My New Life -Liam Payne-

Taylor grows up in a mess up life because of her sister Dahlia and her dad Liam.


6. page 5

*Taylor POV*

I came home tiredly and I fell on the couch. I took out my phone and I see that it was early in the afternoon.

"Are you okay?" Dad asked as he sat down next to me on the couch.

"I'm fine." I said harshly. Why does he care now?

"Are you sure about that?" He chuckled.

"Why do you care?" I said while rolling my eyes. Dad smile drop and then gave a confused face.

"Because it's my job as a father." Dad said with a serious face.

"Really? Because you're doing a awful job if begin my father." I snapped as I got up from the couch.

"Taylor!" Dad yelled my name but I just walked away and walked up stairs to my room. I had my phone in my right hand And I was texting my friend from school.

"I don't want to hear it, Liam!" I yelled calling my dad by his first name from the top of the stairs case. I open my room door and I looked from my phone and I gasped. I couldn't believe it. I wanted to scream and cry and yell. I was more then sad. I was angry! Kasey's bed was gone. Her closet was gone, her computer was gone, her clothes were gone, her stuff was gone. All of it. I stormed out my room and into's Dahlia room. She was listening to music while nodding her head as she had for knees up to her chest while on her phone. Of course she had a better phone than I did, she was daddy's little girl. More like daddy's spoiled little bitch.

"Where is Kasey's stuff?" I yelled at her while coming up to her and yanking her ear buds out of her ear.

"Ow!" Dahlia covered her ears in pain.

"Where is it?" I asked one more time harshly.

"In the trash, outside!" She yelled back at me "Bitch." She mumbled. I ran down stairs to find dad - Liam, in the living room watching football.

"What did you do to it?" I yelled at Liam for an answer. His slowly turn his head towards me, giving me full attention. Liam gave me a confused face.

"What did I do to what?" He said simply and claimed.

"What did you do to  Kasey's shit!" I yelled one more time at him.

"Oh that," Liam said and leaded up from the couch "Dahlia told me that you wanted to though them away. I was going to check with you were okay with it but you weren't here so I thought-" Liam said but I cut him off with my hash words.
"You just thought I would come home and see the her stuff is gone and say "Oh thank god! I wanted to get rid of her only stuff that I look back from when I miss her!"-? I can't believe you- you would do that to me? I though you were my dad! You know, that dad who would hold his daughter in his arms and protect her some all the bad things in the world that can hurt her," I yelled at him pointed at him, telling him how I felt about him. "But no. You sit back on that couch and watching  TV with your wife and Dahlia and Dan! You guys would just go leave to places and I would be at home in my room crying because I feel so let out of this family that was suppose to bring us together!" I was now in tears. I meant everything I said. Everyone was in the living room now here, even Dahlia. She just smirked at me with her arms crossed. 
"Don't you get it? No one here loves you. Not even my dad." She said from up stairs on the hall way and looked at not her dad my dad, Liam. I looked at dad who looked at me with sad eyes. 
"Taylor you know that is not true. I do love you." Dad said as he got closer to me. I wiped tear that was on my cheek.
"I don't know weather to believe you or not," I said and backed away. "Plus, if you did you wouldn't listen to Dahlia and though away Kasey's stuff." I said and tear began to form again.
"Shut up!" Dahlia splat at me from the hall way that was up stairs. "I'm tired of hearing Kasey! That's all I hear." She yelled in annoyance. She deeply pressed both of her index fingers on her the side of her temple. "Kasey this, Kasey that, Kasey, Kasey!" She walks down stairs and into my face "Forget about her! She is dead, gone, finished!" Dahlia harshly pushes me as I fall on my bum.  I wanted to leave right then!

Its been a while since I added a chapter! Sorry! I hope you like it? Leave a comment about what you though about it! Thank for reading!


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