Listen To The Beat Of Your Heart (A WWE Fanfic)

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  • Published: 3 Aug 2013
  • Updated: 20 Aug 2013
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Listen To The Beat Of Your Heart; Her name is Eve Torres. A girl who has always dreamed of being a professional dancer. After her parents passed away, she has been working her way up to reach her goal, but what happens when she comes across John Cena? Will his kindness and support make her fall head over heels for him? Will she be making a mistake by choosing John over her dreams? What will she choose at the end? Someone whose been there for her through her struggles or will she follow her dreams? [[THEME SONG IS ON THE RIGHT WITH STORY DESCRIPTION! =========>>>>>]]


4. 1.4

(Later That Night)

John: Hey. 

Eve: Hey. 

John: How was dance? 

Eve: *sits silently* 

John: What happened? 

Eve: I had a talk with Marisa. 

John: You're quitting? 

Eve: No, she called me in and we had a talk.  

John: I'm sorry if it was my fault. 

Eve: No, it's not, but she didn't have to put me on blast in front of the class. 

John: What? Why! 

Eve: I don't know John, but we have to break up. 

John: What? 

Eve: Yeah. 

John: *serious tone* Eve, we just... got together. 

Eve: Yeah and it's not too late to take back the words John! *tries not to cry* 

John: *feels bad* What did she say to you. 

Eve: *cries* I have to choose you or dance John. 

John: Then forget dance! You're only there to sub for one of her girls. 

Eve: She was gonna put me into the group until... *cries harder* 

John: *puts eves head on his shoulder and comforts her* I'm really sorry. 

Eve: I don't know what to do John. 

John: I'm sure she didn't mean what she said. She doesn't control over you. You control your own self. 

Eve: But it's a once in a life time opportunity John. It's my dream to become a professional dancer. 

John: Then do it. I am fine just being friends with you. 

Eve: But how can I move on when I'm also in love with you? 

John: *takes a deep breath* I don't know Eve. I don't know either. 

Eve: John, I don't know what to do. I'm in love with you and I want to be with you, but I also want to stay in dance. It's always been my dreams and I don't want to walk away from it. 

John: Then don't walk away from it Eve! I already said I'll be fine just being friends. 

Eve: But I'm in love. 

John: And so am I. 

Eve: Please don't leave me John. 

John: I would never leave you Eve.  

Eve: Please just help me get into this career. 

John: I will Eve. 

Eve: *gets silent and then pulls herself together* I need some time alone to think, can you leave. 

John: Alright, just call me. 

Eve: Yeah, I will. 

John: *kisses eve* I love you. 

Eve: I love you too John. 

John: *leaves* 

(The Next Day) 

Marisa: So, have you made your decision yet? 

Eve: Why are you targeting me Marisa?! I'm sure half your roster is dating too! 

Marisa: Yes they are, but they followed the rules also known as the contract. 

Eve: What? 

Marisa: Seems like you didn't read it huh. *walks off* 

Eve: Wait! *catches up with marisa* What did you say in it? 

Marisa: If you have a boyfriend/girlfriend, you can't bring them here. I don't want any dramas going on in my studio and I won't tolerate the behaviors. 

Eve: I'm sorry Marisa, please give me another chance. 

Marisa: Why should I hire you again, especially someone who doesn't even follow the rules. 

Eve: I'll break up with my boyfriend if you give me another chance.  

Marisa: *walks off* 

Eve: *grabs marisa by the arm* Please. 

Marisa: *pushes eves arm away* Don't ever do that again. 

Eve: Fine! Then it's your loss for losing me.  

Marisa: Excuse me? 

Eve: Your show rates have been moving upwards since I joined. Without me, let's see how far you get. 

Marisa: Is that a threat Eve. 

Eve: No, I'm just... 

Marisa: *chuckles evil* Ok, you're rehired again, but break another rule and you are forever gone. And your dreams will really then be shattered. 

Eve: *stands in silence* 

Marisa: Don't be late again. *rolls her eyes and walks off* 

Vicki: I told you to read the whole packet. 

Eve: It, it was my own fault. *walks to the dance studio* 

(Later that night) 

Eve: *calls john* 

John: Hey beautiful. 

Eve: *smiles* Hey John. 

John: What's up? 

Eve: I had another talk with Marisa earlier today. 

John: Yeah? What happened this time? 

Eve: She gave me another chance. 

John: Really? That's good babe. 

Eve: No John, you don't get it. 

John: What? 

Eve: *silent* 

John: What is it Eve? 

