Arranged to marry my worst enemy?!??! (one direction fan fiction)

Hannah is the queen of her school and Niall Horan the king. They both hate each other and always want to be the best. what happens when one day their parents decide to make them marry each other without them knowing? well read to find out!... :)


1. Chapter 1

hey guysssss this is my first story and I also published this on wattpad :) go check it out

I hope u like this story and please enjoyyyyyy:D






Chapter 1


*Hannah's POV*


I woke up from hearing the most annoyingest (i dont even know if that a word but anyways) alarm clock ever. I tried to smack my hand on it but it didn't shut up.  


"AHHHHHHH SHUT UP U ANNOYING PIECE OF POOP" I yelled at the alarm. when I saw that it didn't stop I threw it across the wall expecting it to be broke in pieces. It didn't but it stopped ringing. I sighed and got out if my bed to go to the bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror and looked at myself with a disgusted face. I decided to take shower. I took my clothes off and took a quick hot bath. I turned the water off and wrapped a towel around myself then I quickly changed into something pretty and ran downstairs with ny backpack. "Hey mom, hey dad!" I greeted my mom and dad.  


" Hey sweetie. your late for schoolS hurry up and get your bum out if this house!" mom my yelled at me. I giggled at her comment. I love my mom and dad. They are so cool, anyways I said goodbye and ran to my turquoise coloured car. I parked in front of my school. I entered the school and.... let ne introduce myself.  


My name is Hannah and I'm currently in year 12. I'm the most popular girl in the school and there is 5 guys that I hate so much! gosh they can't get more annoying . anyways I have blonde hair with light blue tips and yes I love my hair. I'm basically the queen of the school and you know the 5 boys I told you about? They are none other than Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, and Liam Payne. Niall is the most popular guy of the school and we hate each other so much its not even funny. He is the "king" and I'm the "queen". Anyways back to the story. I ran to my locker when my best friend came beside me. 


"HAY GURL HAAAY" my best friend Hailey yelled at me. " Jeez girl calm down and hey!" I replied chuckling. " Well well well.. if it isn't Hannah.." I heard an Irish accent and groaned. "No duh Sherlock. who tmdo you think it us you dumbarse." I told him. " haha funny anyways bye slut." he said while walking away when I stopped him with my words " Look who's talking. the one sleeping with different girls every weekend." I said in his face. Then the boys and girls in school oooh'ed and chuckled. " BUUURRRRRRRRNNNNN" Hailey yelled while high fiving me as we walked away. The bell rang and we went to our first period class. Math. Oh joy.... bit sarcasm.


I sighed and sat in my spot with Hailey beside me.



HEYY GUYYYSS I KNOW UTS SHORT BUT I'M SOWWY. anyways I hope you like it so far. for the next chapter I.need at least 2 comments and 2 votes :) I LOVE YA ALLLLL :D OH AND IF I GET LOTS OF VOTES AND COMMENTS AND READS I'M GONNA CHOOSE ONE OF YOU PEOPLE TO BE IN NY STORY ;) LOVE YAAA. BYEEE



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