Kings (A Gang Story)

Andy was only ten when she lost her parents in a fiery car accident just three blocks away from home. She was a witness to their death as well. She regrets ever watching instead of helping. Now she blame herself for their deaths.
When she meets and befriends members of one of the two local gangs, she's recruited into the group known as Kennedy Kings. Andy must learn that where there are choices, follows concequences.
Will she remain guilty for the deaths of her parents? Will she make the right choices to lead her to the right path? Or will Andy become too hard to change and let her guilt lead her to make the wrong decisions?


4. Hospital Visits

*1 Month Later* Today was the third day of Spring Break and I was going to spend it with the gang. Me and Lexx were already dressed and ready to leave out. "Andy, you ready to go?" Lexx asked. "Yeah. Let's go." It's been a month since Lexx and Bulldog got together. It's been five weeks since me and Blades got together. We've been spending every day together for the past month. We got to the pizza parlor where we were supposed to meet up with Blades and Bulldog. After we met up with them, we'd have a little couple time, a.k.a. a small double date, then we'd find the rest of the gang. We all grew pretty close. We learned so much about each other, well... the guys learned a lot about me and Lexx. They refused to open up completely and we were totally fine with that for now. Eventually, they said, they'll be ready to open up. But for now, we'll have to be patient. "Four--" I cut myself off, "Maybe the guys want two... hmm. Make that six cheese pizza slices." The old man smiled and started beating the dough. Me and Lexx took a seat in one of the booths and just talked. "Ma'am." The old man said. I went to get the food and to pay. As I made my way back to Lexx, I noticed she wasn't there. I shrugged, guessing she probably went to the bathroom to freshen up and handle business. I sat down at the booth and placed the pizza slices on individual plates. Don't worry, my little neat freaks! My hands were completely clean! I keep Hand Sanitizer in my purse and never eat or handle food without cleaning my hands and getting rid of 99.9% of germs and bacteria on my hands-- well according to the bottle. Two hands covered my eyes and a deep, raspy voice spoke close behind me. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up and a rush of chill went through my spine, giving me goosebumps. "Who are you with?" The voice said. I smirked, knowing it was Blades. "My friend," I teased, "and if you don't leave, he'll mess you up bad." I huffed. The voice chuckled. "I'm serious! He's protective over me and sob let no one hurt me! If you don't let me go, I'll call him!" I demanded, knowing it was Blades. "Yeah, too bad he's not your boyfriend. Pretty girl like you, deserve to be snatched up by one of my boys." I snickered. This guy was pathetic. "Blades, shut up." I giggled, "Move your hands so I can scoot over." "This ain't Blades." The voice said. "Bulldog?" I asked. "Nah." The voice chuckled. "Come on! Stop playing, dude." I said. I heard a somewhat, tick sound. Just a smooth tick that happened quickly. I soon felt cold steel touch my neck and a little pressure added. My body tensed up because I knew exactly what it was. It was a knife. A pocketknife or switchblade. Something like that. Blades wouldn't use a knife of me...would he? Nah! He wouldn't. "So tell me," the voice said, "what's your name?" I gulped. I could feel the knife's edge against my throat. I could feel the tears forming in my eyes. Where was Blades when this was all happening? "A-Andy." I stuttered. He chuckled. "Andy?" He said. "H-huh?" I said, on the verge of breaking down. The guy added more pressure to the the knife but not enough to pierce my skin. "Do you know who I am?" he asked. "N-no sir." "Oh? Sir. I like that. It's respect." He said. He removed his hand from over my eye, yes I said hand. Apparently it was really big and covered both eyes. He moved the knife and I turned around to see a smiling Blades. "Aww. I'm sorry, Babe." He said upon seeing my tears. "I didn't mean to scare you that bad." He said. I gasped and shook my head. I stood and backed away. "W-where's Lexx?" I asked. "Bulldog is with her. They're making out or something in the bathroom." He said, smiling. I rolles my eyes. "Tell her I'll see her at home." I started walking. He grabbed my wrist and I turned around. "What?" "What's wrong?" He asked. I scoffed. "What's wrong? What's wrong?" I raised my voice. "You scared me! That's what's wrong! You put a knife to my throat and if you added any more pressure, I'd probably be bleeding to death on this floor!" I threw the pizza in his face. "Thanks for loving me so much!" I sarcastically said. "Babe--" "Save it! We're through! Delete my number because I don't ever wanna talk to you again!" I walked out and started towards home, leaving Blades standing dumbfounded in the pizzeria. I told Lexx what happened and she was completely pissed off. She cursed and threw a pillow across the room she was ready to call Bulldog and get him to handle Blades' actions but I talked her out of it. She wasn't happy about that but was happy that I left him for what he did. "Screw him! He deserves it and everything that he gets!" She said. For hours and hours, I received plenty off calls and texts from Blades. A few from Bulldog, Scooter, James, Pits, and Tigre. I