Seeing Things That Can't Be Seen

Why dose this have to happen to ME!?! Well I guess it's my fault for walking around on the beach drunk as hell in a bikini. Oh right sorry, I'm Miracle Oliver and I have news for you. You know that cute innocent boy band One Direction? Well yeah um they kidnapped me! I know I know 'oh god can we switch places?' Well it's not great at all especially if your a Directionator like me. Here's my story!


2. I'm Not Okay

Ch. 2

I started to see light as my eyelids were fluttering open. "Where am I?" I moan then I let my hand drift to my head and then I see a really cute boy lay a wet cloth on my head. I suddenly recognized him and yet I didn't care what he was doing right now, my head was pounding. "My head hurts" I moan
I see him give a small smile and then dab the wet cloth on my head more.
"It's okay, your just having a hangover and your in a van" he tells me. I gaze up into his gorgeous chocolate brown eyes, they reminded me of my boyfriend- I just remembered, I saw David kissing Hayden tonight. Tears started running down my cheeks. "Hey, it's okay" the boy - I think Liam- reassured me looking straight into my big brown eyes which were full of heartache and hate.
"I'm not okay... Can I please go home?" I whisper crying into his black t-shirt. I felt his huge soft hand start stroking my long red hair. I heard him start humming a song I know I've heard before in Hayden's car but I swear I can't remember the name.
Heartache doesn't last forever, I'll say I'm fine, Midnight ain't no time for laughing when you say goodbye, It makes your lips so kissable, and your kiss unmissable, Your fingertips so touchable, And your eyes Irresistible.
For some reason I could feel my eyes getting droopy and I felt myself being moved over into my own seat and then two warm lips kiss my forehead. Wow what a day but I'm seriously not okay I will promise you that.

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