A Story Of Angels.....That Are Demons

People believe angels are good, and kind. But, they aren't. This has a perspective from the Angels that fell from grace. If you have another opinion, please, let me know and I will incorporate it as best I can. I really hope I can mix them correctly, and play the parts well.


7. 6

Telling everyone about Xaphan was hard, first Leo called everyone together. He paced, and began "Xaphan is not a Demon....He is an Angel. But before I explain fully I should explain....He just called me and is now working with Ariel. He did not break his Vow in doing so." Leo began to pace faster.

"Also, he requested I tell you all about what happened while he was gone, a few years back." He stops pacing and stairs into space. "He went to a night club in the city, to deal and dance, he used to love dancing.... But, Ariel showed up and took him, they had just won the battle for the century. She showed up and kissed him, someone kicked him in the knees so he fell at her feet. She thought he wanted to have sex with her.....She took him to her home and strapped him to her bed, for the whole time he was gone, that's why he came back weak, and refusing to be touched. She basically took away everything he had. Dignity, pride, freedom....He got back and stayed in a hotel for a few weeks, to get up the nerves to face you guys. And to get his energy back up, and powers. She had totally scared and depleted him. He never wanted you guys to know, but he told me to tell you for some reason.

"So...that's why Xaphan was weird after he was gone...." Leo stood silently, watching them.

Nyx flipped her hair and sighed. "What? He just couldn't tell us this? What was the problem? So what if he whored himself to a Demonic Angel General?" Sarcasm dripped from her voice. Leo stepped forward and slapped her. He whispered very quietly "You have no idea what he went threw and he is going threw it again, Nyx, so I recommend you shape up or get shipped out in tiny pieces." Leo stood back and Nyx nodded.


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