A Story Of Angels.....That Are Demons

People believe angels are good, and kind. But, they aren't. This has a perspective from the Angels that fell from grace. If you have another opinion, please, let me know and I will incorporate it as best I can. I really hope I can mix them correctly, and play the parts well.


6. 5

Azriel sat in the metal shop room and read the clue again. Hmm.....The bell rang and kids began filing in. "Hay, have any of you seen Xaphan? I'm looking for him, I have a message from Nyx." Not really but he didn't want to seem gay.  One guy says "Yeah, he and some hot chick left the school a few minuets ago. I bet Nyx will beat his ass, too." He snickered.

Az let out a sigh and thanked the guy. He walked out of the classroom and pulled out his phone. He dialed Leonard's number, he answered on the second ring. "Leo, speak, Az."

"Xaphan got taken by a girl. He left the school, but he wouldn't leave with out your permission and letting me know he was going....Lenny?"

Leonard was silent. "Az, get everyone and get to my Audra's apartment. Now. I'll meet you all their."

"Ok..." Leo hung up on him.

Az called Basma, Lilith and Zane right away and went to the class rooms Sy and Nyx were in. Zev and Val were called by Baz and Wren showed up randomly. They couldn't find Penn but they left messages for him. On the drive to her house Zane called her. "Ad? You home? Good, all of us are coming over, Leo told us too. X was-........oh.....my....god! We'll be their in one min."

He yelled "DRIVE FASTER! NOW!" Baz instantly pushed down on the gas pedal.

They got to Audra's house in 2 minuets. Everyone ran inside. Audra was standing in the entrance room, with Leo. "We have a problem. Xaphan was taken....by the Demonic Angels. Ariel took him. We don't know why, though. Their is protection on this house, so we are going to stay here for a while, until we get a message."

"Shit! We still have a week! The Demonic Angels are cheating!" Wren said. Audra shook her head. "That's because its in our favor this year, anyone want anything to drink, eat?" She walked into what must be the kitchen, slowly the group dispersed around the house.

Leo paced around. Sy tried to calm him down but he just couldn't sit still.


"BITCH!" Xaphan yelled as he woke up. He looked around and started trying to move his hands....witch were still in the chains. His body throbbed with pain. But he ignored it. His powers were fearfully low and he needed to get out of here. Lucifer knew how long he had been their. He had lost all idea of time after the last attack. Ariel had let their Dark Side show and had everyone get some anger and emotion out on him. The emotion felt good, all that Anger, Hatred, and Love coursing threw his veins. They thought they were just giving him hatred and anger and all those emotions, but no. Love was the one he felt strongest coming from them. Hatred and Love. Best of friends and next door neighbors.

The so called bitch walked back into the warehouse room. "Oh, good your awake. Wanna talk now?"

Xaphan growled at her. "Go fuck yourself, bitch." He knew better than to say a 'I would rather' she would make it happen. She 'tsked' him. "No, Xaphan, I would need help, remember? Don't you remember that night, a few years ago? We met at a night club and you fell at my feet. You just wanted to kiss my feet but I let you kiss more." She smiled. "I could go and tell your friends how you feel about me. I do have proof." Her smile turned cruel. "If you talk to me and go back on your Vow I'll let you live and rule this century by my side."

He thought and sighed. Going back on his Vow.......wait his Vow....it was...."I Choose Evil. I Will Protect And Serve My Evil Lord At Any Cost, Even Death, But Death Would Be Better Than Good." His Oath had rung through the darkness and then he had joined the ranks of Lucifer.....and he had Vowed to serve...at any cost.....

Xaphan smiled. Ariel looked at him..."Well, Xaphan, make your chose."

Xaphan said "Let me down, I'll talk, but their isn't much to say." She laughed and the chains dropped him to the ground. He landed on his feet. "Oh, Im sure I can think of something we can do after you tell me everything you can about Azrael and the plan this year."

Xaphan stretched and snapped up new cloths. "Well, I honestly don't know the plan, yet, we haven't planed we were going to at some point today or tomorrow. Az, well, today he Vowed to us. I have no idea how he'll be used or anything." He shrugged.

Ariel sighed and walked over to him, she reached up and cupped his cheek with her hand. He used all of his will power not to flinch away from her hand.  "Ok, I know your telling the truth, now, come, we have some business to take care of." She smiled and his mind flashed to what happened at the night club a few years ago......She was one horny bitch.

He swallowed his fear. He was unable to ever have sex after that, with anyone, that's why Nyx kind of hated him, a lot. Once home he had refused to touch her, except for a kiss. Or hug. After that long experience he hated human contact. At all. A hug here, a slap on the back-of some else, preferably- a kiss their. He hated it when people, any one really, touched him without his permission.

Xaphan ground his teeth. "I would rather you didn't touch me....anywhere." She pouted as he removed her hand from his cheek. "Oh, party pooper. Get over it, your unrashinal fear of touching." She grabbed his crotch with her other hand. "Ok? Get over it and come with me." He grabber the wrist of that hand and removed it from his body. "No. I don't wanna have sex, with you, with anyone."

"Oh, well, why, Xaphan, why cant you just give in to what your body wants?" She rubbed up against him.

"Because I don't like contact." She just rubbed closer. He sighed....he had to give in other wise she  would hurt him more. Xaphan forced a smile. "But, I will, with you, as long as I can call Leonard and tell him I no longer work for him."

She handed him a phone, and gave him a hot look. "I'll wait outside, and hurry up." He quickly dialed Leo's number.

----In Audra's House----

"Leo, speak"

"Leo, its Xaphan, I'm sorry, but I don't have long, don't interrupt me, ok. Well, Ariel took me. She knows what I know, witch is nothing, but, do you remember my Vow? By telling her, and by doing what I'm about to be doing, I wont be breaking it. I hope you can understand. Tell Az I'm sorry. You know why Nyx hates me, right? Well, tell her why I couldn't have Sex with her, you know why I was gone for 3 months. Tell them all. Sorry, Leo. I have to go."

Leonard herd the pain and sadness in Xaphan's voice. Xaphan hung up before he could speak. He thought about what Xaphan had told him once he returned. Ariel. She had....abused him, for 3 months....Now he was going threw that again, to give them a chance, at have leadership for a century. He wasn't a Demon, He was an Angel. It was time for the rest of them to know why......

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