My New Life -Liam Payne-

Taylor grows up in a mess up life because of her sister Dahlia and her dad Liam.


5. page 4


*Taylor POV* (An Year later)

I never knew it would hurt so much that it would cause me to fall on the floor and sob in front of random people. It hurt so much that I couldn't breath. It hurts so much that I though I should die to. I never can get over it, I will never forget it. I stared at the grave of my best friend, Kasey, I loved her so much. I placed her favorite flower on her grave, even though she not going to see it. "I miss you so much." I whispered while wiping away a tear. I got up and slowly walked away.

                                                                      *Flash Back*

I screamed in tears "Kasey!" I sobbed, I ran to her lifeless body. The fire fighter broke the car door since the car was crashed into an other car. Then the ambulance took her in a gurney and she was off to the hospital in a rush I stood there blankly thinking about what just I saw and what I just did. It all seem to be happening so fast that I feel like it's just a dream. Niall tried to touch my shoulder but I moved away and found myself staring at nothing again "She is going to be okay." Niall insured I snap out of my day dream and narrowed my eyebrow and looked at Niall "Y-You think she is going to be okay after what we saw?" I snap at Niall "T-Taylor." Dan said "What's going to happened to Kasey?" He said in tears, it made me sad to see him like this. No kid should ever remember this memory  "I know." I cooed "Don't cry." I said while hugging him "You can come with me to see her." I said and let go and letting out a weak smile while Dan nodded.

                                                  *Flash back END*



  I got in my car and drove home with tears in my eyes. I knew I was sad and I needed to move on with life so I turned on my radio and listen to music and sang alone. To be honest, I felt better and just when a song finished I got to my house. I see my dad in the couch watching t.v, not asking how was my day. I went to my room and sat in my bed and took off my shoes and coat. I stared at her bed and her closet and her closet still had her clothes and her bed was always left how it was when she was alive. Her bed has never been cleaned or fixed. Kasey the cat (I brought a cat because Kasey told me to when she was here) came in though a small open space between of the door. She hopped on my bed rubbing her face on my jeans as I gently scratch between her ears  causing her to purr in delight. Dan walks in with sad eyes "You forgot to take me again. You said you were." Dan said sadly "Sorry Dan." Dan sat next to me in my bed making the cat scared and run away. We said nothing to each other and it was a nice quite pause we both shared. We heard a soft knock that only reminds me of my dad. He always knock really soft on the door "Come in." I said. Dad came in and sat on the right said of my bed "How are you feeling?" Dad said rubbing my back "Like always." I muttered "I know it's hard to forget the past but," Dad paused "It's been an year. It's time." He said softly and clearly "I can't," I said "It's hard to forget." I teared "I know but you have to move on," He gently patted my thigh "I gave you an year Taylor." I took a deep breath and exhaled. "I know." I stood up and walked down stairs where I found my mom reading a book like always "Hi Taylor." She smiled, she looked so happy, I wish I was happy for once. "Hi mom." I said in a depressed voice where my mom smile dropped down to a frown. I went to the kitchen and got an apple and ate it. "I'm going outside." I said. Mom looked up from her book "Okay but be careful." She warned "I know." I walked outside to get some fresh cool air. I didn't really matter if I was hurt or died. I would be happy if I did but I know my dad will be sad and mom will be to. I walked to the park and sat in a bench and started to think.

                                                                    *Flash Back #2*

   I was in the hospital next to Kasey holding her hand to whole time. It's been three hours and she haven't woken up. My eye were getting heavy but I kept them up the whole time. The nurse came and told me I could say over the night and rest in till the morning. She then told me that if I get tried I can turn the couch into a bed and sleep there as I nodded in understatement. I end up lying in the couch bed and crying myself to sleep with nightmares that popped up and woke me up every ten minutes. I made up my mind and told myself I wasn't going to sleep tonight. I checked my phone and saw that my phone was dying and I use that little bit of batterers to call dad. I put the phone in my ear "Taylor? Everything okay?" My dad worried "No," I sobbed "Daddy, I need you to come to the hospital and be with me please." I cried on the phone "I'll be right there." He said as I can hear him getting his keys and hanged up.  I waited and waited for my hero. I wanted to tell him how I couldn't go to sleep and my day was just the worst. After 20 minutes I could hear his footsteps getting louder and louder out in the hallway. You could tell he was running, I got up and opened the door and he run in and hugging me, stoking my hair for a few time slowly "It's going to be alright baby girl," He cooed "Look at me." He said cupping my face and starting a my red eyes that was fulled with tears. "It's going to be okay." He said as he took me to sit on the couch that was next to Kasey. I cried the whole night in my dads arms.

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