Listen To The Beat Of Your Heart (A WWE Fanfic)

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  • Published: 3 Aug 2013
  • Updated: 20 Aug 2013
  • Status: Complete
Listen To The Beat Of Your Heart; Her name is Eve Torres. A girl who has always dreamed of being a professional dancer. After her parents passed away, she has been working her way up to reach her goal, but what happens when she comes across John Cena? Will his kindness and support make her fall head over heels for him? Will she be making a mistake by choosing John over her dreams? What will she choose at the end? Someone whose been there for her through her struggles or will she follow her dreams? [[THEME SONG IS ON THE RIGHT WITH STORY DESCRIPTION! =========>>>>>]]


3. 1.3

(The Next Day) 

Eve: *walks into the studio* 

Vicki: Good afternoon Eve. *smiles* 

Eve: *smiles* Good afternoon Vicki. *walks into the dance studio* 

Leah: Hey. 

Eve: Hey Leah. 

Jackie: Hi, I'm Jackie, you must be Eve right? 

Eve: Yes, I'm Eve. Jackie, are you the one I'm... 

Jackie: Yes I am. Thank you so much for subbing for me. You don't know how happy I am for you to take my spot and help Tom stay in and continue the show. 

Eve: Help Tom continue? 

Jackie: If no one replaced me then Tom would have had to step out too. 

Eve: Oh, I didn't know that. 

Jackie: Yeah, so thank you. 

Tom: Jackie? 

Jackie: Hey Tom. *smiles* 

Tom: What are you doing here? 

Jackie: I came to see you guys rehearse. 

Tom: Oh, why not join? *chuckles* 

Jackie: I wish, but I can't. 

Mike: Jackie! Wow, sexy mama in the house. 

Jackie: *chuckles* Mike, shut up. 

Mike: I'm kidding, but isn't the new girl Eve hot? 

Jackie: *looks at eve* She's beautiful Mike. 

Mike: I know that is why I'm gonna take her out tonight. 

Eve: I'm sorry, I'm not interested. 

Mike: Why not? *chuckles* 

Eve: I'm seeing someone already. 

Mike: Dancing with Tom doesn't make you seeing him. 

Eve: Actually, it's not Tom. I have a boyfriend already. 

Jackie: Ouch Mike, you just got dissed. 

Mike: Ha, ha. *walks off* 

Jackie: He always gets rejected by girls. 

Eve: I didn't mean to, but I had to. 

Jackie: He's very unlucky with girls. 

Eve: Why's that? 

Jackie: Because he's a jerk! 

Eve: I see that. 

Marisa: Ok class, let's get started. Oh hey Jackie. 

Jackie: Hey Marisa, I'm here to see the class rehearse and to see how this new girl does. *smiles* 

Marisa: She's pretty good. 

Eve: *smiles* 

Tom: May I? 

Eve: Oh yeah, sorry. *gets in position with tom* 

Jackie: *watches eve*  

Marisa: She's good isn't she? 

Jackie: Her moves, the way she moves is very smooth. 

Marisa: I know. 

Jackie: Wow, she's really good. 

Marisa: I might just hire her. 

Jackie: *looks at marisa* You're replacing me! 

Marisa: No, I'll just have to audition a male. 

Jackie: Whew, thank god. 

Marisa: Don't worry, I can't lose you. You're one of my top best dancers. 

Jackie: Awh thanks Marisa that means a lot to me. 

Marisa: Alright, take ten. 

Jackie: Wow, you are really good Eve. 

Eve: Thank you. 

Jackie: Marisa said she might just hire you. 

Eve: Really? 

Jackie: That's if she can audition another male for you. 

Eve: That is awesome. *chuckles* 

Jackie: I know right. 

Eve: Wow. 

Tom: Seems like you're getting closer to your dreams. *smiles* 

Eve: *smiles* Yeah. 

Tom: *smiles and walks off to talk to mike* 

Jackie: I think he likes you. 

Eve: Tom? No, I don't think he does. 

Jackie: You never know. *walks off to leah* 

Eve: *thinks for a bit* 

(Later That Night) 

Eve: *calls john* 

John: Hey Eve. 

Eve: *smiles* Hey John, are you doing anything tonight? 

John: I actually am, I have to get to work right now. 

Eve: Oh ok, nevermind then. 

John: Did you want to meet up? Or what happened? 

Eve: Oh nothing, I just um... It's nothing John. 

John: Ok, well I am here if you need to talk. 

Eve: *smiles sad* Thanks John.  

John: Ok. 

Eve: I'll let you go. *hangs up* 

Ricardo: Yo, who's that chick I seen you with couple nights ago. 

John: Oh that was Eve. 

Ricardo: Eve? Why does that name sound so familiar? 

John: She was here like couple of weeks ago. 

Ricardo: Couple weeks ago. *thinks* 

John: She had a dance battle. 

Ricardo: Oh! Ey, you like her don't you? 

John: She's beautiful. 

Ricardo: Yeah, she is. 

John: Dude, I think I'm in love with her. 

Ricardo: What? You hardly know that girl John. 

John: We kissed. 

Ricardo: For real? 

John: No, I kissed her. 

Ricardo: I knew it. Well you know what, I just hope you two get together because you are a really great guy John. 

John: Dude. 

Ricardo: What? 

John: Are you gay? 

