Betwixt and Between

A short poem describing the uncomforting loneliness with being inbetween loves.


1. Betwixt and Between

I'm in between warm bodies.

Betwixt and between love, 

Engaged to space,

Eloping with air.

Not a solitary soul in place

To witness ill-prepared nuptials.


In transition,

Between the former and hereafter 

Casual vows of "I promise" 

with the accompaniment of eggshell lies.

Sitting between undependability; missing it.

Internally scoffing at the absurdity of yearning for uncertainty;

But after all, wavering assurance is a hell of alot better than none.


Caught betwixt eternal affairs.

Between the second and third pints

of Ben and Jerry's.

Aggregating sweet calories 

and bitter love handles.

Between ghastly scale visits 

then constant gym visits.

Then suddenly no visits at all...

Couldn't decide between the treadmill or the elliptical.

Couldn't decide between having the cake or eating it.


Lying underneath frigid sheets

Between the third and fourth sheep,

lost among the broadening seconds,

the expanding minutes.

Wandering somewhere in the middle of the wait.

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