Listen To The Beat Of Your Heart (A WWE Fanfic)

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  • Published: 3 Aug 2013
  • Updated: 20 Aug 2013
  • Status: Complete
Listen To The Beat Of Your Heart; Her name is Eve Torres. A girl who has always dreamed of being a professional dancer. After her parents passed away, she has been working her way up to reach her goal, but what happens when she comes across John Cena? Will his kindness and support make her fall head over heels for him? Will she be making a mistake by choosing John over her dreams? What will she choose at the end? Someone whose been there for her through her struggles or will she follow her dreams? [[THEME SONG IS ON THE RIGHT WITH STORY DESCRIPTION! =========>>>>>]]


2. 1.2

Marisa: *taking roll call*  

Eve: *walks into the room/smiles* Hi. 

Marisa: You made it just in time. 

Tom: Who is that? 

Mike: I don't know. 

Leah: I think she's subbing for Jackie. Excuse me, Marisa. Is she new here?  

Marisa: No, she's not. *closes her binder* Class, this is Eve Torres. She'll be here for a month. She's subbing for Jackie who is on out right now. 

Eve: *smiles/waves hi* 

Marisa: Would you like to introduce yourself? 

Eve: Uh, yeah of course. Hi everyone, I'm Eve Torres. I'm a dancer. *chuckles* Of course, I been dancing since I was five. Being a professional dancer was my dream and it still is today. You guys don't know how much this means to me, even if I'm just here for a month.  

Marisa: That's good, I didn't ask you to tell them why you're here. *gets to her position* 

Eve: Sorry. 

Mike: *laughs* 

Eve: *looks at mike annoyed* 

Mike: Welcome to the class Eve.  

Eve: *fakes a smile* Thank... 

Mike: Just hope you're as good as you look. 

Eve: Excuse me? 

Mike: *laughing* 

Marisa: That's enough. Let's start. Tom, Eve. Eve, Tom. 

Tom: Great.  

Eve: *walks up to tom*  

Tom: Hi, I'm Tom. *smiles* 

Eve: *smiles* Eve. 

Tom: It's a pleasure to meet you and I am very honored to have a beautiful girl like you to be my dance partner. 

Eve: *smiles/chuckles* Well I am more than honored to be here. 

Tom: Alright. 

Marisa: Alright, let's start. Positions! 

Tom: *starts off the dance* 

Eve: *follows tom and adds a few steps* 

Marisa: *watches eve* 

Eve: *does her own move* 

Marisa: *concentrates hard on eve/takes notes* Alright, take ten. *walks out the room* 

Leah: Hi, I'm Leah. 

Eve: Eve. *smiles* 

Leah: I saw your moves, you're pretty good. Why aren't you permanent? 

Eve: I don't know, it's really up to Marisa. 

Leah: Marisa is a great dancer, she's the best of the best. 

Eve: Yeah, I heard about it. 

Leah: I mean, you're almost as good as her. 

Eve: Really? 

Leah: Yeah, you should see her pop, it's so smooth. 

Eve: That is awesome. I can't wait for our first show. 

Leah: Yeah, it's coming up, so I hope you have down the steps. You know you can come to my place or I can come to your place and we can work together. 

Eve: Yeah, that sounds like a great idea. 

Leah: Yeah. *chuckles* 

Mike: Hey, that Eve girl's pretty hot when she moves. 

Tom: Yeah, her moves are pretty smooth. 

Mike: You into that? 

Tom: Eh, she's ok. 

Mike: I think she's hot. I trade you Leah for Eve. 

Tom: Nah, even though Leah is sexy, I'm fine with Eve for now. 

Mike: C'mon, you know you rather have Leah than Jackie. 

Tom: Jackie's actually good looking too, but she's not that quick like Eve. 

Mike: Oh so you rather have Eve over both Leah and Jackie? 

Tom: Yeah, why? 

Mike: *laughs* You like her don't huh? 

Tom: Mike, I said she's ok.  

Mike: Right. Hey Eve! 

Tom: What are you? 

Mike: *walks to eve* I want to apologize to you about earlier. I was just joking and trying to get you comfortable. 

Eve: *fakes a chuckle* Joking to get me comfortable? How old are we again and you're acting like a fool. 

Mike: *feels dumb* 

Leah: Someone just got told. 

Mike: Shut up Leah!  

Eve: Hey! You don't ever tell a girl to shut up. 

Marisa: Back in positions. 

Mike: *gives eve a mad look and leah an upset look* 

Leah: Thanks for standing up for me. *smiles* 

Eve: I know it wasn't my business, but I just had to do it. 

Leah: Thanks. *smiles and walks off to her spot* 

(After class) 

Eve: *calls john* 

John: Hey. 

Eve: You won't believe what happened in class today. 

John: *chuckles* What? 

Eve: There was this guy name Mike, he was such a total jerk. 

John: And he got in? 

Eve: Yeah, I mean, he's great at break dancing, but his attitude was bad. 

John: Is he in your group? 