Ricardo: No, I'm, I'm just saying. 

John: Well thanks man. 

Ricardo: Why, are you gay? 

John: *thinks for a bit* Nah. 

Ricardo: Thought so. 

Eve: *walks in the club* 

Ricardo: It's your girl. 

John: *looks* 

Eve: *smiles* 

John: *smiles* Give me a minute. *walks off* 

Ricardo: You don't even have to tell me. *gets back to work* Hi, what can I get for you? 

John: Eve, what are you doing here? 

Eve: Hi John, I couldn't stand not being able to see you today. 

John: Really? 

Eve: Yeah. 

John: That's very unusual for someone to say that. 

Eve: I just wanted to see you before the day ended. 

John: Well that was very kind of you to say and think that. 

Eve: *smiles* Um, I'm not gonna be here for long, but... 

John: Are you sure? 

Eve: Why? 

John: Because it looks like you are dressed to be here. 

Eve: *chuckles* You can tell? 

John: Uh Eve, I have been working here for seven years. I know how people dress when they come here. 

Eve: *chuckles shy* Right, I totally forgot about that. 

John: *smiles* It's ok. 

Eve: *looks around and sees ricardo looking* 

Ricardo: *looks away* 

Eve: Can I talk to you somewhere else? 

John: Where else do you want to talk? *chuckles* 

Eve: Like something private? 

John: Oh, is there something wrong? 

Eve: *looks to the ground and then takes a deep breath and looks at john* John, I think I've fallen for you. 

John: *gives a serious face* Oh? I, I, really? 

Eve: I'm sorry, I shouldn't have... 

John: I like you too Eve. *smiles* 

Eve: Really? I mean, you do? 

John: Yeah, I do. Matter of fact, I couldn't stop thinking about you after that kiss. 

Eve: *smiles* Me neither. 

John: *smiles* 

Eve: *kisses john* 

Ricardo: Wow, he's so gonna get fired. 

Josh: Where's John? 

Ricardo: Uh... 

Josh: *looks/leaves* 

Eve: *stops kissing john*  

John: *smiles* You are a really great kisser. 

Josh: John Cena, please come to the office. John Cena, to the office. 

John: *hears* Shoot. 

Eve: You have to go? 

John: It's my boss. 

Eve: I'm very sorry. 

John: Just give me a minute please. 

Eve: Ok. 

John: *gives eve a quick kiss and leaves* 

Ricardo: I think you're in deep... 

John: Yeah, I know. *walks into the office* 

Josh: You're fired. 

John: Uh ok? 

Josh: Bye.  

John: Bye? 

Josh: Return your uniform by next week. 

John: Ok. 

John: Leave. 

John: Alright. *leaves* 

Eve: John. 

John: Let's go. 

Eve: Wait! What happened? 

John: I'm fired. 

Eve: John! 

John: Eve, it's ok. 

Eve: You lost your job because of me. 

John: Remember me telling you I been wanting to quit? Well, seems like I got my wish granted, but the wrong way. 

Eve: I'll go talk to your... 

John: *grabs eves hand and walks off* 

(The Next Day) 

Eve: *kissing john outside the studio* 

Marisa: *sees eve and john kissing/walking into the studio* No kissing on my lot. 

John: *stops kissing eve*  

Eve: *smiles shy* 

John: *chuckles* Alright, I think you should go in now. 

Eve: Ok. I'll be home a little after six. 

John: Got it. *smiles* 

Eve: *kisses john again*  

John: Go. *smiles* 

Eve: *walks off* 

John: *leaves* 

Eve: *walks into the dance studio* 

Tom: Hey. *smiles* 

Eve: *smiles* Hey Tom. 

Marisa: Eve. 

Eve: Yeah? 

Marisa: My office now! 

Eve: Oh? Ok. 

Tom: *looks at eve leave* 

Marisa: What's more important to you? 

Eve: What do you mean? 

Marisa: Is having a boyfriend more important than a career or a career more important than a boyfriend? 

Eve: Jackie's married. 

Marisa: I didn't ask about Jackie, I was asking you. 

Eve: Uh... 

Marisa: If you don't fix this, you can be booted off the team. 

Eve: The team? Wait... You're really gonna add me to? 

Marisa: I was going to, but I see you're not really focused, so therefore. Maybe you'll just be part-time for Jackie. 

Eve: *silent* 

Marisa: It's up to you. Whatever you want, you get, but only one. So, what's it gonna be? Dance or your boyfriend?  

Eve: *stands in silence* 

Marisa: Think about it. *leaves back to the dance studio* 

Eve: *exhales*  

Leah: Where did Eve go? 

Tom: I don't know. 

Mike: What happened? 

Leah: Maybe she got kicked out? 

Mike: I saw her outside with this guy earlier. 

Leah: Could that be it? 

Marisa: Alright, positions everyone. 

Tom: Marisa, Eve isn't here. 

Marisa: I know, just go with it like I always said. 

(Class Starts) 

Eve: *walks in* 

Marisa: You're late Eve. 

Eve: I'm sorry Marisa. 

Marisa: Here in Dance, we take it seriously. We're always on time and always ready for the next step and challenge. We don't hold back anyone. If you can't make it in time, you're better off just leaving and not coming back. 

Eve: I'm sorry, it won't happen again, I promise. 

Marisa: Get in your spot. 

Eve: *goes join tom*

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