Kings (A Gang Story)

Andy was only ten when she lost her parents in a fiery car accident just three blocks away from home. She was a witness to their death as well. She regrets ever watching instead of helping. Now she blame herself for their deaths.
When she meets and befriends members of one of the two local gangs, she's recruited into the group known as Kennedy Kings. Andy must learn that where there are choices, follows concequences.
Will she remain guilty for the deaths of her parents? Will she make the right choices to lead her to the right path? Or will Andy become too hard to change and let her guilt lead her to make the wrong decisions?


3. Together At Last

Days past and I still haven't talked to the gang. They were cool people and I liked them all. I felt like I was accepted somewhere. They all were welcoming, except Chino, but again...who cares about his 'never-got-laid-so-I'm-gonna-be-bitter' self. Kadie asked about them a lot and I always said things like "They're busy." or "They can't be with us." Of course, she'd ask questions after questions about when and where and how and why and who and whatever else there is to ask about. It got annoying after a while so over those days, I learned to black out from reality and into a happy place. Kadie would realize that I wasn't paying her any attention and was in my own world and would back off my case. It was sort of a lonely world and everything else but it's not like being lonely was a stranger to me. I'm used to it. Christine would constantly ask if I was okay because I was quiet and would be "acting strangely." I didn't notice actually. "Breakfast!" Christine yelled from down the stairs. Kadie jumped up and ran out the room. My stomach was hurting because I hadn't aten since breakfast of yesterday. Wasn't really hungry actually but I decided I should go eat. If I didn't, I'd pass out from starvation. "Oh? Eating now, are we?" Greg asked me when I finally came to the table. I looked at him and made a face. For a strange reason, I wasn't feeling well. Ever since that thing with Pits and finally telling someone how I felt, I felt sick to no end. I groaned and held my stomach. I dropped my head onto the table and whined. Christine felt my forehead and sighed. "Feeling sick? You're burning up, kiddo. No school for you." She said. "Christine, I feel like blowing chunks! Can you take me to the…" I wasn't gonna say it. "Nevermind." "Hospital?" She asked. "No!" I hated hospitals. We all should know my history with doctors. "Babe, we're going to the hospital. Kids hurry and eat. I'll drop you off on our way to the hospital." She said. She came closer and held my face in her hands, "Andy." She looked in my eyes, "Look to me. I know you don't like hospitals but you're going. I need you to cooperate as best as you can. Okay?" She asked. I'm thinking she only cared because she needed the money and didn't want me dying on her. I mean, why did she care for me? Huh? I'm just an ignorant, immature, teenage killer. And I know Pits would be mad that I'm still calling myself a killer even though he says I'm not a killer and that I'm just as innocent and just as much a victim of the deaths of my parents as my actual parents are, but I don't care! I still think I'm responsible for their deaths. This really sucks, being lonely. Doctors said I was completely fine and just needed to take some medicine. They said it was probably nothing since it only started today but if I felt worse over the next few days, to come back. I was ordered to be pn bed rest and not to walk around too much. Christine was totally fine with that. "She's been in bed for the past few days moping around anyways. She'll possibly find it easy to do anyways. Right, hun?" She said, smiling at the doctor. I nodded and swung my feet back and forth. I couldn't care less and if I could, it'd be a miracle. I yawned and layed back down on the bed. "If she's not feeling well in two days, are you gonna do tests to he sure she's okay?" Christine asked. "If requested." He said. I blacked out. I was way too tired to listen to Christine talk to some doctor guy–even if it is about my health. I got