Listen To The Beat Of Your Heart (A WWE Fanfic)

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  • Published: 3 Aug 2013
  • Updated: 20 Aug 2013
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Listen To The Beat Of Your Heart; Her name is Eve Torres. A girl who has always dreamed of being a professional dancer. After her parents passed away, she has been working her way up to reach her goal, but what happens when she comes across John Cena? Will his kindness and support make her fall head over heels for him? Will she be making a mistake by choosing John over her dreams? What will she choose at the end? Someone whose been there for her through her struggles or will she follow her dreams? [[THEME SONG IS ON THE RIGHT WITH STORY DESCRIPTION! =========>>>>>]]


5. 1.5

(A Few Days Later) 

Ricardo: *taking orders* 

Eve: *walks in* Ricardo right? 

Ricardo: *making drinks* Yes, that's me. You're Eve aren't you? 

Eve: Yeah I am, is John around? 

Ricardo: *chuckles* What are you talking about? You're the one that got him fired, why are you looking for him here? 

Eve: Look, he changed his number on me and I can't seem to find or contact him anymore. 

Ricardo: Don't you know where he lives? 

Eve: No, matter of fact, I never even been near his house. 

Ricardo: You're kidding me? 

Eve: No. 

Ricardo: Has he been to your place? 

Eve: Yes a few times. 

Ricardo: Ok, then keep waiting for him. I'm sure he'll come by again. Why did you two break up? 

Eve: Yeah, we did. 

Ricardo: In that case, better start looking for him then. 

Eve: You know, thank you for helping. I have to go. *leaves* 

Ricardo: Girls. *gets back to work* 

Eve: *sees john eating out with another girl* John. 

John: Eve? 

Eve: Can we talk. 

John: What for? We're done. 

Eve: I lost my job. 

John: Well. *sits back* Can't you see I'm in a middle of a date right now? 

Eve: *looks at the girl* Right. Sorry. *walks off* 

John: Excuse me for a minute. *leaves to look for eve* Eve! 

Eve: *turns around* 

John: What happened? 

Eve: I guess we're equal now huh. 

John: What do you mean? 

Eve: You lost your job because of me and I lost my job because of you. 

John: Because of me? We're not even together Eve! 

Eve: Exactly, but you were on property. 

John: Oh, was I banned from being on her property? Why didn't you tell me? 

Eve: You're not, just... something about Marisa that just doesn't like us being together. 

John: Maybe she doesn't like you because you're just like her. 

Eve: What do you mean? 

John: You're identical to her Eve. Your looks, your moves, just everything is similar to hers. 

Eve: Ok, but doesn't mean... 

John: Eve, just forget it. Maybe you're not meant to dance. 

Eve: And maybe I'm not meant to be with you. 

John: *chuckles* I wasn't asking to get back with you Eve. I would careless what you choose for your future now. I'm done with you talking me down and pushing me away. I get it, I don't want to be with you either.  

Cassie: John? 

John: *looks and sees cassie/takes a deep breath* And never I want to be with someone like you again. 

Eve: *gets hurt*  

John: Don't even be hurt about it Eve. You did it to yourself, I didn't. 

Eve: *wanting to cry*  

John: *puts his hands on eves arm* I'll give you a call later. I have to go. *leaves* 

(Later That Night) 

John: *calls eve* 

Eve: Hello? 

John: Hey Eve, it's John. I just wanted to call and apologize about earlier. 

Eve: So you still kept my number. 

John: Yeah, I don't see why I can't. 

Eve: I thought you didn't care and didn't want anything to do with me anymore. 

John: I only said that because of Cassie. 

Eve: Is she your girlfriend? 

John: Girlfriend? No.  

Eve: Put that on something. 

John: I put it on my soul. 

Eve: She's pretty. 

John: Yeah, but we're just friends. I still and I mean still love you. 

Eve: *smiles hurt* I do too John. 

John: So Marisa kicked you out because of me? 

Eve: Yeah. The next day I went to class and she called me into the office and... 

John: I'll talk to her. 

Eve: What? 

John: I'll set an appointment and talk to her. You don't deserve this Eve. This is your dream! She can't take it from you, you're not a child anymore. 

Eve: John, it's ok. 

John: No, it's not ok. I will have a talk with her. 

Eve: John. 

John: Eve, trust me. 

Eve: When... when are you gonna go? 

