to go sit were I usually sat but someone was sitting there, a new person. If there was a new person that meant one of us left or is going to leave because the limit in the house was 15 people. "hey guys who is leaving or who left." they did the same thing they did before nothing as I was about to say something a hand was placed on my shoulder and miss Anne spoke.

" Rikki can you come with me please in my office" I just shook  my head, wondering what was going to happen.

" miss Anne I don't want to be kicked out" I said with a tear fall down.

"Rikki calm down I'm not kicking you out, you are being adopted"

"what" I stood up and sad tears started falling. I cant jut leave nobody wanted me so I made my self home her. My family is here and nowhere else. She walked over and hugged me. " the person who is adopting you will take very good care of you he is a really nice young man and you will love to see who it is I just no it." I rolled my eyes and stormed out still tears falling. as I was walking I bumped into someone, that someone was Luke he grabbed my shoulders and pulled me into his room.

"what are yo-" he cut me off by putting his finger on my lips and shushed me.

" Rikki I'm really going to miss you , you cant leave, you are the only reason why I can handle being here because of you." He gave me a really tight hug and then pulled away looking into my eyes."promise me you wont forget me" I shook my head. "I love you" he said my eyes widened. He pulled me into ,well what I thought was going to be a hug instead he placed his lips on mine. my arms were rapped around his neck and his arms were around my waist he pushed me against the wall. he grabbed my ass and lifted me up my back still against the wall and my legs wrapped around his waist. he put me down as his hands traveled up my shirt lifting it up . he moved his head down kissing at my neck. his shirt also came off and he moved us to the door and he locked it. I turned his back to face his bed and pushed him on to it , I was on top of him. I leaned in for a kiss and the he put his hands out feeling up my  body I finally got to kiss him and as we were kissing he was rubbing my inner thigh I let out a very soft moan and he smiled on my lips turning me around so he was on top of me. we made out for about 2 more minutes and then he picked me up placing me on the ground again. he kissed my neck lightly and whispered that I have to go pack so I put  my shirt back on and then left with tears down my face so people thought we were just talking.

I ran to the door slamming it shut with sad tears falling down I got all my stuff and packed. I walked over to the last part of my room I forgot to pack. it was just my night stand I opened and took everything out. My favorite magazine was in there I was staring at a picture of one direction there were all pretty hot except Liam I loved him but he wasn't my type.he is more of an idol to me. my three favorite are Harry, Louis, Niall. Niall is cute but oh my god I would fuck Harry he is b-e-a-utiful. there was a knock on the door. I yelled out "yes"

"its time" that's all I quick got dressed because I forgot to. I was wearing black stockings with a waist high black skirt, with a white long sleeve shirt with black stripes tucked in and a black scarf. I was wearing my black uggs to go along with it. I also put on makeup I had dark maroon lipstick and a little eyeliner. I grabbed my phone and went down stairs everyone was lined up. I didn't even look at who was adopting me yet I turned my body facing everyone and said " I'm really going to miss you guys" with a tear falling down my face. Meg and Luke ran up to me and we had a group hug. We let go and ,me and meg did our hand shake as a tear fell down her face. I just glanced at Luke and gave him a smile. "don't forget to text me" I just nodded and turned to Anne giving her a hug and saying I was ready. I didn't even notice that my adopter was standing in front of me. I looked at him and my eyes widened and my mouth dropped " you Liam Payne are adopting me??????"

'now you defiantly have to text me " I herd meg scream. Liam laughed nodding yes to my question. Liam motioned meg over and he gave her a hug saying" I'm guessing your a fan" she stood there so I said " Yeah we both are like a lot, I probably no everything about you already" Liam helped me get my bags and we packed them.

 When we got to the house all the boys were standing outside except harry. I wonder were he is. When I got out of the car all the boys mouths dropped and they all offered to carry  my bags

"guys, guys calm down I got it you can get the ones in the car if you want" they all ran to the car trying to beat each other there. they all think I'm hot I'm guessing. Niall ran to me and grabbed my hand showing me to my room.

"thanx Niall I gave him a hug then I kissed him on the cheek. He blushed and then walked away yelling score. I laughed. All the box's were in my room so I started unpacking. My room was blue with a dark blue outline. I had to go to the bathroom so I wandered out into the hallway. The first room was Liam's then Niall's his door said Niall on it. then I saw a door that was closed. I opened the door.

"Oh sorry " a boy with soft green eyes and curly brown hair looked at me as I closed the door and ran to my room and closed it.He was getting dressed. I grabbed close quick and started putting them away when the door opened. It was Liam.

"how are you doing, are you ok" I nodded my head. ok that's good if you need anything just tell me. Actually I do need something.

"where is the bathroom and how come Harry didn't come to wait outside or even say hello to me yeah like the other boys?"

" well your room used to be Harry's and things are going to be different since he isn't the youngest and he is mad and kinda doesn't want you here."

" oh wow that's great he doesn't want me to be here, no offence but what a jerk , I thought he was nice from what I no but I guess not , What the hell."

"Rikki calm down, it's not that big of a deal, it is his lose if he doesn't want to get to no you."

'yeah but he is my favorite  out of one direction and I was so excited to meet him, I love him so much, you no as a fan, and he is being a dick..." Liam jus left and then closed the door. I still had to go to the bathroom and he forgot to tell me where it is so I knocked on Niall's door.

"Come in" he said. he jumped up when he saw it was me and gave a quick smile. " is everything ok"

"Yeah, I just wanted to no were the bathroom was"

" Go all the way down the hall and it is the last door on the right across from Harry." he smiled and I smiled back.

"Thank you " I said and skipped out and then I  saw that Harry's door was open and he wasn't in there. I went into the bathroom and when I came out he still wasn't there so I tiptoed into his room and I was looking around. I saw a box with my name on it I picked it up and opened it. There was a bracelet in it , I smiled and put it away then I was looking at the card that goes with it. I was smiling then it went away when I heard the clearing of a throat I jumped up and trying running past him oh sorry I got to go" I said when I felt his hand pull me back into his room and he closed the door. That kind of scared me when he closed the door.  he leaned against his closet door frame and just stared at me up and down.

" my face is up here if you couldn't find it" his eyes looked up.

"What did you think you were doing, in my room"

"er-um- I - um- I was just looking around I don't really no where everything is."

" you do no that this is my room because you walked in while I was getting dressed" he said while smiling

" oh yeah um sorry about that- I - Um" he walked over to me and placed his finger on my lips.

"don't speak, Follow me." he grabbed my hand then started showing me around. He kept glancing and smiling at me, even more then Niall does. when he was done giving me the tour I thanked him. we were in front of my door and I was about to walk in when he placed his hands on the wall blocking me from moving. " not so fast "he said

" how come all of a sudden you like me, I no you didn't want me here so what changed your mind."

" yeah I no its just because" he stopped at because and grabbed my waist pulling me towards him and pulled my head up giving me a long kiss.




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