Eve: *pulls herself together* Goodbye John. 

John: Pard me? 

Eve: It's over between us John. 

John: Is that what you really want? 

Eve: *tries not to cry* Yeah. 

John: Ok... well then. Good luck to your future and best of luck to you. 

Eve: *cries* John. 

John: Your right Eve. Goodbye. *hangs up* 

Eve: *cries into her lap* 

(The Next Day) 

Marisa: Alright class, we have a new member in our club. 

Mike: Who? 

Marisa: Please welcome Eve Torres into the group. *smiles* 

Eve: *smiles sad* Really? Thanks Marisa. 

Marisa: *smiles* Welcome Eve. I expect more from you then before. That means more training and more focusing. 

Eve: Yes, I got it. 

Marisa: Alright, have a good night everyone. 

Eve: *grabs her bag and leaves* 

Tom: Hey. 

Eve: Hey Tom. 

Tom: Congrats. *smiles* 

Eve: *smiles* Thanks Tom. 

Tom: So, I'm assuming you're replacing Jackie? 

Eve: What? I did, I mean I am? 

Tom: She wasn't on our list anymore. 

Eve: But she's... 

Tom: Yeah, but she's always out. 

Eve: Oh. 

Tom: Again, I just wanted to congratulate you on being a team member. *smiles* 

Eve: *smiles* Thank you Tom. 

Tom: I'll see you tomorrow teammate. 

Eve: *chuckles* See you tomorrow team. 

Tom: *smiles and walks off* 

Eve: *walks off the other direction* 

Mike: I saw you talking to Eve after class. 

Tom: Yeah, all I did was congratulate her to the team. 

Mike: You like her huh? 

Tom: Mike, I already told you. 

Mike: Dude, it's ok if you do. 

Tom: Mike, c'mon. *chuckles* 

Mike: Alright, I'm gonna ask her out then. 

Tom: She has a boyfriend already. 

Mike: *thinks for a bit* Oh yeah, she does huh. 

Tom: *laughs* She is beautiful though. 

Mike: Yeah. 

John: *calls eve* 

Eve: John, I can't talk right now. 

John: Why not?  

Eve: We're not together anymore John. I thought you understood? 

John: We can't be friends or what? 

Eve: Well... Yeah we can, but... 

John: But what? 

Eve: John, I don't want to be in love again. I want to focus on my career. 

John: Ok you know what, that's fine with me. I'll support you, but only if you agree that we stay friends. 

Eve: I don't care if you support me or not. If it wasn't for the club, we would have never met. 

John: And if we never met, there wouldn't be anyone there for you to brag about your career to. 

Eve: *gets silent* Ok, thank you John, but really I have to go now. 

John: What? Are you in rehearsals or what? 

Eve: No. 

John: Then why can't we talk? 

Eve: Five minutes. 

John: Ok, well how was your day?  

Eve: It was great, I mean, I made it in and I'm excited for the third show next month. 

John: I bet you are. 

Eve: Yeah, will you be coming to the show? 

John: I don't know if I can. Your boss might think wrong. 

Eve: We're not gonna kiss how we did at the club in front of your boss. 

John: Yeah, I know, but maybe I'll attend, but I won't be nearby. 

Eve: Ok. *smiles* Thank you John. 

John: Yeah. 

Eve: It's late, I'm gonna get to bed. 

John: It's only nine, we use to stay up until two in the morning just talking on the phone a or texting. 

Eve: Yeah, but things are different now. 

John: You can't just pretend that you are over me. 

Eve: Maybe I am. 

John: Impossible. 

Eve: Look John, I really have to go. 

John: You know what fine, have a good life and don't ever call me again. Matter of fact, I'll change my number, so you can't contact me anymore. 

Eve: Excuse me? You called me. 

John: I nevered called you; you were the one always calling me before. So therefore, I will change my number. 

Eve: So it's like that then huh. Fine, change it! 

John: Goodbye Eve.  

Eve: *silent* 

John: About your dance, I'm not attending. *hangs up* 

Eve: *cries* 

(The Day Before The Show) 

Tom: Hey Eve. 

Eve: Hey Tom. *hugs tom* 

Mike: Oh, someone's interest in eachother. 

Eve: *chuckles* What? 

Tom: Don't listen to Mike, he thinks I have a crush on you, but I don't. I have someone in mind already. 

Eve: Oh? Is it Jackie? 

Tom: No, she's married. 

Eve: Leah? 

Leah: What about me? 

Tom: Use to, but no. 

Leah: What? 

Tom: I use to like you, but not anymore. 

