That one day xx

First Day of work! You stood outside the door fixing your clothes. Finally after two minutes you walked in to see five dashing boys looking at you ...Five boys that looked very familiar... Five boys that you adored! It was One Direction.


1. Late...

It was just another ordinary Day.

Once again you were late for work. You ran into your building hoping you wouldn't be caught by your boss but unfortunately todays was just not your day.


You paused and turned around. "ummm yeah?"

"Your late..again..This is your last warning! if you arrive to work late again youll be fired!"

You looked down at the floor nodding your head.

 Your son of 3 years old was sick last night and kept you up the whole night! are a teenage mum but sometimes you cant help what happens......

"Run upstairs! You have guests to look after and make sure you look after them properly! There very special"

You smiled and ran upto your assigned room. Before stepping in you took two seconds to fix your clothes. Hoping you looked okay you opened the door to see Five figures staring at you all with massive grins on their faces. Your heart skipped a beat as you realised who was sitting in front of you.


 It was no other but One direction!


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