John: Tomorrow. When is she available? 

Eve: Please don't, she'll hate me more. 

John: I want to see you there as well. 

Eve: What? 

John: Tomorrow at noon, be there. *hangs up* 

Eve: *hangs up* Shoot. 

(The Next Day) 

Vicki: Hi, how can I help you? 

John: Where's Marisa. 

Vicki: She's on lunch break right now. 

John: Ok, then I'll just sit here and wait for her. 

Vicki: Did, did you have an appointment to see her? 

John: No, but I need to talk to her about firing Eve. 

Tom: *arrives* 

Vicki: I can arrange one for you. 

John: No, I want to see her now and ask her why she fired Eve! 

Tom: Is there a problem? 

Eve: *enters the scene and sees tom and john* Tom? 

Tom: Eve. *smiles* 

Eve: *smiles* 

Tom: How are you? *hugs eve* 

Eve: *hugs tom back* I been good and you? 

John: *gets jealous* 

Marisa: *walks in* Oh, what's going on? 

John: Marisa correct? 

Marisa: Yes. *looks at eve* 

John: In your office, now.  

Tom: *chuckles* Did he just call Marisa into her own office? 

Eve: Yeah, um, excuse me for a minute. *leaves* John, John. 

John: What? 

Eve: Forget it, it's ok. 

Marisa: Oh, this is what it's about. *sits down* 

John: I want to know why you fired Eve. 

Marisa: I thought you would know, you are standing in front of me. 

John: Eve is a great dancer!  

Marisa: Yeah, she is. *fixing the papers on her desk* 

John: So. Take her back! 

Marisa: Why should I? She broke the rules, not once, but twice with you. 

John: *chuckles* Just so you know, Eve and I are not together anymore. 

Marisa: Doesn't matter, look I have a class to teach, please excuse... 

John: *walks towards the door* 

Marisa: So you want the answer huh. 

John: Just take her back and you can go teach. 

Marisa: I'll think about it. *looks at eve* 

Eve: Marisa, you really don't have to listen to him. 

Marisa: I'll consider taking you back, but under one condition. 

Eve: Ok?  

Marisa: You can't let me catch you being seen him on my property ever again. 

Eve: *looks at john* 

John: *gives eve a look* 

Marisa: That means, he can't be at the same place we are. He can't attend the shows, and he can't be anywhere near here. 

John: That's not fair! 

Marisa: You begged me to take her back, so now I am. You have one week to think about this Eve. *walks off* 

Eve: John. 

John: No, don't. I'll be fine, 

Eve: I told you not to do it. 

John: No, you're welcome. *leaves* 

Eve: *follows john* 

(Later That Night) 

Eve: *rings the doorbell* 

John: Who is it? 

Eve: It's me. 

John: *confused/opens the door* 

Eve: *smiles* Hi. 

John: Eve, how'd you? 

Eve: I'm sorry, but I just... I had to follow you. 

John: You have my number, why would you... 

Eve: It's not fair for you to have my number and know where I live. 

John: Right, but still. 

Eve: John, I want to get back together. 

John: Really? I mean, you just got your job back. 

Eve: I don't care about dancing anymore. I can always go to another place or start my own club. It's you that I really want.  

John: Eve, are you hearing yourself right? 

Eve: I really want you back John. 

John: *stares at eve* 

Eve: *kisses john* 

(The Next Day) 

Tom: *sees eve shopping at the mall* Eve. 

Eve: Tom? 

Tom: Hey. 

Eve: *chuckles* Hey. 

Tom: I don't know if you know about this, but Marisa, she... *gets silent* 

Eve: What happened to Marisa? 

Tom: She's retiring. 

Eve: Really? How come? 

Tom: *chuckles* Uh, Eve, she wants you to take over. 

Eve: Me? To take over? 

Tom: Yeah. She's wanted to contact you, but just nevered really did. 

Eve: Why didn't she tell me yesterday? 

Tom: I don't know, I thought she would of. 

Eve: No, she didn't. *laughs* Tom, you're kidding me right? 

Tom: I would never lie to a beautiful girl like you. 

Eve: Tom! *hugs tom* This is such great news! 

Tom: You didn't just achieve your dreams, but you're gonna become the owner yourself. *smiles and looks at eve* 

Eve: *smiles big*  

Tom: Uh, I better go. 

Eve: Oh yeah. 

