The Twins In My Life

Andrea and Ashley are twins and they are best friends with Lottie Tomlinson. They might be Louis' age but Lottie was like their little sister.
One Afternoon, Louis came back to Doncaster while Andrea and Ashley where over. He never got to meet them ever. He starts liking Andrea until a little someone comes along and steals...? Andrea from his grip.
The Sequels to this story will be one POV only.
In this movella it's Louis, Lottie, Andrea and Ashley's POV's only.
Next Movella will be Andrea's POV only, Then Ashley's.
Then depends I might end that there.
Yes, that is one person but i thought it was clever to use for twins. So, Ashley (on the top) is a little more sophisticated while Andrea (On the bottom) is sillier. :) hope that helps!


1. Meeting Lottie's Brother

-Andrea's POV-  "Andrea" My sister whispered "What" I groaned "get up" "why" "Remember we are going to Lottie's place" She whispered a little bit quieter, I sprang out of my bed right when she said Lottie, I grabbed my clothes and ran into the bathroom "Ugh hurry up" She said, I put on my Tank Top that says 'Fresh'  and my black skinny jeans, Brushed my hair and put on some eyeliner. I opened the bathroom door "give me my hat" I said holding out my hand "Fine" She whined, She put my Snapback that says 'Meow' In my hand and it put it on "Race you to Lottie's house!" I said after i got on my Black converse High Tops "Please-" She started but I ran past her, down the stairs and grabbed my phone and ran out of the house, I looked back to see my mom standing there with her arms crossed and Ashley behind her looking at me with sad eyes "Uh-Oh" I said to myself and started to run faster "ANDREA GET BACK HERE" My mom yelled, I stopped running as i heard faint screams of pain and crying. I sat down on the sidewalk and pulled my knees up to my chest, i silently cried and wished that was all a dream "Andrea!" I heard Lottie scream, I looked up at her "What happened to you?" She sat down next to me "we were sneaking out, a-and my mom c-caught us and i-i-i ran away" She looked at me with wide eyes "What about Ashley?" I looked at her with teary eyes "I heard screaming f-from over t-t-there"i pointed to an alleyway, She shook her head and said "Stay Here" I nodded and sat there for 5 minutes until Lottie came back my sister that was also crying, We ran up to each other and hugged "Did she hurt you?" I asked, She shook her head "I ran away" I laughed and wiped the remaining tears "Your make-up is smudged" I pointed at her eyeliner "Yours is too" We both looked at Lottie "Okay, I'll let you borrow mine" She smiled ~At The Tomlinson's House~ We took off and went to sleep  (it was 12 in the morning) ~12 Hours Later~ "Done!" I put the eyeliner down "Oh no"  Lottie said as we heard all the noise coming from downstairs "Is there a party going on or something?" Ashley asked "Kind of, My brother just came home and everybody came just right now" We looked at each other "A brother?" Ashley asked "How old is he?" I asked "He's your age" She shrugged, I looked at Ashley and then back at Lottie just to realize she isn't there "Are you coming or what?" She asked behind us giggling, We both turned around and followed her, We watched as she ran up to her older brother and hugged him, i looked down frowning, Ashley put her hand on my shoulder and i looked up and she smiled, I gave her a small smile before i turned my head back to Lottie who was pointing at me and Ashley, Ashley smiled and waved like a queen, I gave a little wave and then looked at my feet. Jumbled thoughts growing in my mind as i fumbled with my fingers "Andrea" Lottie snapped me out of my thoughts "Hm?" I looked up "This is Louis" I looked at him and blinked a couple times, He was perfection "Hi, I'm Andrea" I said shyly and put my hand out for him to say "Nice to meet you" He smiled, I melted inside once he smiled.

