Hoo Doo VooDoo Medicine Man

Based on the song by Aerosmith.


2. Exploration



He walked silently threw the dark and deserted square. He was exploring the city near the bayou where him and the Medicine man lived, Osage. When Osage went into the city he could not come. So he went to investigate. The buildings were tall, taller than he imagined. The lights weren't very bright. The sidewalk was cobblestone. The road was dark and empty, so he stepped into it. A weird sound came from the distance, he turned towards it and then lights started towards him. Shadowing his eyes he stared at it. Then, when it was close a loud noise came from it, whatever it was.

Pain. Every where. Pain. Sharp, stabbing. Darkness. His mind clouded. His vision doubled.

A women saw the man, who was a fine piece of male specimen, get run over. He didn't even move, at all, when the car was coming at him. "Oh my god." She gasp as the car sped off, not even slowing. The handsome man lay on the ground, not moving. "Oh, god." She ran out to him. Leaning close she listened to see if he was breathing, he was. Looking him over she didn't see any blood....yet. "Ok. Lets see." She searched him for a wallet, but found nothing. Sitting back on her heals she realized she couldn't bring him to a hospital, someone missing an id would not want to be put 'into the system', but she couldn't leave him here. She grabbed his arms and began dragging him to her car. After wrestling his heavy weight into her car, she drove off. Out of the city and close to the bayou. She stopped outside a rundown, large mansion. Running up to the door she knocked. A butler answered, looking shocked. "Madam, what-"

"Harold, I need help. I saw a man get run over, he doesn't have any identification. Can you get him to my suit. I want to go out and buy something's and talk to people. Ok? I am giving you this job in total confidence. Don't let word of it leave this hostel. Understand?" Harold nodded. "Yes, ma'am. I understand. Which car would you like to use?"

"My truck. I can get it. Thank you, Harold." He bowed slightly and gave her the keys to a reddish truck that was parked to the side.

She got into the truck and pulled out. First was first aid items. Driving back to the city she stopped at a 24/7 drugstore. While checking out the man behind the counter asked her. "Anything the matter, Aria?" He and his wife had stayed at her hostel once or twice as a mini vacation, they had gotten to know her. She sighed. "Well, John, I haven't been sleeping to greet lately. I was going over supplies, hoping it would help me sleep and noticed that our first aid items were running low. I decided to get them myself instead of letting some stupid kid do it. I want stuff done now, and I want it done right." He bagged her stuff and laughed. "Ok, well, I hope you sleep better. Mary and I might come back for a week or so. We need to get away from the grandkids and the kids." Aria laughed with him. "Ok, see you then, John."

Aria got into the truck and sighed. Time to visit the Medicine man.

Driving down the road was dangerous, but more so at night. Aria parked the truck and walked up to the little shack. She was so far from civilization it wasn't funny. She didn't even need to knock on the door. Osage opened it for her. "Come in, Aria. Tea, daughter?" She nodded. He was a priest-like man. He started as a priest, but after he found his African roots he studied the ways of medicine men. Some habits die hard, she supposed.

"I was wondering if you could study the leaves and bones for me tonight. I had some trouble and need some advice." She wasn't one to just tell anyone anything outright and Osage knew this.

He poured the tea and took out his bag of bones. "Bones first, then truth and then the leaves." She nodded and took a sip of the scalding tea.

He took out the old, weathered bones. Shaking them gently he let them fall to the table. He took in a sharp breath. "You have many opsticals and problems in your way. But luck is in your favor. You wont have to face them alone, because you saved a life. By saving the life you will survive the next tests in your path. Avia, tell me what you've done." He said the last words in a fatherly tone.

Avia sighed and took another sip of tea. "Osage, I didn't do anything. I was taking a drive. I stopped at the square to sit at the fountain and a man got run over. He didn't have any identification so I got him to my hostel. If he had i.d. I would have taken him to a hospital. I went out and bought some supplies and then came here." Avia took another sip of tea and looked into the cup.

Osage reached out and took the cup. He poured out the liquid and looked into the bottom of it. "Hmm..."

He turned and swirled the cup. "Survival, luck and obstacles stand in your way.  Someone will help you....but...death is their, I'm not sure why....Avia, tell me what he looked like."

Avia looked around and listened for a moment. "Osage, didn't you have a helper or someone here with you? Where is he?"

He shook his head. "I don't know. He disappeared at some point during the night. I believe you saved him. Bring him to me when he is healed. Even if you must lie to him. He is not my son but I consider him one. He has no name, but he is brave, he will die for a stranger. He is Darkness, he is a ghost, he is a shadow. He is......I honestly don't know how to describe him. Give him a name." He sat back and watched her.

Avia thought for a moment. "Dooley. It means 'dark hero'. I think, I was told that anyway." She shrugs and stands to leave.

"Good bye, Avia, and I hope you can survive the coming battle."


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