Facts about One Direction

This is just facts about One Direction so it's not a story


1. Facts


1. Zayn can't swim

2. Louis have's twin sisters

3. Louis's the oldest 

4. Harry has a cat name Dusty

5. Liam was bullied when he was younger

6. Louis had to retake 12th grade

7. Louis's favorite color is dark Red

8. Louis's 21

9. Niall's 19

10. Liam's 19 in till August 29th 

11. Zayn's 20

12. Zayn's name use to be spelt like Zain but he changed it

13. Niall's a uncle now

14. Niall's favorite color is green

15. Niall's from Mullingar Ireland

16. Louis is from Doncaster England 

17. Liam is from Wolverhampton England

18. Zayn is from Bradford England

19. Harry is from Evesham Worcestershire 

20. Harry Styles was born on February 1. 1994 

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