-Ashley's POV- I'm not the type to say that i think somebody is hot but dear god, Lottie has really surprised me. Once Andrea looked up at Louis i could tell she was in 'love' but trust me, she never EVER will date him. "Lottie, May I talk to you in private?" I asked sweetly "Sure" I pulled Lottie aside and Whispered "You have to make sure that Louis likes me okay?" I looked at her angrily "But i cant choose who he likes" She looked up at me innocently, I grabbed her by the collar of her shirt "Look, I will date Louis and not my sister" I said getting angrier, She gulped down and stuttered "O-Okay" She wiggled out of my grip and ran behind Louis, I walked back smiling "Uh, I think I better stay faaaaaaaaar away from you" Andrea moved all the way over to the stairs and Louis and Lottie followed her, I looked at her angrier than ever, I screamed and ran back home, i HATE it when Andrea does that its so annoying ugh!!! I stormed into my house "Where were you and where is that little bitch sister of yours?" my 'mum' asked me "I'm not in the mood right now!" I screamed "Listen ere'!" She pushed me up against the wall "I am going to ask you this again, where is she?" I looked at her straight in the eyes and punched her in the jaw, she fell with an "Oof!"  I stood there and stared at my hands "You little Bitch!" She charged at me and pummeled me to the wall and got a few good hits to my stomach "You like that yeah?" She said slapping my face a couple of times "You deserve to die!" I pushed her down flat onto the ground and kept punching that ugly face of hers until she started to bleed "Ugh" She pushed me to the ground and scrambled away from me "When I say i'm not in the mood im not in the mood" I growled breathing heavy "Get out of ere!" She screamed wiping blood off of her nose, I walked up the stairs and into my room "Why?" I asked myself looking at my hands. I laid down on my bed and started to sob into a pillow, I cried myself to sleep later that night

-Andrea's POV- I sat up on my bed and kind of thought of what we had today, I looked over at my alarm clock "Shit!" I sprang up from my bed and got dressed for soccer. "ASHLEEEEY" I yelled getting on my shoes "ASHLEY GET UP OR YOU WILL MISS SOCCER" I ran out the door and ran to the soccer field and just for my luck, I was early. My goddamn mother set my alarm to an hour early but i got there just in time to see Louis and his friends, I walked over to my teams bench and put down my stuff. As i was searching through my bag i heard somebody whistle at me, I turned around and smiled and then continued searching fro my phone "Found it!" I said quietly, quickly i called Ashley "Ash, there is no soccer practice today, sorry! go back to sleep. okay. Mhm. Bah-Bye" I hung up and put my phone back into my bag and turned around "Come Join us!" Louis yelled, I got up and jogged over "You play Football eh?" A curly haired boy asked me "Football?" I asked really curiously "Oh, sorry 'soccer'" He said putting up air quotes, I nodded "Best on the team" I smiled "We've heard there's two of yeh" A blonde Boy asked me "Oh, well i have a twin yes" I answered "Hm" The two boys exchanged looks between each other, And then i saw Ashley "Oh no" I groaned "Hi!" She smiled   "Hello" They all replied, I just rolled my eyes "What's wrong sis? embarrassed your not the best on the team?" She asked "not the best?" i asked getting really annoyed "Yeah, I'm the best remember?" She replied, anger bubbling up inside of me "Oh you better run. You better run fast!" I said "What are you going to do?" She asked, I tackled her and tried strangling her but they pulled me off of her "i wish you where never born!" She screamed "I wish i was never born either!" I screamed at her "Andrea I didn't mean-" I cut her off "No, you meant what you said" I walked away and grabbed my stuff "Andrea!" She yelled, I Turned around "No Ashley" I walked back home and sat in my bedroom and fiddled with my fingers "I'm sorry Amanda" I whispered, Amanda is our triplet. She died during the car crash with my father when we were about 5, it was horrible "I miss you so much" I whispered "I miss her too" Ashley said leaning on my door frame "I'm sorry Andrea i didn't mean it, I just wanted to impress them" She hugged me  "I wanted to impress them too" I hugged her back ~4 HOURS LATER~ after  a while of talking and laughing, we both passed out. 


A/N Sup? Sorry i haven't been on! if you have any requests of any characters you would like to put in the story just comment and i will take a glance at it! thank you! love you all! 

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