home and checked my phone, which I forgot on the charger. I had five missed calls from Bulldog, six from Blades, three from James, and four from Pits, and luckily, an incoming call from Blades. "Hello?" I faintly answered. "Where are you? Are you okay? Why haven't you been answering the phone? Why haven't we seen you? You're not hurt are you?" He sounded worried. "I'm fine." Was all I could say. "Sure?" He asked. "Yeah. Definitely." I said. "Okay? I'll be coming over tonight leave your window cracked." He said. "You can't! I share the room with Kadie." "Screw Kadie right now! I gotta see you. Bulldog might come tonight or tomorrow. I gotta go. Bye, Bonita." He said. I smiled, cheekily and started blushing. "Heh. Bye, Blades." I feel like I'm falling for him. He's so… so… exotic. I like that about him. He's also a sight for sore eyes. I mean, look at him! He's hot! His style is cool, too. I can't help but think about us dating soon. I really, really like him now. So... so... adorable. The next day I got phone calls from Bulldog. I got annoyed of him constantly calling so I answered. "Hello?" I answered, making it obvious I was annoyed. "Woah! Attitude. Why haven't we seen you in a while?" He asked. "Been busy." I said. "Oh. Well, I'll come over later on today maybe. Just got things to do. If not, don't worry. I'll call you later. I gotta go." He said. "Bye Bulldog." I said, playfully rolling my eyes. "Oh! Wait!" He said quickly. "What?" I asked. "Umm. Pits thinks you're avoiding us because if what happened a few days ago with him in the backroom. What happened?" "Umm..." I sniffled at the memory, "Nothing." I said. He was silent for a while. "Um. Okay. But if there's something wrong, you'd tell me?" He finally asked. "Yeah." I said. "Bye." I quickly hung up. I felt dirty and disgusting so I decided to shower, I mean.. it has been days because of this stupid bed rest thing. I don't even know why I had to go to the hospital anyways. I didn't ACTUALLY ask to go. "Christine." I called out. Within seconds, she came rushing in. "What? What happened? You're okay right?" She asked, desperately. "Yeah. I'm just gonna tell you that I'm taking a shower." I said. "Oh. Okay." she said. "I have a meeting with Jimmy, the guy from CPS. He says he needs someone to live with us for a little while. When he gets here, please don't bring up the hospital visit. He'll go nuts." Christine pleaded. "Yeah. Sure." I said. "If he asks why I'm not at school, I'll say I got suspended for fighting." She looked relieved and smiled. "Thank you." I didn't know that she could hide hospital visits from social workers. I thought that would be illegal since we aren't her actual kids and she was a foster parent. Could she get arrested for that? Hope not because I really don't want to settle down AGAIN and even though I hate the location of my new house, moving out of the town where my family lived would be worse. That would mean leaving my memories of my parents behind. That's much worse. That's like abandoning them forever. Who's to say if I leave, I'll still be in this town or I'll come back. "Hello? Andy?" Christine waved her hand in front of my face. "What?" I asked. "Are you?" "What? Am I what?" I asked. "Are you gonna pick up Kadie while I handle business?" She asked, slightly annoyed. "Oh. Um. Yeah. Sure." "Are you okay?" "Yeah. Fine. Totally." I said. "Okay." She said in a suspicious tone. "I'll be home later on. I'll call your phone occasionally to check up and please don't forget about your sister." She said. "Bye." I faintly waved and fell back on my pillow. I sighed in relief and got up to close and lock my door. I walked to my closet and opened it up. "Come on. Be quiet, she's still in the house but she's leaving now." I whispered. Blade came out the closet and gave me a huge hug. "Thank God you're okay!" He whispered in my ear. "Huh?" "We were so worried! I didn't know if you left us because you were mad or if something happened to you! I swear, Bulldog was going nuts! Pits feels so guilty and James and Tigre are sorta moping around! I missed you so much!" He just held me in his arms. "I was so worried about you." Why