Tom: I'm sorry to say this, but... can I kiss you? 

Eve: Pard me? 

Tom: I mean, nothing, enjoy the rest of your shopping. *chuckles* 

Eve: Tom, did you just ask to kiss me? 

Tom: What? *chuckles* No, this is just awkward now. I'm gonna go. *walks off* 

Eve: *watches tom walking off* 

Vicki: *calls eve* 

Eve: Hello? 

Vicki: Hi Kim, it's Vicki calling. 

Eve: Oh hey Vicki. 

Vicki: I'm sure you heard the news right? 

Eve: That Marisa is retiring? 

Vicki: Yes, she wants you to take over. 

Eve: I don't know Vicki. 

Vicki: She gave you an option right? 

Eve: No? 

Vicki: To come back or stay with your boyfriend? 

Eve: Oh, yeah that. 

Vicki: So, have you? 

Eve: No, no I haven't Vicki. 

Vicki: You only have two days left Eve. 

Eve: Vicki, she won't even be here anymore.  

Vicki: You don't get it Eve, Dance 5 is moving to New York. 

Eve: Wait, it's moving to New York? 

Vicki: The name is getting bigger and it's well known in New York. Marisa already bought a place there for it. 

Eve: *thinks for a bit*  

Vicki: Come by tomorrow if you are ready, so I can give you the book. 

Eve: Ok. 

Vicki: Have a nice day. *hangs up* 

John: Hey. 

Eve: Hey. *fakes a smile* 

John: How was shopping? 

Eve: I met Tom and not just him, but Vicki also called. 

John: Vicki? Who's that again? 

Eve: Marisa's assistant. 

John: Right, so? 

Eve: I'm gonna get the job. *smiles* 

John: Congrats babe. *chuckles*  

Eve: Yeah, but... John, I have to make a decision. 

John: What's that? 

Eve: It's you or the job. 

John: But you said... 

Eve: No, John, Marisa's retiring and she's gonna pass it down to me. That's what she meant by choosing you or the job. 

John: Well choose whatever your heart says. Like I said, I will always be by your side and be your friend. Forever! 

Eve: John, if I choose dance over you. We're gonna have to be really good friends to keep in touch.  

John: *chuckles* You sound as if you're gonna be moving away Eve. 

Eve: Because I am. 

John: What? 

Eve: Marisa bought a studio in New York and she's moving the studio there. 

John: Eve! That is a great way to start for you. 

Eve: Really? You think so? 

John: Yeah. 

Eve: *smiles softly* John, I don't know what to say. 

John: I don't either. 

Eve: *smiles and kisses john* 

(The Next Day) 

Eve: *walks into the office*  

Marisa: Eve, right this way please. 

Eve: Ok. *follows marisa* 

Marisa: Vicki called you right? 

Eve: Yes she did, I'm very sorry that you are leaving. 

Marisa: *laughs* Leaving?  

Eve: Aren't you retiring? 

Marisa: Never Eve, this is my place, I own this thing. 

Eve: I don't... get it. 

Marisa: I sponsored you into getting your own dance studio in New York. 

Eve: *eyes widen* What? 

Marisa: Eve Torres, you are now officially the boss of Dance 5 in New York. 

Eve: Marisa! 

Marisa: I bought a place in New York to move there, but I fell in love with this one. I want you to take over the one in New York for me. 

Eve: I, I don't know what to even say. 

Marisa: Thank you would be fine. *smiles* 

Eve: *cries* Thank you so much Marisa.  

Marisa: *gets up and hugs eve* You deserve it Eve. 

Eve: *crying* Thank you so much Marisa, I will not let you down. 

Marisa: *smiles* So I'm assuming you made your decision then? 

Eve: There's only one thing to do... 

Marisa: And it's listening to the beat of your heart. 

Eve: Step by step. *smiles* 

Marisa: *smiles and hugs eve again* 

(The Next Month) 

John: Well, I'm happy for you. *smiles* 

Eve: I am too. *kisses john* 

John: I'll be here when you come back or I'll come there more like it. *smiles* 

Eve: I can't wait to see you. 

John: *kisses eve* Go before you miss your flight. 

Eve: Ok, see you in two months. 

John: See you then. *smiles* 

Eve: *smiles an walks off* 

John: *watches eve leave and then leaves* 

Eve: *boards the plane and leaves*

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