Blurb - Ali Rhodes is beautiful, yet not used to the attention she is suddenly getting from boys. After a chance meeting with a certain curly haired hearthrob one day, she shrugs him off easily, not thinking twice. Though Harry isnt as easy to shake as Ali first though, and slowly his dimples and cheeky charm winds its way into her coniousness, changing both of their lives forever.....


1. Level 28



The smell of the London streets, bustling humans and fast food reaches my nose and I feel the bile rise in my throat, my heels are killing me and I am lost, with the memories of my long lost family always in the back of my mind. This world is foreign and I have never felt so alone. I smile as I push on the doors of Norton & Beckett and walk across the expansive marble and oak lobby to the smiling receptionist behind the desk.

‘Ali Rhodes, here for the job interview at 2.45’ I stammer nervously in my perfectly clipped and practised London accent. The fat receptionist’s sausage fingers tap away at the keyboard, her three chins wobbling with what is probably the thought of a big mac with double fries. I catch myself being a bitch, I’m just tired and on my planet there is no one who is overweight so the shock of obesity has hit me these last few weeks in London.

‘Level 28, it’s the office through the double wooden doors at the end of the corridor. Just take elevator number three’ she smiles and says

‘Good luck!’, yet she is already distracted with the promise of a new customer behind me. I smile and thank her and turn to make my way to the elevator which closes its doors just as I arrive. Oh, something I forgot to mention, I have the worst luck of anyone I have ever met. If I’m carrying a coffee, I will drop it, if I want a taxi, I’ll miss it every time, on my planet they called me Clum-Z. After 10 long minutes, now making me late to my interview, the elevator dings and I step in, impatiently pressing ‘28’ over and over again, and expression of anger written across my face.

‘hey be careful there gorgeous, soon you’ll break the elevator and we’ll be stuck in here all day, which would leave us with a lot of downtime together’ I turn to see a young man , probably about 19, with curly dark hair, cheeky dimples and green eyes. I have to admit he’s absolutely gorgeous, yet obviously cocky and definitely not my type. He winks cheekily at me as I flash him a death stare and turn my back on him.

‘My name’s Harry by the way’ he offers me his hand which I ignore, too many things on my mind to bother with over confident, gorgeous English boys.

‘Are you gonna tell me yours?’ he asks obviously trying to get a reaction out of me, I decide to play with him a little as we have only reached level 10, this lift is ancient.

‘My names Ali sexy, and I would love to have some fun  with you’ I wink and flash him a smile as he steps closer to me, his eyes popping out of his head.

‘Re….re….really? Wow well ummm…. Yeah definitely I would be definitely into that um….ye… yeah ahhh’ the lift reaches level 28 and I turn and laugh at Harry, slapping him softly on the cheek and stepping out of the elevator  , leaving him standing there looking completely confused.

I laugh to myself, glad I could show just another cocky boy a lesson.



Hey guys, sorry its so short but i promise i will upload soon!!!! Its my first fan fic so im new to it all but i hope you all love it!!! xxx

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