is he so worried about me? We barely … Does he like me? "Do you like me?" I accidentally said aloud. He let go of me and held my face in his hands. He looked me in the eyes. He nodded and smiled. "So much." He said in Spanish I smiled. I felt happy to hear he liked me a lot. "I like you, too." I said. He smiled and held me tighter. "So?" I said. "What?" "Does that make us…" he leaned in and we kissed. I closed my eyes and let him take control. We stood there for a while, him holding me in his arms. His tongue gently slid between my lips and I smiled and parted them, allowing his tongue to enter. We walked towards the bed and dropped me while he stayed on top. We were in a full makeout session until someone knocked on the bedroom door. I groaned and gently pushed him off of me. I pointed to the other side of Kadie's bed. "Go." I whispered. He went and I walked towards the door. Christine was there looking suspiciously at me. "Did I hear someone in here?" She asked. "No," I said, "and shouldn't you be at a meeting with Jimmy?" I asked. "Yeah. I'm leaving now. I was in my room getting things. I'm going now. No company and call me when you leave to get Kadie." She said. I nodded and closed the door ajd quietly locked it. Blades came from hiding and walked towards me. "I should go." He said. "What? Why?" I asked, pouting. "Umm. I gotta meet the guys." It was obvious he was lying. I groaned and crossed my arms. "Okay. Bye." I said with hostility. "Just go." "Don't be mad." He pleaded. "I'm not." I looked away from him. He kissed my cheek and smiled. "Bye." He said. He went to the window and climbed out, leaving me alone. I closed the window and flopped on my bed. I groaned and yelled into my pillow. Christine ruined such a great moment! Kadie was knocked out downstairs on the couch. I was in my bedroom texting Pits when Christine finally came home. "Andy!" She called. "Huh?" I yelled back. "You have a new sister. Come her!" She said. I groaned and threw the covers off my body. I dragged by feet across the floors and down the steps. I saw a girl around my age standing behind Christine looking around the house nonchalantly. "Ahem." I cleared my throat. "Oh. Hi." She smiled, "I'm Lexxy." She extended her hand. Christine took her bags. "Lexxy, this is Andy. Y'all are the same age so you guys should be able to get along fabulously." She said. Lexxy smiled. "Really, my name is Alexxus but I like to be called Lexxy or Lexx." She was about five feet four inches. She had brown hair with dark red highlights and side bangs. She had ligh skin and one tattoo on her wrist with the initials JB inside a heart. "Umm." I pointed, "Does JB stand for--" "Justin Bieber?" She asked. I nodded. "No. It's my cousin's initials. He's umm..." she choked. "He was my closest family member. He had um.." I realized what she was trying to say. "I'm so sorry." I said, "I didn't.." "It's fine. Totally." She said. I smiled. I grabbed her hand and tool her to my room. "So, Christine and I talked about the arrangements. I'll sleep on the couch for tonight and you'll sleep in my bed. Tomorrow your bed with be delivered and you'll sleep there," I pointed to the corner in by the window. "We have a lot of space in here so we'll be sharing with Kadie, the little kid who was sleeping on the couch downstairs. Trust, she'll be chill." Lexx stood there holding her hands. "Oh! I'm not usually so upbeat. I'm chill and laid back. It's just that you're the first kid to come who's my age, ya know? We'll have much to talk about. You gotta meet my friends." I blushed just thinking about Blades and what happened earlier, then I remembered his rush to go after we nearly … you know ... did it, and my mood went from "Chilling Chanel" to "Angry Amy". "What's wrong?" I'm guessing she sensed my anger. "Oh. Nothing. Just thinking about my… my umm… friend." I said. "Sure?" "We're just friends." She made a face. "Well. Okay. Wanna help me unpack?" "Umm. Sure." I unzipped her suitcase and grabbed a handful of clothes. I neatly laid them in the available drawers with my clothes. "You're not mad that you gotta share the room with me... right?" She asked after a long