My name is Alyson. I've lived in the same town my whole life. I live with my brother, my parents died a few years ago. I had just noticed, I may have a stalker. He's new in town but I already know something's not right about him. I think I may be falling for him...


1. Him

         Alyson's pov


 *Beep, beep* I slap my clock and look at the time, 6:45. "Crap, I'm gonna be late for school," I said to myself already out of bed. I change clothes and throw my hair into a messy bun then run down stairs. "Hey", I heard my brother Jack call to me as I run down the stairs. "Can you drive me to school?" I ask him. Ya, sure head out to the car." I listened and grabbed my bag. As I headed out the door I noticed the house that has been for sale for who knows how long is finally sold. I got in the car and waited for Jack.

         He came out still in his pajamas, as he got in he handed me a bagel wrapped in a paper towel. "Thanks, bro" I said. "No problem" he responded. he started the car and headed for the school. I looked out the window as we came up to a red light across from a coffee shop. I met eyes with a guy not just looking but staring at me. He has brown curly hair and piercing green eyes, he was wearing a grey beanie, a plaid shirt, and skinny jeans. "What are u looking at?" Jack asks turning down the music. "What? Oh, nothing. just some guy" I said. We pull up out side the school, "thanks again" i said jumping out of the car before he has time to respond. I can hear the bell ring as i run inside the building. I take my seat next to my best friend Alex. "Good morning class..." Mr. Green started saying, "we are going to have a new student starting today or tomorrow. He just mo-" *the door opens* "you must be Harry," Mr. Green stated. "Yea that's me" he said. I stopped listening, he was the guy from the coffee shop. He had the same curly hair and same piercing green eyes. "Alyson! Alyson! Is there anyone sitting next to you?" Mr. Green asked. "Oh no, there isn't" I said. "Great Harry you can sit there. Now class take out your text books and begin reading on page 40." he continued.

          Once class ended I packed up all my stuff and headed to my next class before he could stop me. I went to all my classes like on a normal day and headed home afterwards. The final bell rang telling us it was time to go home. I pull out my phone and send jack a text saying that I'm going to walk. I start for home. After a while I began to feel like someone was watching me. I turned around and noticed Harry was following me. I continue walking just hoping I was wrong. I decide to take a short cut though the park. I pick up the pace now that I can see my house.

          I walk into the house and immediately shut the door. I notice Jack sleeping on the couch. i quietly walk upstairs and sit on my bed. I thought about what had just happened. Could Harry be my new neighbor? I could only think about him...


what do u guys think for my first ever fan fic?

sorry it's short, I was busy... anyways tell me what you think I could really use your feed back...

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