In Perfect Harmony

Grace Masciale is a young waitress trying to get by on her meager salary in busy NYC. Her true passion is music, so she works hard playing open mics and doing whatever possible to "make it" as a musician. When Grace meets Liam Payne, she is thrown into a life in the spotlight. Can she manage a relationship with Liam, while attempting to follow her own dreams?


6. Oh My

Grace's POV

After 45 minutes of disagreement, mainly me having to remind Leah that I was way more conservative than her and refusing to wear most of her dresses, we finally reached a settlement. It was decided that I would wear a dark blue dress that went to about halfway down my thigh, and had skinny straps. My shoes were silver sling-backs, and I planned on wearing a necklace with a tiny silver guitar charm.

Leah, on the other hand, had chosen an outfit that was a little more, uh, on the edge. Her short red dress was skin-tight, and she paired it with super high black pumps.

"Ahhhh I just can't wait!" Leah was still having trouble getting a grip on our plans for the night.

"You better not be drooling like that when we get to Liam's! I told him that you were cool," I said, laughing.

"Of course not! I've got to get all my emotions out now. And you have his address, right?"

I smacked my forehead with my hand.

"How could I have been so stupid? If course I didn't! I was preoccupied by the idea that Liam Payne invited me out. Now I have to text him again." Everything was always complicated with me.


Hey Liam! Forgot to ask you your address!


Haha no problem! Why don't we just pick you up? My flat is kind of hard to find.

I decided to give in to his request. I mean, the boy obviously wanted to be polite.


Ok! Sounds good!

I texted him my address.


Thanks! We'll be there at 10 :)

I put down my phone. There was a lot to do in 2 hours.


"Your hair is fine Leah!" She was still obsessing about looking "absolutely perfect." We had exactly 29 minutes until the boys were supposed to come.

"Okayyyy. If you say so. You, on the other hand, need to do something about that frizziness." I rolled my eyes. Leah had no problem telling me the honest truth.

"Well then help me! Should I put it in a ballerina bun or like a half ponytail?"

"How about totally down? You've got gorgeous waves and we can hairspray it so it doesn't get in your face."

"Finee. Make it pretty," I pouted.

After about 3 million different hair products for frizz control and 2 different hairsprays were applied, my hair looked more human than then the lion's mane it had previously resembled.

"Thank you thank you thank you!" I stood up from my chair in front of the mirror to hug Leah. "I love it!"

"I'm glad you appreciate my tremendous efforts. Now we gotta get changed so Liam doesn't see you in those sweatpants!" She grinned.

"Let's go!" I said in a singsong voice, pulling her by the arm into my bedroom. Leah had her dress on in no time, but I was slightly slower. As I was pulling on my dress, the buzzer rang, signaling the boys were here.

"I'll get it!" Leah ran towards the front door before I had a chance to protest.


Liam's POV

When Harry, Niall and I arrived at Grace's building, we rang her flat number and were buzzed through. As we walked up the stairs to the 9th floor, I could tell that Harry was deep in thought.

"Hey mate, do you think her friend is hot?" So that was what he had been contemplating.

"I don't know Harry, but if she is, I call dancing with her tonight. You get every girl that comes around and never give me a chance," Niall piped in.

I never realized how desperate that boy must be getting.

"How about we let her choose who she wants to be around tonight? I really don't want you two to fight over a girl."

"Liam's right. Do you hear him Harry? LET HER CHOOSE WHO SHE WANTS." Niall knew that Harry would likely go to a great effort to claim Grace's friend for himself, no matter whom she showed interest towards.

"Just be mature, ok?" We were all in our mid-twenties but I still felt like I had to be the "dad" sometimes.

We reached her door and I rang the buzzer. Several seconds passed before the door was opened by a tall, skinny girl who looked to be about the same age as Grace. She had long, straight medium-brown hair that was pulled back by a clip. I could feel Harry tense next to me, and as I turned, I could see his mouth open, staring at her. He thought she was attractive. As I turned to face the girl again, I realized that she wore the same expression as Harry. Niall and I were caught in the middle of a drool fest.