period of silence. "Oh. No." I said, putting the rest of her jeans into the drawer. "Umm. Hang your shirts and dresses in that closet." I pointed to the door near the TV. "Okay." She did as told and we zipped her suitcase and left it under the bed. "So... what's your story?" I asked her. "Huh?" "Well. We all got a story. What's yours? Why you here?" "Oh..." she said. "Well.. my mom died when I was young. My dad took care of me for a long time until one day, he went to work and well… he never came back. It sucks because since then, I've been in foster care. Been jumping from home to home trying to find a place to belong, ya know? And I've seemed to get into a lot of trouble so after a few months, foster parents just want me gone." She explained, "But it doesn't mind me none. I just shrug it off. I sometime tally how many times it takes me to get in trouble for a family to throw me out, ya know?" "Oh." was all I could say. "What's your story?" "Huh?" "Well.. you kinda threw me into the spotlight about mine. What about you? Why you here? What, you run away? Parents got into drugs? Abused? I mean, you do have bruises on your arms and shoulders." I scoffed. Really? She thinks my parents are druggies? Never that! "Well, if you really wanna know," I said in a matter-of-fact tone, "my parents died in a fiery car accident not to far from here." I wiped my eyes, "I witnessed it... happened when I was a little kid, too. So I'm kinda scarred for life.. Hearing their screams and seeing their body's burning." She was completely quiet. "Oh. I-I'm so sorry. I didn't know." "And these bruises," I pointed them out, "were from an incident that recently happened when I kinda stole from a restaurant in town. The kid worker chased after me and finally caught me. He pounded me kinda. But my …" I choked at the thought of Blades, "friend--friends--had saw and saved me." She was quiet at first. "Oh." I smiled. "Hey, lets get ice cream!" She smiled along with me and we hopped off my bed and grabbed our shoes. "We're leaving!" I yelled past Christine. "Where you going?" "To get ice cream." Lexx said. "I wanna go! I wanna go! Can I go? Please!" A now awakened Kadie hollered. "No." I said to her. "We'll bring you back some ice cream." I grabbed my jacket and the house keys. We were walking down the road when my phone started ringing. I sighed at the caller ID. "Who's Blades?" Lexx asked. I sighed. "This guy I know. I like him and he likes me but I don't know what we are. We almost did … IT!, but then we were interrupted and he jetted out the house. He seemed like he regretted everything." I said, sadly. She smacked her teeth. "That sucks." She said. "Yeah! He totally ditched me. And I was feeling a spark between us." We got to the parlor and ordered our ice creams. Lexx got Chunky Monkey and I ordered Coffee and Chocolate. We were in the middle a convo when a familiar voice, or should I say familiar VOICES, interrupted us. "Andy?" My eyes widened. Great, just who I wanted to see. Note my sarcasm. I turned around and scowled. "Eww. She ugly!" Chino said. I rolled my eyes. "Haha. And yet.. you're single and I'm not." I smirked. His jaw dropped. "No way! You're a lesbian? Wow!" He said. Wait... he thinks Lexx is my girlfriend? Woah! No!! "No! Not in a million years!" I said, "she's my freaking foster sister for one! And two, I'm straight!" I beamed to my feet. Lexx was just quiet, which was shocking because since we got here, she hasn't stopped talking. "Yeah right!" He sarcastically said. "Bulldog, get your boy before I kill him!" I said. Blades stood there, leaning against the wall and staring at me. He grinned when we made eye contact. I rolled my eyes at him. "You are mad at me, aren't you?" He asked. "Ya think?" I said. Lexx cleared her throat loudly. "Oh." I said, "Lexx this is Chino. Bulldog. Blades. Pits. Scooter. Tigre. And James." I pointed to each individual as I said their names. "Guys, this is my new foster sister, Lexx." "Foster? So you're in foster care?" Chino scoffed. "Lame!" "Hey! Shut up before I end your pathetic life! Seriously, all you do is talk sh--" I shut up. "I'm leaving. Lexx, feel free to stay