Hoo Doo VooDoo Medicine Man

Based on the song by Aerosmith.


4. Explanation



The doctor grabbed his bag and left. Avia stood tall and put her hands on her hips. "You are in my home, my place of business and my living quarters and you expect me to let you try to kill one of my staff. Give me a reason not to kick your hot ass out my door. You have 60 seconds. Go."

He just shrugged. "I had a vision.....or memory that I didn't know I had and it surprised me. My apologies."  His gaze sharpened on her. "How long has it been since you were laid?"

Avia was more than surprised. She supposed she should be angry but she wasn't.....almost happy. She should be pissed at his forward question! She wasn't....she was almost happy he had asked...."A few years...How about you?"

Once, years ago, Osage had brought a woman home because he had recently been restless. He had been broken that night and calmer for days.

"Same." He took a few steps forward, going into her personal space. Overriding it, getting rid of it. He leaned close. "Far to long for the both of us." Then he kissed her. She put her hands on his chest, as if to push him away but she didn't. Instead she wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms moved up his chest to his neck. She pulled him closer.

He walked them back to the bed and laid her down, unwrapping her from him he stepped away and shed his pants and boxers.

He climbed back onto the bed and loomed over her. While he had removed his pants she had taken off her shirt, leaving a purple lace bra. He looked at it, perplexed. She laughed. "It has a clasp you have to undo. Most are in the back, mine is in the front, see?" She showed him how to undo the simple clasp.

He smiled at her and leaned down. He kissed her breast. "You are wonderful....mmm" He started to suckle her nipple. She gasps. Pulling away he smiles wider and asks "Am I doing ok?"

"Of corse, why wouldn't you?" His eyes darkened and his gaze went far away. "Hey, you don't have to tell me, if it hurts to much. Ok? Why don't we just sleep then? I have a trip planed for us tomorrow. I think you will like it." She pulled him down and laid down next to him. He seemed to deflate as he relaxed.

"Ok, night, Avia...."He wanted to say more but stopped.

"What is it, Dool?" She snuggled under the blankets.

"Please don't leave....can you be here when I wake up?" Slowly Avia nodded. She wanted to ask why, but decided not to. He feel asleep a few moments later.

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