Seeing Things That Can't Be Seen

Why dose this have to happen to ME!?! Well I guess it's my fault for walking around on the beach drunk as hell in a bikini. Oh right sorry, I'm Miracle Oliver and I have news for you. You know that cute innocent boy band One Direction? Well yeah um they kidnapped me! I know I know 'oh god can we switch places?' Well it's not great at all especially if your a Directionator like me. Here's my story!


5. Roses Petals

Ch. 5


I was laying there on the living room couch. Tossing and turning, trying to get into a comfortable position. I let out a groan realizing it was no use. I wasn't gonna get some sleep tonight. Great. I sat up in a huff and then headed to the kitchen. As I entered I started hearing multiple voices speaking in a whispered tone. A vibrating chill came through the room and suddenly my red swirls blew furiously in the air. I spin myself around only to come face to face with a pale, blonde woman. The only color I could see on her face was the ruby red lipstick and her bright blue eyes. She was beautiful, her eyes were so blue that I found it hard to believe they was even real. I look straight at her. I looked down at her long white, torn, smoke dusted gown. I saw a huge gash in the middle of her torso. It was red, blood. Then the small of roses filled my nose and when I turned around the room was filled with dead rose petals. I turn back to the girl but she has left, along with the many dead petals and the powerful, beautiful sent. I look around and notice a my heavy breathing. I got scared. I lift a hand up to my face and feel a few boiling tears on my cheek. I wipe them away and I can feel myself shaking in  fear.


I sit in the dark cold living room, eyes snapped open in fear. Expecting the worse. Will she come back? What would happen if she dose? She seemed dead, sad, lonely. She just stood there, staring at I could have helped her with something. She was a ghost I just know it. But she...she needed me. Just me-

My thoughts were interrupted but the sound of the fridge opening. I jump up off the couch and run into the kitchen but only slamming into his large, muscular figure.

"Oh, I'm so sorry" I say placing my small hand on his bare chest.

"It's fine, Miracle...what are you doing up this late?" Liam asks looking down at my small figure. I don't reply, for some reason I'm too sucked into looking at his large, strong arms. I hear him chuckle a bit. "Like what you see?" he jokes a bit. I look up into is deep, gorgeous brown eyes.

"Oh...I'm-I'm so sorry, and...well I actually haven't been sleeping at all..." I say not taking my gaze away.

"Why?" he asks looking curious. 


Tell him, Miracle!


 No don't, he'll just think your crazy,


 Tell him, He'll believe you!,


No he won't!,


Tell him! 

"Well...Liam...I think I saw something...A woman, she looked dead. She was beautiful. Also looked like she may have been getting married and scared me...I can't sleep, I'm too scared...scared that she might come back" I chock out. I bring my gaze away from his and look to the floor.

"It's fine, you can just come sleep in my room" He says reaching a hand out for me to take. I look back at him, eyes wide.

"Really?" I ask a little confused but at the same time, relived that he offered. "Thanks..." I say taking his hand giving him a small smile. At least I get one thing out of tonight...


A/n: First long chapter! hope you guys enjoyed it! comment please! I beg of you! lol :)

          ~Erin xoxo

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