if you want. I'm done with this bull." I left and slammed the glass door. Blades came running behind me shortly after. "I'm sorry." He said. "Cool." I shrugged. "Seriously! I am." He pleaded. I picked up my speed so he couldn't catch up. Surely, he did. He grabbed my upper arm and spun me around. His strength was painful on me as I was slammed into the brick wall of the local cleaners. "Ah!" I hissed. I felt some bones crack and tears flow down my cheeks. Blades musta noticed because he loosened his grip on me and backed away. I slid to the ground and held my shoulder with my other hand. "And--" "Save it!" I cut him off. "I'm sor--" "I don't care!" I scowled. "Ple--" "Nope." I said. "Just go. I don't need you here if you're gonna hurt me." "I didn't mean to!" He yelled. I flinched in surprise. I didn't think he'd yell. It was scary almost. "Andy," he lowered his tone. "I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you and I don't want to fight with you. Obviously you're upset about earlier when I left so quickly but I didn't want to lead you on and I surely wasn't gonma start something I knew I wouldn't be able to finish." He said. I looked at the ground beside me and sighed. "I mean.. I kinda am happy Christine interrupted us. I wasn't looking forward to having sex and regretting it. I wanna save it for someone special at the right time with the right person." I looked at he pleading brown eyes. "I'm sorry for being immature." He smiled and extended his arm out. I took it and stood up. He leaned in and we kissed. It felt so passionate. I liked it. It gave me butterflies in my tummy. I pulled away and looked to my feet. "Aww. You're blushing." Blades teased. I giggled. "I like your accent." I smiled. "Well--" I interrupted his sentence and kissed him again. This time, we didn't pull away. We just kissed. *A Week Later* "I really like him." Lexx smiled. We were sitting on my bed in our pajamas, talking about Bulldog and Blades and the other guys. "And I know you and Spanish King have something going on." She snickered, "The way he ran out for you after you left. The way he stared at you. How you were so angry with him. I've seen anger like that before. It's anger you only have for someone you love." "Love?" I scoffed, "Girl! You on something if you think I'm in love." "Whatever," she fakely sighed, "don't believe me. You'll see for yourself." I scoffed and threw a pillow at her. She dodged it and slapped me with her's. "Woah! Hostility." I teased. "You're one to talk." She said, "The way you treated Chino." I gagged at his name. "Ugh. Ew. Gross. Chino!" "What? He's so nice to me. Maybe you should get to know him. He called me beautiful and pretty and nice and gorgeous and funny and all.other complements." "Well he's also trynna screw you. Don't fall for it! Chino is just, ugh!" "I guess." She smiled at her phone as she received a text. "Who's that?" I asked. She giggled. "Huh? Oh. Bulldog. He's so funny and sweet and hot!" She blushed. "Aww. Are you crushin' on Bulldog?" I cooed. "Is wiwwle Lexxy cwushing on Bulldog?" I laughed. She grabbed the pillow and threw it at me. "Shut up!" She laughed alongside me. "That's so cute. You just got here and already crushing on someone." I said after I finished laughing. She giggled again at another text. "Hey," I curiously said, "what're y'all talking about, anyways?" "Oh," she handed me her phone, "he's telling me about the funny times that he's had with the gang." She said. I read through the convo: *Bulldog: Hey, Beautiful ! : ) Lexx: Hey Bulldog ! ( : Bulldog: Whatcha Doin' ? Lexx: Just chilling with Andy. Bulldog: She's Cool. I Should Know ! I've Heard A Mouthful Of Her From Blades ! Obsessed Much ? Gosh !! Lexx: Lol. Really? Does he like her or something? Bulldog: 'Like' Would Be A HUGE Understatement ! Lexx: Wow! Bulldog: Blades Is Hilarious Though ! You Should've Been There When He Got Into An Argument With A Cop ! It Was FUNNY !!!!!!! Lexx: Lol! Really? What happened? Bulldog: Okay , So We're At The Gas Station With Chino And Scooter When This Cop Is Eying Us Suspiciously . Blades Gets Annoyed By Him And Starts Yelling In Spanish , Then