answered Chino's call but only to find it was Blades calling from his phone. I read all his texts and ignored them. Replying would only make me break down and I already look weak for crying in front of Blades. He knows so much about me and could use it against me if he wanted but I'd be damned if he did. I sighed at the thought and turned my lamp off. I fell asleep in my comfy bed and slept soothingly for the rest of the night. I haven't talked to Blades since his little "joke" and he's been trying to talk to me since. A couple times, he decided to come visit my home. He'd pose as Greg's friend and would knock on my door. I don't answer and if he picks the lock, I pretend to be sleeping. He made me so furious with the joke. I thought he really was someone else! He knew at times I'd be paranoid that one of the Lion's were watching us and whatnot. He knew I put my life on the line, along with Kadie's life and Lexx's life being associated with them! Kadie already met them and could've been seen by a Lion with them and although the Lions haven't tried anything YET!, I still worry that Kadie could be hurt. Someone knocking on the locked door pulled me from my thoughts. I ignored the knocking and laid down and closed my eyes to appear sleeping. Kadie knew the drill and she did as told. She climbed off the bed and ran to the door. She opened it and ran back to her bed. I heard footsteps and it wasn't Lexx's because she was spending the day at the carnival with Bulldog for their month and a half anniversary. The bed sunk as someone either sat or laid in the bed next to me. Arms were wrapped around me. Steady breathing and a few breathless gasps were followed afterwards. I felt warm liquid touching and soaking me under the covers. This guy better not be peeing on me like this some R. Kelly sex tape! Kadie's small hands patted my arms to wake me up. I fluttered my eyes open as if I was really waking up. "Yes Babe?" I asked. "Blades is here." She said, pointing to his body. She looked scared. I threw his hands from over me and I sat up. I turned to his body and threw covers off us. My eyes widened as I saw what looked to be blood all over the bed. It wasn't period blood either because I recently finished my period. I gasped and tried shuffling backwards off the bed. I fell backwards and hit my head on the hardwood floor. "K-Kadie. G-go. Leave the room. Tell Greg to get in here now!" I ordered. I stood quickly as she ran out the room and I went to get a first aid kit from the bathroom connected to my room. I got back and tore Blades' shirt off, throwing it on the floor and exposing his ripped body. Even covered with blood, it was sexy. Snap out of it Andy!, I thought to, myself. Greg came in the room soon afterwards and his eyes widened as he saw a shirtless and near dead Blades in my room. "Call 9-1-1." I cried. He whipped his phone out his pocket and quickly dialed. "Hello? 9-1-1? I need an ambulance at 6-2-5 Terrace Lane." He said, "Garnerville, NY. … Please hurry! This young man has been stabbed! Don't knock, just come in! Door open! Ask little girl to lead the way to the body." He said referring to Kadie. He hung up and ran to tell Kadie what to do when the EMT guys got here. He came back and we pressed towels on the slashes. I ran to throw on some clothes and slippers, as did Greg. We waited for the ambulance to get here and when they did, we went with them to the hospital. Kadie stayed home with 12 year old Jamie. "Should we call the guys?" Greg suggested. Greg was about my age, only a few months older. He was cool friends with the Kings and had no issue with them. He hung out with Chino and Scooter sometimes. He was mostly seen what Tigre and James. I nodded and he called up James. I called Chino's phone, don't ask why. He was at the top of my call log from last night when Blades used his phone to call me on. "Hello?" He said, obviously ignoring the caller ID. "Chino!" I said. "Mane! Why yo ugly self calling my phone?" He said. I rolled my eyes and scoffed. "Boy--" "What you want? Better be good too!" "WILL YOU SHUT UP? I GOT BAD NEWS AND YOU KEEP INTERRUPTING ME! DANG!" I yelled into the receiver. He was quiet. "Blades was stabbed!" I said. I heard a thud and shuffling. "Hello?" Pits answered the phone. "What happened To Chino?" I asked. "They getting ready. Where are you?" "The hospital with Greg. We tried our best to keep as much blood from flowing." I started choking. "Hurry." I was full out bawling now. Greg came to comfort me after he hung up the phone. I collapsed to the floor, crying my eyes out. If he died, it'd be all my fault! I would end up watching him and my parents die! I'm the worst person ever! If I would've just forgave him, nothing would've happened! I kept repeating to myself, "This is all my fault! I killed him!" Greg just hugged me and sighed. I couldn't stop crying. The gang soon surrounded me and saw me crying. "Is he …" Scooter started. I looked up and shook my head. "Doc ain't come see me yet." I said. "Where's Bulldog and Lexx?" I asked. They shrugged. "We ain't hear from em. Their phones are off." James said. I sighed and started bawling again. "Family of Romeo Santiago?" A doctor said after hours of waiting. Scooter stood up quickly and spoke. "Here." I'm guessing his real name was Romeo Santiago. "How's he doing doctor?" He sighed and shook his head disappointedly. "Well…" *To Be Continued*
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