In Perfect Harmony

Grace Masciale is a young waitress trying to get by on her meager salary in busy NYC. Her true passion is music, so she works hard playing open mics and doing whatever possible to "make it" as a musician. When Grace meets Liam Payne, she is thrown into a life in the spotlight. Can she manage a relationship with Liam, while attempting to follow her own dreams?


19. Back to Work

Grace's POV

"So what's happening with your music, Grace?" Harry asked me. We had finished the pizza, Harry and Liam having devoured three each and leaving Leah and I with one apiece, and were just hanging out on the couch. Leah was flipping around the channels on the TV and Liam was on twitter.

"I recorded a demo on Saturday, which Leah sent out to some labels, but nothing yet. So I'm just gonna keep working," I replied.

"All you can do," he nodded. "Something's gotta come along sooner or later."

"That's my hope," I shrugged, sighing.
"So when's the official deadline for this album?"

"September 1st," Harry said, leaning back on the sofa and putting his arm around Leah. "So we have to start the actual recording really soon, and keep writing new songs as we go."

"So when will the album be released?" I had absolutely no clue about the timeline for this project.

"The first single should come out like two weeks later. Then we'll go back the the UK for the wedding and stuff, and then start a load of radio and magazine interviews and things."

"Wow," I remarked. "It sounds like life is gonna get busy."

"Like you can't believe."

"Grace, what if we start booking you for some shows around town? Based on the responses to your TWITCAM earlier, I think they would be good." I turned and looked at Leah, who had abandoned the TV remote and was now on her phone.

"A show... Like people coming to see me?" I was astounded.

"Don't act so surprised, Grace!" Liam chuckled. "You are amazing, and I'm not the only one who knows it." He put his arm around me and pulled me close, kissing the top of my head. I couldn't help blushing.

"If you really think it will work, yes yes yes a hundred times yes!" The thought of actually headlining a show was amazing.

"It will work, Grace." Leah rolled her eyes. "When have I ever been wrong?"

"Do you really want to bring up that subject? I have a couple times in mind..." I teased, looking towards Harry to remind her of his presence.

"Yeah never mind," Leah added quickly. "I'll start calling around in the morning and see what I can do."

"Thanks, Le. So who's heard from Niall this weekend?" I asked no one in particular.

"I have," Harry spoke up. "He's literally head over heels for that Ella girl you set him up with. Like I've never seen him this way before."

"Aww, little Ni's found a girlfriend," I cooed. I was happy that we had been able to help him.

"It would be great if it works out," Liam added, nodding.

"I want more food. Do you have any ice cream?" Harry asked, getting up from the couch to walk over to the refrigerator.

"Umm... Andrea usually does the food shopping so I have no idea what's in there."

"Oooo, here's some double fudge," he replied, taking a carton out of the freezer and opening all of the drawers to find the utensils. Harry returned to the couch with 4 spoons.

"Let's eat!" He said, distributing the utensils. I immediately ran into the kitchen to get a fork for Liam.

"I think I'll pass for tonight, thanks though," I said, handing Liam the fork. He smiled as he looked up at me.

"You sure, Grace? You're really missing out," Leah mumbled, her mouth full of ice cream.

"I'm sure," I replied, giggling. "Is there anything good on TV?"

"Let me check." Liam grabbed the remote and found the guide. "Oh, look what's on Nickelodeon."

We all started cracking up when Liam tuned in to Nick. On the screen was Harry, suffering from "jungle worms" on a rerun of iCarly. 

"I have to compliment you on your acting, Haz. Definitely Emmy-worthy," I had watched the episode before.

He just rolled his eyes. "Hey, what about me?" Liam pretended to be hurt. "Aww, you were perfect too babe," I cooed in reply.

Leah and Harry both gagged.

"Mind if we watch something else?" Liam asked.


The four of us finally settled on CSI and sat together, watching intently for a couple of hours before we all zoned out. It was about 11 pm when I yawned and looked at my watch.

"You're tired. I should probably get going," Liam whispered in my ear. I had been curled up against him, snuggling. I looked over at Leah and Harry. They were fast asleep on the other end of the sofa.

"I'd tell you to stay, but my twin size bed isn't exactly ideal for sleepovers," I replied.

Liam chuckled as he stood up and gathered his wallet and phone. "Maybe another time- I think you need some space."

I raised my eyebrow and gave him a look. He was definitely good at reading me. "Yeah, you're probably right. A night in my own bed would probably help me get back to routine."

"I'll let you get to sleep. I'll be back in the morning a little before nine for studio. Goodnight, Grace." He leaned down and gave me a quick kiss on the lips before heading towards the door.

"Goodnight, Liam."

After he was gone, I made sure the apartment door was locked, and went to get my pjamas on and brush my teeth. Back in my bedroom, I thought about staying up and working on some songs, but I didn't want to risk waking Leah and Harry. I turned off the light before collapsing on my bed and drifting off to sleep.


I woke up to my alarm, like usual, and stretched before getting out of bed. Opening my door, I peered out into the main room. Leah and Harry were still out cold. This could be fun.

"WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP!" I shouted, running into the room.

Leah woke up with a jolt, falling off the couch. 

"WHAT THE-" Harry sat up, looking confused. 

"GOTCHA!" I replied, smirking. The looks on their faces were anything but happy. "You two fell asleep last night, so I left you on the sofa. Liam went home. Harry, we've got studio in fifty minutes, and Leah, I'm pretty sure you have to be at work at the same time."

"Right," Leah said, still half asleep.

"So I'm going to let you collect yourselves while I go get ready."

I took a quick shower and put on high-waist denim shorts with a blue tank top tucked in, adding white Keds for shoes. After swiping on some makeup, I reentered the kitchen area. Leah and Harry were both dressed, eating cereal at the table. 

"Oh good, you're up, so there's no need for me to rewake you." I smiled as I checked my phone. I suddenly realized that I had to call Rob.

I dialed the number to the diner, and told Rob about my current situation and the fact that I was not planning on returning to work for at least the next couple of months. He completely understood, and after reminding me that I would always have a job there, wished me good luck and disconnected. I was glad that was taken care of.

Just as I was picking up the box of cereal to pour myself a bowl, the buzzer sounded, signaling that I had a visitor. Liam identified himself, and I buzzed him up.

"Hey Li," I said as I opened the door, and i pecked him on the lips.

"Hey, Grace, I see you have a lively party going on here," he remarked, referring to Leah and Harry, who were silently eating, still not fully awake.

"Definitely," I smirked.

"Harry, you ready to go?" Liam walked over to him and waved his hand in front of Harry's face.

"Huh? Yeah," Harry was completely zoning out.

"Let's go! It's almost 9."

We gathered our things, and soon, the four of us were out the door.


"Good luck Leah!" I waved to her as we dropped her off at her new office. Harry managed to wake up enough to give her a kiss before she got out of the car, which, by the look on her face, put her in a daze.

Several minutes later, we pulled up in front of the studio, and after parking, went inside to the writing room. Niall was sprawled on the couch, looking especially cheerful. Louis was sitting in a chair, throwing a soccer ball around, and Josh was on his phone. Zayn was nowhere to be found. Everyone looked up when they saw us.

"Morning, guys. Ready to write?"



BONUS CHAPTER! I got 2 comments on the last update so I decided to post another chapter for you lovely readers :)

Sorry it was kinda boring :( A filler chapter before the drama gets going... I promise it's going to get reeeeeeeeeally interesting soon. 

Thank you all so much for sticking with the book. Remember to Comment/Like/Favorite :D Who knows, I could always post again tonight...

-Katie xx


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