Eve: Thank god! No! My dance partner is Tom. 

John: Tom? What happened to his partner? 

Eve: She's on personal leave. 

John: Oh so you'll be subbing for her until? 

Eve: Just for a month or a little over a month. 

John: That's great. I'm happy for you Eve, when's the first show? 

Eve: It's coming up soon. I have to really work on the routines. 

John: I can't wait, I'll come and watch you. 

Eve: Really? *chuckles* John, that is so nice of you. 

John: I know right. 

Eve: *laughs* Really, you are awesome John. I'm glad I met you. You're a great friend. 

John: And you don't know how glad I am to had met you. 

Eve: *smiles* Do you want to meet up; like to catch a movie together or something? 

John: *laughs then smiles* Are you asking me out on a date? 

Eve: Maybe?  

John: I would love to go to the movies with you Eve. 

Eve: *smiles* Great. 

John: I'll meet you in a bit then. 

Eve: *smiling* Ok, bye. 

John: Bye Eve. *hangs up* 

Eve: *meets up with john at the movies* Hey. 

John: *smiles* Hey. *hugs eve* 

Eve: *hugs john back* 

John: You ready? 

Eve: Yeah. *smiles/walks with john into the theater* 

Mike: You think Marisa will make Eve permanent? 

Tom: You really like her don't you? 

Mike: Tom! She's really hot. 

Tom: She's average Mike. There are better girls than her. 

Mike: Then why do you prefer her over Jackie and especially Leah? Leah is on the top. 

Tom: Eve's hot ok, but Leah is sexy. Leah has the moves, but Eve's totally got it. That's the only difference between them. 

Mike: Now that you said that, yeah, I agree. What about Jackie? 

Tom: Jackie's a sweet and attractive women, but too bad she's married and has two kids. 

Mike: Would you date Jackie though if she was single? 

Tom: I don't see why not. 

Mike: Me too. Jackie's very attractive. 

Tom: Yeah, she is. 

John: Thank you for this amazing night Eve. 

Eve: No, thank you for helping making it happen. *smiles* 

John: *chuckles* No problem Eve. 

Eve: *smiles* 

John: Um, I guess this is goodnight? 

Eve: Uh yeah, I guess it is. 

John: Alright. *chuckles* I parked over here. 

Eve: I parked this way. 

John: Ok. I guess I'll see you again soon. 

Eve: Yeah, me too.  

John: Ok, bye. 

Eve: Bye. 

John: *turn around and walks off* 

Eve: *smiles and walks off* 

John: *gets in his car* 

Eve: *gets in her car and starts it* 

John: *drives to where eve is* 

Eve: *starts her car again* 

John: *rolls down his window* What's wrong? 

Eve: My car isn't starting. 

John: Do you want a ride? I can give you a lift. 

Eve: Would you? 

John: *chuckles* Yeah, of course. 

Eve: Thank you. *gets in the passenger side* 

John: Alright, I'll need directions. 

Eve: Right, just go down the light and I'll tell you. 

John: Ok. *drives off* 

Jackie: So she's that good. 

Leah: *on the phone with Jackie* Yeah, she's pretty good Jackie. Marisa might just replace you with her! 

Jackie: No way!  

Leah: Yeah! Jackie! You have to see her! Her moves are almost as good as Marisa's! 

Jackie: That is crazy. 

Leah: I know right. 

Jackie: Well, it's just a month. 

Leah: You can say that, but who knows what can happen. 

Jackie: Leah, shut up. 

Leah: Hey! 

Jackie: My daughter's crying, I have to go, call me tomorrow. 

Leah: Ok, goodnight. 

Jackie: Night. *hangs up* 

John: *pulls up* 

Eve: *takes off her seatbelt* 

John: Wait.  

Eve: What? 

John: *gets out of the car and runs to open the passenger door* 

Eve: *smiles shy/gets out the car* Thank you for giving me a ride home. 

John: You are welcome, you're lucky I drove by. 

Eve: *chuckles* Yes I am lucky. 

John: *smiles and stares at eve* 

Eve: *looks away* 

John: Eve? 

Eve: *looks at john* Yes John? 

John: Um... you look great tonight. 

Eve: *smiles softly* Thank you John. 

John: Oh and Eve? 

Eve: Yes? 

John: Uh... nevermind. 

Eve: *smiles* Again, thank you for the lift. 

John: *smiles and nods* 

Eve: *walks to her front door* 

John: *looks at eve walking off* 

Eve: *looks for her keys* 

John: *walks up to eve* Eve. 

Eve: *looks up at john* 

John: *staring at eve* 

Eve: John... what are? 

John: *slowly puts his hands on eves cheeks and kisses her romantically* 

Eve: *kisses john back/confused* 

John: *smiles softly* Have a great night. *smiles and leaves to the car* 

Eve: *turns to face her door* 

John: *drives off* 

Eve: *goes inside her house/leans against the door* What the heck just happened? 

John: *lays on his bed and replays the kiss in his head* 

Eve: *heads into the shower and replays the kiss in her head*

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