Leah: Yeah because you like Eve now. 

Tom: No I don't? 

Eve: You guys, I really don't want to get in trouble again. Let's get started. 

Leah: Ok. 

Marisa: *walks in* Wow. 

Eve: Hey Marisa, I thought that I would start the class ahead. 

Marisa: Why? 

Eve: Well because everyone was here. 

Marisa: No, no one starts anything until all members! Are in. 

Eve: But we are? 

Marisa: I wasn't! 

Eve: I'm sorry. 

Tom: You shouldn't be too harsh on Eve Marisa. 

Marisa: She's a member now, I can give her that push. 

Eve: It's ok really Tom. 

Tom: I know, but... 

Marisa: End of conversation. 

Eve: *sighs* 

(The Day Of The Show) 

Leah: Hey is your boyfriend coming? 

Eve: I don't have a boyfriend anymore. 

Leah: Why? 

Eve: Long story. 

Leah: Was it because of Marisa? 

Eve: No. 

Leah: Well, still I think he should attend. 

Eve: No, it's ok, I'm better off if he doesn't come.  

Leah: True. 

John: *arrives and sits in the crowd in the front row* 

Marisa: Alright, it's time. Let's get going. 

Eve: *walks the stage with tom hand in hand* 

Tom: *starts off the dance with eve following* 

Leah: *does the next step with mike* 

Eve: *sees john and gets distracted* 

John: *stares at eve* 

Eve: *follows up behind leah* 

(After the show) 

Eve: *walks to the parking lot and sees john* 

John: *walking to his car* 

Eve: John wait! 

John: *turns around* Eve? 

Marisa: *hears and sees eve talking to john* 

Eve: John, why did you come? 

John: Because I'm a good friend Eve. 

Eve: We've broken up though. 

John: Just because we're broken up doesn't mean I'm gonna stop seeing you. You're a really great dancer, who would want to miss out on seeing it? 

Eve: *stands in silence* 

John: I only came to see you, not talk to you. 

Eve: You really did change your number didn't you. 

John: Oh, so you have called me. 

Eve: John. 

Marisa: Get some rest Eve. *walks to her car* 

John: *opens his car door* Enjoy the rest of your night Eve. *gets in his car and closes the door* 

Eve: *walks to her car* 

(The Next Day) 

Eve: *practicing steps with tom* 

Marisa: *walks into the room* Eve, my office now. 

Eve: Great. 

Tom: What happened now? 

Eve: Nothing. *walks off* 

Marisa: Sit down. *sits down* 

Eve: *sits down* 

Marisa: Explain. 

Eve: Explain what? 

Marisa: Last night. Have I not told you? 

Eve: We're not even seeing eachother Marisa. 

Marisa: It was on my property. 

Eve: Marisa! *chuckles* Are you serious? John and I aren't together anymore. You gave me an option and I gave you my answer. 

Marisa: Still, he was on my property. 

Eve: *chuckles again* Friends can't attend or what? 

Marisa: Friends, yes. Boyfriend/girlfriend, ex; No! 

Eve: Wow, this is really stupid. 

Marisa: Pack your things, go clean out your locker, you are done. 

Eve: What? You can't fire me! 

Marisa: I hired you, I can fire you. Go clean out your locker! 

Eve: *stands in silence trying not to cry* 

Marisa: Now! 

Eve: *cries* Fine. *leaves the office and walks to the lockers* 

Marisa: Ok class, let's begin. 

Tom: Where's Eve? 

Marisa: Oh, she resigned.  

Tom: Why? 

Marisa: She broke the rules twice. 

Mike: Wow. 

Leah: Why would she? She seemed so innocent and so carefree.  

Marisa: Well she's not Leah. Vicki, call Jackie to come back. 

Vicki: Ok. *calls Jackie* 

Eve: *crying in the locker* 

Leah: *sees eve* Eve? 

Eve: *crying* Leah. *wipes her tears* 

Leah: What happened? Marisa said you resigned. 

Eve: I had no choice Leah, she made me do it! 

Leah: Why? 

Eve: Because... because she caught me with John again. 

Leah: I thought you said... 

Eve: We're not. 

Leah: Ok, something must have went wrong for her to have you resigned. 

Eve: I don't know. 

Leah: Well I hate to say this, but... At least you got to experience your dream. 

Eve: Yeah, thanks a lot Leah. 

Leah: No problem, but I have to go and you should probably leave too because this isn't your place anymore. 

Eve: *gets upset a little with leah* 

Leah: *smiles and leaves*

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