The Cop Yells In Spanish , Then Blades Goes And Says , "SHUT UP YOU FAT S. O. B. ! YOU NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT , LOOKING LIKE RICK ROSS WITH HAIR ! NOT MUCH BUT HEY, HAIR IS HAIR RIGHT?" Then He Throws A Donut At The Cop. Of Course , He Got Arrested And We Had To Bail Him Out ! Lexx: xD OMG That's hilarious!! Now Andy is looking at me with the WTF look!! I'm laughing so hard!!!!!! Bulldog: Lol! Well I GTG. Things Are Happening With Chino. Bye, Gorgeous ! ; ) Lexx: Bye! :* :) ;)* "Aww!" I cooed, "You guys are practically dating!" "Huh? No!" "He called you 'Beautiful' and 'Gorgeous' and send faces. Plus! You sent a kissy face!" I said. "Oh. . . I guess so." Lexx said. "Awww." I cooed again. "Stop it!" She whined. I laughed, "Come on, Lexx!" I pinched the cheek of a now pouting Lexx. "No." She pouted. I sat back and laughed. "Y'all would make a cute couple." I finally said. "What? Why?" "You'd just… look cute together." I shrugged. "Oh." She grew silent. I was awoken in the middle of the night by constant thuds in my room. I yawned and stretched my arms and back before looking around. It took a while for my eyes to adjust to the lightning. Kadie was sleeping in her bed. Lexx was sleeping too. What was that noise. I heard a clank again. I looked to the window and saw a rock hit the window before hitting again. I groaned and threw the covers off my body and walking to the window. I opened it quickly and roughly before another rock hit my forehead and I stumbled back. "Ah!" I hissed and rubbed my wound. I mumbled curses under my breath and looked out the window. "Who is it?" I asked. "Me!" A voice said. It sounded familiar. "Who's 'me'? I don't know a 'me'!" He sighed, "Greg! I need you to let me in! And I got Bulldog and Blades with me. They wanna see you and Newbie." He whispered. "Ugh!" I groaned. "Alright." I said. I woke Lexx up and told her to come with me. She groaned and followed along. We quietly went downstairs and opened the door. "Thanks." Greg whispered and went inside quickly. Blades and Bulldog tried to follow. "Uh-uh!" I said, pushing them out. "You can't. Kadie's home and if she wakes up, she'll be loud as hell!" Lexx said. We went outside with them and talked. "Hey, Bonita." Blades smiled. I blushed. Thank God it was nighttime and he couldn't see clearly. "Hey, babe." "I wanted to see you before I went to bed." "And that includes waking me in the middle of the night?" I sarcastically said. "Whatever means necessary." He said. "Well aren't you a cocky bastard." I teased. "Yeah," he shrugged, "I am." I giggled and pushed him gently. He came back and embraced me in a bear hug. "Gosh, Blades. I'm still tiny!" I said, laughing. We stopped talking and looked each other in the eyes. I smiled and pecked his cheeks. "Lets listen to their convo." He whispered. I giggled. "Sure. They seem like they like each other." I whispered. "...mhmmm." Lexx said. "And you're wonderful smile..." "Mhmmm. Go on." She was blushing. "And how cool you are about things." "Mhmmm. What else?" "Just you." Bulldog finally said. Lexx giggled. It was obvious how they liked each other. "Look. I know we just met, but will you be my girlfriend?" Bulldog asked. Awwwwwww! Lexx squealed and jumped up and down. "Yes! Yes!" She wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him. "Yes!" "That's so cute!" I finally said. She blushed and hid her face in Bulldog's chest. "Oh yeah," Bulldog said, "Andy, I wanted to apologize for what happened with you and Chino the other day." "What? At the ice cream place?" I asked. He nodded. "Forget about that. He can keep talking all he wants. One day, he'll go too far and.I'll just cut him." I simply shrugged. Lexx started yawning. I remembered how late it was. "Guys, we're gonna go to bed. Good night." I said. "Buenos noches, Bonita." Blades said, kissing me afterwards. I smiled and said, "Sweet dreams." "I'll have sweet dreams after seeing you in those pajamas." He smirked. I was wearing a tank top and shorts. I simply shook my head. "You too much. Let's go Lexx." She followed and we went to sleep.
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