I cleared my throat, hoping to end the awkward silence. "I'm Liam, and this is Harry and Niall," I motioned to my friends.

She seemed to snap out of her trance just a little bit, looking towards me. "Hi, I'm Leah. Grace is, uh, just getting changed. You can come in."

Leah showed us into the tiny main room and motioned to the sofa, where the three of us sat obediently.

"I'm just gonna check on Grace, make yourselves at home." She disappeared into what I assumed to be a bedroom.

When she was out of earshot, Harry spoke up. "Man she's fit!" He exclaimed.

Niall sighed. "I saw the way she was looking at you, Harry, so no need to show me up, alright?"

Harry grinned cheekily. "Thanks Niall."

"Don't worry, Niall. When the right girl comes along for you, you'll know it. And Harry won't get in the way, right Harry?" I had to assure Niall that he wouldn't be forever alone.

"Sure buddy," Harry nodded. I had to have faith that he wouldn't screw something up for Niall.

"You look fine, Grace. Have a bit of confidence, would you?" I could hear whispering coming from the bedroom. 


"Yes, wear the necklace. Now c'mon! We can't keep them waiting all night."

Several seconds later, Leah and a hesitant-looking Grace emerged. As we stood to greet them, my breath caught in my throat. Her dark blue dress hugged her curves perfectly, and her hair fell around her face in waves. She was gorgeous.

"Wow, Grace, you look..." My voice trailed off as I struggled to find the right words.

"Amazing," Niall interjected for me.

"Yes, more than amazing, spectacular," I replied as I managed to speak again.

A huge smile spread across her face. "Thank you Liam, you don't look too bad yourself."

I looked down at my dark wash jeans and my grey t-shirt. I thought I looked like crap next to her, but I accepted her compliment.

Niall, Grace and I turned to Leah and Harry.

"You look gorgeous, Leah."

Leah's face lit up. "Really? Thanks Harry!"

Harry flashed his signature grin and continued. "Would you be my date for tonight?"

Leah looked shell-shocked. "I'd love to! To be honest, I figured you'd be married with kids by now. You were such a charmer when 1D was big."

"Don't be fooled, Leah. He hasn't changed much in his ways," I cut in, chuckling.

Niall laughed. "Not a bit."

"I hate to interrupt this meet-and-greet session, but we shouldn't keep the others waiting. Louis, Eleanor, Zayn and Perrie are meeting us at the club." I really hated tardiness.

"Of course! We'll just grab our bags and get going," Grace agreed.


Grace's POV

"Nice, Leah. Married with kids?" I chuckled as we went into my room to grab our clutches and do a final hair and makeup check. Leah had kept tabs on Harry after the last tour, so she was aware that he was still single as a pringle.

"What?" She shrugged. " I didn't want to look desperate."

"Whatever works for you I guess. Let's go!"


When we were totally ready, the boys led us down to the front of the building, where a huge black Escalade was waiting.

"Holy cannoli!" I exclaimed. After nothing but subways and taxis, this was a culture shock.

"Like it?" Liam asked.

I nodded. "It's awesome!"

"Wait till you see the club!" Poor Niall was fifth-wheeling.

We all climbed in, Niall in the back, Liam and I in the middle, and Harry and Leah in the front, Harry driving.

"You guys know how to drive in the States, right?" I have to admit that I have anxiety issues, and the idea of driving through NYC with a boy who was used to the opposite side made me beyond terrified.

Liam seemed to notice my tenseness. "Don't worry babe. I wouldn't let him in the driver's seat unless I was a hundred percent comfortable with it. He took my hand in both of his and held it comfortingly. I felt better instantly.

"Thanks Liam," I smiled. Maybe this night wouldn't be so intimidating after all.



Ugh sorry it's kinda boring... I promise it will get more interesting when I have more time to write better chapters! 


Thanks a ton :)


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